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topgas ® 35-120 space-saving with optimum price-performance ratio sealed casing for room-sealed operation concentric flue gas and supply air connection enables room-sealed operation and hence installation in living ­areas grid burner provides for clean and low emission combustion modulating fan-premix unit ensures homogeneous mixing of gas and air and adapts the burner output to the heat demand aluminium heat exchanger with excellent thermal conductivity for high energy yield control panel with electronic heating circuit control integrated into the casing in a practical and compact manner comfort heating controller rs-ot optional it can be positioned in a living area or boiler room as a room station or mounted in the topgas ® casing topgas ® comfort fig topgas ® classic 80 with optional controller toptronic ® e large output in a small space the large topgas® wall-mounted condensing gas boilers offer efficient condensation design with heat outputs from 35–120 kilowatts as a result they are suitable for a wide range of applications in residential and commercial buildings the compact dimensions and wall mounting make them an interesting and low-cost solution for new buildings and renovations ▪▪ low space requirements ▪▪ easy to manoeuvre inside small buildings e.g during renovations ▪▪ room-sealed operation means they can be located in a communal or utility room there is no need for a boiler room 10