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3-pass oil- / gas boilers uno-3 · max-3 · thw-i nte hot water boilers

hoval 3-pass oil/gas boilers advantages at a glance our products represent the technological state-of-the-art and our innovative solutions offer extremely low energy consumption in keeping with our motto “responsibility for energy and environment” economical ecological cost effectiveness • cost-efficient solution due to low investment cost • best effectiveness due to built in dimpled tubes • power saving and high efficiency due to large water capacity lowest emissions • environment friendly due to lowest noxious emission • low co2 emissions due to minimal consumption • outstanding emissions values due to power adjustment modulation of lownox burners thermolytic heating surface clever easy to use compact and complete 2 simple maintenance • large range of applications due to flexible combination options • easy to use due to intelligent design details • space-saving due to compact design • convenient and accessible

hoval 3-pass oil/gas boilers three-pass boilers that meets your requirements 3rd pass 2nd pass 1st pass for clean combustion with the proven 3-pass technique the hot combustion gases are immediately moved out of the high-­temperature zone the flame temperature is reduced and the pollutant emissions are minimized thanks to its 3-pass construction the hoval 3-pass boilers undercut even the most stringent emission control requirements by a wide margin free burner choice safety inclusive from the hoval test stand basically all modulated and 2-stage burners can be used for the hoval uno-3 and max-3 boilers burners of all well-known manufacturers have been tested in our company and can be recommended for our hoval uno-3 and max-3 boilers according to the test results low operating costs of the hoval 3-pass boilers can be taken for granted the hoval 3-pass boilers transforms the energy stored in oil and gas into valuable heat with impressive efficiency – this is demonstrated in a

hoval 3-pass oil/gas boilers uno-3 max-3 thw-i nte quality and unlimited technical know-how at a comparatively low price hot water boilers from 50 to 20 000 kw the uno-3 model series fulfils the strictest legal requirements for environmentally friendly low-emission and economical operation the finely tuned model series ranges from 50 to 360 kilowatts so exactly the right unit can be selected to suit the building to be heated especially in this mid-range capacity sector hoval has gained a great deal of experience and is recognised throughout the world as a manufacturer of high-quality long-lasting boilers the uno-3 keeps your operating and heating costs down the effectiveness of a heating unit is measured by means of the standard efficiency factor the hoval uno-3 achieves a remarkable standard the hoval max-3 offers high-value heating technology at reasonable conditions particularly when replacing or renewing existing systems – situations where cost-optimizations

uno-3 oil/gas low temperature boiler from 50 to 360 kw high-efficiency thermal insulation 130 mm 80 mm mineral fibre mats with woven surface reinforcement as insulation for the boiler body intermediate mats as convection block 50 mm mineral fibre mats as additional chassis insulation front section with 30 mm and flue gas collector with 20 mm mineral fibre mats front casing if required for effective sound and heat insulation to fit all trade standard oil burners for gas and bivalent burners on request dry flue gas collector the flue gas collector is not water-cooled thus preventing the build-up of hazardous condensate and consequent corrosion damage the thermolytic heating surface – a hoval innovation if soot collects on the heating surfaces the energy transfer is impaired resulting in increased fuel consumption and harmful emissions this problem occurs frequently with conventional heating surfaces on the uno-3 however no soot can collect on the heating surfaces thanks to

max-3 3-pass oil/gas heating boiler from 192 to 3000 kw control panel with modern microprocessor-based toptronic®t operating controls dimpled tubes – hoval’s patented development for constant high efficiency the efficiency of the hoval max-3 is a result of the design of the hoval patented heating surfaces the unique design of the dimpled tubes allows a guaranteed and permanent turbulence of the flue gases this results in an optimized heat transfer and keeps the combustion efficiency constantly high the special feature of the third flue gas pass heating surface design brings an additional benefit if boilers are used with low burner load the flue gases are still passing evenly though the heating surfaces thanks to the smooth inner surface of the dimpled tubes and their shape no additional turbulators are necessary and therefore no deposits of aggressive dirt are possible a constant high efficiency is achieved and in addition the danger of corrosion is highly reduced

thw-i nte 3-pass oil/gas heating boiler from 1500 to 20 000 kw large boiler door significantly simplifies cleaning of the combustion chamber the 2nd and 3rd pass the special construction of the hinge makes the boiler door easy to open with its optimum heat insulation the boiler door helps reduce heat losses from the boiler to a minimum finned tube wall means that full water cooling in the turning chamber between the 1st and 2nd pass is achieved this significantly boosts fuel exploitation burner the boiler is optimally suited for the use of lownox burners due to the combustion chamber geometry and the low thermal load at the combustion chamber technical data thw-i nte type boiler output kw smooth-tubed heating surface without turbulators reduces flue gas losses and enables quick and easy cleaning to ensure economical operation working pressure bar water content l depth mm high-efficiency thermal insulation with aluminium cladding reduces standby losses to a minimum and thus

what you can count on clever and complete solutions from a single source consistent hoval system technology simplifies the links between different technologies and establishes a reliable platform for efficient and dependable solutions with us you can easily incorporate solar or biomass energy solutions into your heating system hoval – everything you need from one source planning support from experts hoval are happy to assist you and your planning partners in developing progressive systems allowing you to take advantage of our expertise and to count on the experience of our specialists ask about hoval system solutions and learn more about the many ways to combine highly efficient condensing boilers with our range of renewable products hoval service for specialist commissioning and maintenance of your hoval appliances contact our service and spare parts department or your local hoval partner this is your guarantee for economical operation reliability and added value the hoval