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topvent® dkv use 1  use 2  construction and operation 1.1  intended use the topvent® dkv is used to heat and cool in recirculation operation it was developed specially for use in high halls the unit is installed under the ceiling it takes in room air heats or cools it and blows it back into the room through the air-injector with its high performance and efficient air distribution the topvent® dkv covers a large area therefore compared to other systems fewer units are needed to achieve the required conditions 2 unit sizes variable fans different coil types and a whole string of accessories provide a tailored solution for any hall topvent® dkv units are recirculation units intended for heating and cooling high spaces they have the following functions ■ heating with connection to a hot water supply ■ cooling with connection to a water chiller ■ recirculation operation ■ air distribution with adjustable air-injector ■ air

topvent® nhv construction and operation 2.2  operating modes the topvent® nhv operates in the following modes ■ recirculation ■ recirculation speed 1 ■ standby the toptronic® c control system regulates these operating modes automatically for each control zone in accordance with the specifications in the calendar the following points also apply ■ the operating mode of a control zone can be switched over manually ■ each topvent® nhv unit can operate individually in a local operating mode off recirculation recirculation speed 1 off you will find a detailed description of the toptronic® c control system in section l control systems of this handbook code operating mode rec recirculation on/off recirculation operation with temptronic algorithm during heat demand the unit draws in room air heats it and blows it back into the room the room temperature set value day is active fan speed 1 / 2 1 heating on recirculation speed

topvent® commercial cau technical data 3  technical data 3.1  unit type reference 3.2  application limits cau 9 d unit type topvent® commercial cau maximum operating pressure 800 kpa maximum heating medium temperature 85 °c maximum supply air temperature 60 °c maximum extract air temperature 50 °c maximum amount of condensate unit size 9 minimum air flow rate table d2:  unit type reference table d3:  application limits 3.3  flow rate product parameters unit type cau-9 nominal air flow rate m³/h floor area reached m² 946 static efficiency of the fans 63.6 coil type 9000 d effective electric power input kw 1.46 table d4:  topvent® commercial cau technical data 3.4  sound levels unit type in the open air in the room sound pressure level at a distance of 5 m 1 dba 53 59 total sound power level dba 75 81 1 38 63 hz db 43 49 125 hz db 61 67 250 hz db 64 70 500 hz db 67 73 1000 hz db 69 75 2000 hz db 69

topvent® commercial cum specification text 4  specification texts 4.1  topvent® commercial cum – roof unit for ventilating heating and cooling supermarkets housing made of non-corrosive aluzinc sheet metal insulated on the inside heat exchanger made from copper tubes and aluminium fins manifolds and distributor made from steel integrated condensate separator with condensate connection fan unit consisting of maintenance-free direct-drive radial fan with high-efficiency ec motor and free-running rotating wheel made of a high-performance composite material with backwards-curved 3d contoured blades vortex air distributor with a concentric outlet nozzle 12 adjustable guide vanes sound attenuation cowl and supply air temperature sensor incl actuator for automatic adjustment of the air blow-out direction from vertical to horizontal mounted on roof frame of galvanized sheet steel painted black with 4 transportation straps aluzinc sheet metal roof hood insulated on

topvent® mh specification text ■ demand-driven control of the supply air and exhaust air volumetric flows with minimum and maximum limit depending on the room temperature or optionally the room air quality for supply and extract air handling units ■ control of the unit including the air distribution according to the specifications of the zone controller alarms protection ■ central alarm management with registration of all alarms timestamp priority status in an alarm list and alarm memory of the last 50 alarms forwarding via e-mail can be set in the parameters ■ if there is a failure of communication bus stations sensor systems or supply media each part of the system transitions to a protection mode which safeguards operation ■ frost protection control of the units with constrained control of protection functions to prevent coil icing for supply air units as well as supply and extract air handling units ■ a maintenance mode implemented in the

topvent® mk specification text

topvent® curtain technical data 3  technical data 3.1  unit type reference 3.2  application limits maximum operating pressure cur 2 unit type topvent® curtain 800 kpa maximum heating medium temperature 85 °c maximum supply air temperature 60 °c maximum extract air temperature 40 °c the units cannot be used in ■ areas where there is danger of explosion ■ places with a corrosive or aggressive environment ■ damp locations ■ spaces with a large amount of dust unit size 2 3 or 5 table i2:  unit type reference table i3:  application limits 3.3  air flow rate electrical connection unit type cur-2 fan speed cur-3 cur-5 1 2 1 2 1 2 speed of rotation nominal min-1 1000 1350 1050 1375 600 900 nominal air flow rate m³/h 1500 2000 2600 3400 3300 5300 m² 36 49 49 81 49 121 kw 0.08 0.11 0.21 0.29 0.25 0.35 a 0.1 0.18 0.28 0.47 0.39 0.72 max floor area reached 1 power consumption at 400 v 50 hz current

options mixing valve 11  mixing valve 12  door contact mixing valves which are optimally matched to the units are available for easy installation of topvent® units they have the following specifications ■ modulating control valve with magnetic drive ■ with integrated position control and response ■ separate manual control for emergency operation connection to 24 v ac/dc valve open a volt-free contact can be installed on the control box for unit operation subject to a door contact switch the topvent® unit heats in recirculation operation fan speed 2 heating on when the following conditions apply ■ the signal for the opened door is active ■ the fresh air temperature is max 10 °c this threshold is adjustable door contact 24 v ac max 1 a cable nym 2 x 1.0 mm² max 100 m long fig j2:  dimensional drawing for mixing valve type dn kvs di da l l1 h e f weight 6/ab 20 5 m³/h rp ¾ g 1¼ 95 52.5 260 80

control system toptronic® c control system operating selector switch an operating selector switch makes it possible to specify an operating mode manually for a control zone automatic mode according to the calendar is overridden the units work in the selected operating mode until the switch is moved back to auto the switches are installed in the door of the zone control panel the operating modes available depend on the unit types present in the zone in question there are a maximum of 2 operating selector switches for each control zone ■ 1 switch for main units venu or remu ■ 1 switch for additional units recu notice operating selector switches installed in the panel door cannot be combined with operating selector switches connected to a terminal see page 112 operating selector button the operating selector button makes it possible to specify a particular operating mode temporarily for a control zone after an adjustable time period the units switch back to the

topvent® design handbook subject to technical alterations 4 215 454 – edition 06 / 2016 © hoval aktiengesellschaft liechtenstein 2011 responsibility for energy and environment the hoval brand is internationally known as one of the leading suppliers of indoor climate control solutions more than 70 years of experience have given us the necessary capabilities and motivation to continuously develop exceptional solutions and technically advanced equipment maximising energy efficiency and thus protecting the environment are both our commitment and our incentive hoval has established itself as an expert provider of intelligent heating and ventilation systems that are exported to over 50 countries worldwide hoval heating technology as a full range supplier hoval helps its customers to select innovative system solutions for a wide range of energy sources such as heat pumps biomass solar energy gas oil and district heating services range from