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hrd awards 2015 a la carte a culinary journey preface dear friends of the diamond and jewellery industry today we are proud to present to you the hrd awards 2015 collection “a la carte a culinary journey” the hrd awards is the leading biennial diamond jewellery contest organized by hrd antwerp the hrd awards aims to foster creative talent to extend the limits of the contemporary diamond jewel to translate avant-garde ideas into trendsetting jewellery the hrd awards supports young designers on their way to successful careers in the jewellery industry it promotes diamonds and diamond jewellery world-wide the contest established in 1984 will have its grand prize award ceremony in antwerp world diamond centre more than 550 years the antwerp diamond sector has played an important leading role in the economy of the antwerp region diamonds worth 263 million dollars are traded in antwerp every day on an annual basis this represents more than 58 billion dollars thanks to the

eun ji shim korea serve-ring ring source of inspiration imagine you are in an elegant restaurant and you have been waiting for more than an hour for your food to be served the waiter slips on a tray and spills food so he messes up your clothes but in this serve-ring the tray is fixed and can’t spill food ingredients brass silver diamonds seasoning 3 x 0,35 ct brilliant cut diamonds total 1,05 ct diamonds drybooms jewels 12 hrd awards 2015 a la carte a culinary journey

zhoa jie china dim sum necklace source of inspiration dim sum is a local dish in china most of the dim sums are served in “longhti” made of bamboo chopsticks are also typical asian utensils to eat with chinese chopsticks differ from their korean and japanese counterparts chinese chopsticks are round and tiny on one side and get bigger and cubic at the other end while japanese chopsticks are round and korean are “flat” from one end to the other ingredients bamboo silver wood diamonds seasoning 204 x 0,023 ct brilliant cut diamonds total 4,85 ct diamonds kimberlite diamond 20 hrd awards 2015 a la carte a culinary journey jewel miss you

hrd awards 2015 a la carte a culinary journey

hrd awards 2015 a la carte a culinary journey

britta schwalm germany eves weapon necklace source of inspiration the first food served was the apple offered to eve in the garden of eden the apple symbolizes love fertility nurture beauty as well as seduction temptation sin lust and power all these characteristics summarize the charms of women or the weapons of eve some examples to highlight the gamut of this symbol forbidden fruit and the fall of mankind aphrodite goddess of love beauty and fertility aphrodite and the apple of discord william tell a swiss folk hero an apple a day keeps the doctor away globus cruciger i like the complexity of the symbol the apple represents the tension between good and evil this aspect is visualized in my design ingredients pink gold white gold diamonds seasoning 110 x 0,18 ct gassan 121® cut diamonds total 19,80 ct diamonds anders diamonds 42 hrd awards 2015 a la carte a culinary journey jewel goldschmiede beate

annelies weinberger belgium a taste of life fingerbowls source of inspiration “it’s finger-licking good” this saying and its connection with finger food are the source of inspiration for this design the concept results in the way the jewellery is worn namely on the fingertips eating with your fingers refers to the diversity of the world cuisine and how these different cultures traditions and flavors intertwine in contemporary fusion cuisine the silver bowls nostalgically refer to grandmother’s antique tableware this symbolizing our traditional dishes which also fit in this series ingredients gold outside rhodiëted inside gold gilded diamonds seasoning 255 x 0,018 ct brilliant cut diamonds total 4,73 ct diamonds pinkusewitz diamond traders jewel p.c boschmans 50 hrd awards 2015 a la carte a culinary journey setting

ying zhang china master chef necklace source of inspiration a three star restaurant chef’s clothing illustrating excellence and exceptional culinary expertise ingredients 18 k white gold diamonds seasoning 950 x 0,024 ct gassan 121® cut diamonds total 22,80 ct diamonds gassan diamonds jewel atelier leveque joaillerie et haute joaillerie 58 hrd awards 2015 a la carte a culinary journey

designers mallory allegaert mercuriuslaan 22 4823 eb breda the netherlands +32 477623995 yongjie chen rome 1305 n° 36 nanxi apartment n° 380 tianyaoqiao rd 200030 shanghai china +86 13681945964 evi bakker korte weistraat 12a 2871 cl schoonhoven the netherlands +31 649782395 paulo armando ferrara de carvalho barbosa rua desembargador jorge fontana 200 apt 608 belvedere 30.320-670 belo horizonte brazil +55 3135179633 +55 3199522020 graham baloni 3 marcus street dawn park 1459 boksburg south africa +27 714674626 melis göktürk ordular sokak 4/4 genclik caddesi anittepe 6570 ankara turkey +86 130 2413 9756 shangyi chen room 2001 unit 1 building 8 lingxiucheng residential area n° 849 xiongchu avenue hongshan district 430074 wuhan huibei province china +86 13016447705 ihsan jadron chaussée de haecht 50 1210 bruxelles

jewellery sponsors art murat kaya molla fenari mahallesi kurkculer kapisi sok dereli han n° 2 kat 3-4 fatih istanbul turkey +90 2125135352 bermudes joaillerie 75 rue turbigo 75003 paris france +33 611623020 artis causa haven 69 2871cl schoonhoven the netherlands +31 182320021 bernardes bh shopping br-356 3049 belvedere mg 30320-900 belo horizonte brazil +55 3145013605 atelier leveque 16 rue de la grange bateliere 75009 paris france +33 953109844 c.krishniah chetty sons pvt ltd corporate office “the touchstone” a block 3rd floor n° 3a-3 main guard cross road bangalore 560001 india +91 8040001869 hrd awards 2015 a la carte a culinary journey