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efficient hydraulic ultragas® boiler design with two returns high temp circuit low temp circuit  mixed high temperature heating circuit return 60°c 140°f  mixed low temperature heating circuit return 30°c 86°f  splitted return header  calorifier with heat supply from boiler rt 60°c 140°f fr 95 rt 30°c 86°f fr

overview of the advantages cost effectiveness enviromental-friendly patented alufer® heat exchanger low emissions due to ultraclean® combustion easy to use clever simple maintenance flexible use ideal for

ultragas® weights – water content

cost effectiveness ultragas® • saving of fuel costs with ultragas® • big heating surface • high and low temperature return • big modulating power range • special control strategie for cascade • minimum stand by losses • saving electricity costs with ultragas® • minimum electricity consumption of the burner fan • no internal boiler pump for a single boiler and a double

modern ultraclean® burner technology  ultragas® with its modulating burner continuously adjusts the output to the current heat demand  the result is fewer energy consumption  reducing of burner starts  greater efficiency  significantly lower emissions

clever flexible use ideal for retrofit  small foot print  quick installation with flexible connection options  easy to implement in existing applications  easy to realise boiler

the development of ultragas® 1993 development of the new heat exchanger alufer our target was to develope a heat exchanger with a big water content and no aluminium on the water side the result was the alufer – tube 1994 the first ultragas® mit alufer tubes was built in february 1994 the firts boiler with alufer – tubes was built

ultragas® the best solution for your customer what are the requirements for a condensing boiler • top efficiency and cost effectiveness • minimum air pollution • quiet operation • compact design small footprint • simple hydraulik integration in the heating system • simple integration to the electrical control system

reference installations school building j.f kennedy and m grigoletti italy heating room with 3 x ultragas®