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condensing gas boilers ultragas® optimum efficiency ratings reduce consumption and increase cost-effectiveness high efficiency low emissions and flexible combination

front page close-up of the fins of the patented alufer ® heat exchanger the special construction and the combination of aluminium and stainless steel ensure maximum heat transmission and optimum efficiency condensing gas boiler ultragas ® the hoval ultragas ® is a high-efficiency condensing boiler ­featuring various technical and design details that improve e ­ fficiency and ­thereby reduce gas consumption the finely graduated ultragas® range extends from 15 kw s­ ingle ­boilers to 2000 kw double boiler systems this provides the perfect solution for any output requirement the ultragas ® also stands out due to its flexibility it can easily be combined with any type of heat generator and solar energy system strong systems hoval system controller toptronic ®e hoval wood pellet boilers hoval air/water heat pumps hoval flat substations hoval cogeneration systems a particularly strong system is the ultragas together with other ­components from hoval

ultragas ® 15 -100 and 125 - 2000d as versatile as the requirements with controller ultragas ® 15 -100 innovative condensation design for single family dwellings and small multi-dwellings a abcdefg starting in september 2015 is the new classified erp labelling for space heaters combi heaters boilers and energy buffers in order to aid in energy efficiency and resource conservation a a a abcdefga a a abcdef ultragas ® 125 - 2000d maximum efficiency for large output classes rapid amortisation flexible use space-saving a-80 a-60 a-40 a-20

ultragas ® 15 -100 and 125 - 2000d advantages at a glance economical ecological patented alufer® heat exchanger low emissions due to ultraclean® combustion ▪▪ maximum efficiency due to optimised condensation design with the ­patented alufer® heat exchanger ▪▪ low pollutant emissions due to clean combustion with the ultraclean® grid burner ▪▪ low consumption due to the modulating burner ▪▪ reduced start emissions due to modulating burner and large water capacity acting as a buffer storage tank ▪▪ low energy consumption by circulating pumps due to large water capacity ▪▪ energy consumption indicator for permanent cost control ▪▪ suitable for operation with biogas ▪▪ simple adjustment of operating times facilitates energy-conscious heating  easy to use sophisticated high thermal comfort ▪▪ high thermal comfort due to its predicting the future

system controller toptronic ® e the new generation smart – cosy climate even when the weather is changing ecological economical take responsibility for energy and environment and live comfortably at the same time this is now easier than ever before the new generation hoval boilers and heat pumps have best in class efficiency helping you to cut your energy bill with the new generation boilers and heat pumps from hoval you will use less energy reduce your environmental footprint and preserve the planet they give you real time and historical information about their performance and efficiency so you always have an overview on your energy costs with a click of a mouse reliable smart you can fully rely on us automatically use the weather forecast in real time to heat up your house in cold mornings but reduce the power in a warm afternoon the new generation hoval boilers and heat pumps will automatically inform you and our service when they need maintenance or repair a hoval

ultragas ® 15 -100 and 125 - 2000d the advantages in detail gas di combustione caldi ca 1.000 °c effetto del potere calorifico aumento del recupero di energia del 10 circa attraverso la condensazione ca 90 di trasferimento di calore all acqua di riscaldamento attraverso il raffreddamento dei gas di combustione fumi raffreddati a ca 40 °c stainless steel gorące gazy spalinowe – temperatura ok 1000° c the condensing action the hot flue gases are cooled to below 57°c in the alufer ® this causes steam contained in the flue gases to condense transferring additional heat energy to the heating water aluminium energia cieplna jest przenoszona do wody grzewczej poprzez schładzanie gazów spalinowych proces kondensacji ok 10 dodatkowej energii jest zaoszczędzone dzięki kondensacji 57 °c schłodzone gazy spalinowe ok 40°c 1 2 ultra-low emissions due to modulating premix ­burner condensation design for maximum efficiency

additional energy savings due to separate high and low temperature returns the ultragas ® allows for the use of simple ­hy­­drau­lic systems – ideal when replacing a boiler high output with limited space requirements separate high and low ­temperature returns for optimum condensation large water capacity provides increased cost-effectiveness due to simple systems compact design saves space with the ultragas® there is the option of allowing the return lines from the high and low temperature circuits to flow into the best location in the boiler this maintains stable temperature ­stratification in the boiler and offers consistent ideal conditions for condensation it increases the efficiency of the condensation design by up to an additional 6 and means lower consumption and reduced heating costs the entire ultragas® system is designed with maximum efficiency in mind its particularly large water capacity produces several advantages for example its compact

ultragas ® 15 -100 state-of-the-art gas condensation design for single family dwellings and multi-dwellings modulating fan-premix unit ensures homogeneous mixing of gas and air and adapts the burner output to the heat demand all components are readily accessible easy to clean and can be replaced quickly and economically in the event of a breakdown for example the ­entire burner assembly can be conveniently pivoted out for maintenance grid burner with ultraclean ® system guarantees clean and low-emission combustion system controller toptronic ® e makes ecological economical reliable and smart heating easier than ever before heating flow can be located on the left or right flexibly as the situation requires and simplifies installation especially when replacing existing systems the boiler can be positioned directly against the wall integrated water pressure sensor for simple and time-saving installation concentric vertical flue gas connection and connecting hose

ultragas ® 125 - 2000d maximum cost-effectiveness and rapid amortisation for medium to high output requirements modulating fan-premix unit ensures homogeneous mixing of gas and air and adapts the burner output to the heat demand grid burner with ultraclean ® system guarantees clean and low-emission combustion heating flow boiler body with large water capacity acts as a small buffer storage tank it allows for the use of lean hydraulic systems and straightforward integration into existing systems for example system controller toptronic ® e makes ecological economical reliable and smart heating easier than ever before separate high and low temperature returns create ideal conditions for conden­ sation thereby enhancing energy ­recovery from the flue gases integrated water pressure sensor for simple and time-saving installation alufer ® heat exchanger for maximum heat transmission and condensation vertical flue gas connection for space-spacing

ultragas ® 125 - 2000d as versatile as the requirements double boilers multiple boiler systems and monovalent cascades for enhanced power requirements several ultragas® s­ ystems can be connected together to form a cascade this also enables them to provide increased operational safety and higher efficiency as they can adapt better to output requirements and offer optimised load distribution the function for controlling the entire cascade is already integrated in the toptronic ® e controller of the individual ­boilers the system can also easily be combined with other gas boilers – for example for renovations or when extending existing systems the ultragas® 250d–2000d double boilers constitute a special form of cascade 2 boilers are already designed to work as one functional unit and are equipped for operation with a shared flue gas line for example monovalent cascade comprising 2 ultragas ® units and one compactgas unit in the southern

ultragas® in heating centres for heating networks the ultragas® is the ideal heat generator for heating centres used in local and district heating networks it enables the system output to be optimally adjusted to the heat demand and means that additional output is available quickly in the event of peak demands in addition the ultragas® range allows the system to be extended as required heating centre for a district heating network in gyöngyös hungary 1 ultragas ® 1000 unit and 2 ultragas ® 1300d double boilers supply 1578 residential units with heat for heating systems and producing hot water the distribution of the load over 5 boilers means that the ­system can be optimally adapted to meet output requirements and offer maximum efficiency – with a high level of reliability ultragas® and cogeneration systems similar to bivalent systems the ultragas® is also easy to combine with cogeneration chp systems the broad range and finely graduated

responsibility for energy and environment the hoval brand is internationally recognised as one of the leading suppliers of indoor climate control solutions around 70 years of experience have given us the necessary capabilities and motivation to continuously develop exceptional ­solutions and technically superior equipment maximising energy efficiency and thus protecting the environment are both our conviction and our incentive hoval has established itself as an expert provider of intelligent heating and climate control systems that are exported to over 50 ­countries worldwide hoval indoor climate systems indoor climate systems ensure top air quality and economical usability hoval has been installing decentralised systems for many years the key to its work is using combinations of multiple air conditioning units even those of different types that can be controlled individually but also together as a single system this enables hoval to respond flexibly to a wide range