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4 accessory catalog hand gear master grip gloves • excellent for everyday jobs • breathable and comfortable • gray poly-cotton glove • dipped in blue latex • provides grip in wet or dry conditions • perfect for hot climates xtreme duty work gloves • heavy duty pig skin • double reinforced split-grain leather palm thumb and index finger • sewn with kevlar® functional saw protection • cut resistant material in left hand • spandex® fabric back • goatskin palm • high visibility colors reflective crown h new classic gloves • general purpose glove • quick fit elastic closure • synthetic leather palm • lightweight and breathable • high visibility protection description size part number medium 531 30 02-70 large 531 30 02-71 x-large 531 30 02-72 medium 531 30 02-73 large 531 30 02-74 x-large 531 30 02-75 medium 589 75 20-01 large 589 75 20-02 new technical gloves x-large 589

8 accessory catalog chainsaw

accessory catalog 11 oils and fuels 2-stroke fuel oil xp® fuel pre-mixed 2-stroke fuel oil husqvarna ethanol free high octane xp® fuel is mixed with husqvarna’s best synthetic oil blend octane rating r+m 2 method 95 this product was specifically formulated to provide the husqvarna handheld owner with optimal equipment performance fuel does not degrade or oxidize like pump gas fuel stays fresh for years solving longer term storage needs easier more dependable starts protects fuel systems and saves carburetors avoids costly rebuilds and downtime convenient ready to use no mixing required jaso-fd certified premium synthetic oil blend for your 2-stroke air-cooled engine container size part number 32 oz 1 quart 581 15 87-01 110 oz 0.859 gallon 581 15 88-02 consumers who purchase 2-stroke gas-powered husqvarna branded handheld products can extend their warranty from the standard 2 years to either a 3-year or 4-year warranty by purchasing husqvarna brand 2-stroke oil or

14 accessory catalog axes and hand tools wooden handle axes forestry and wood cutting tools are unbeatable partners when needed all husqvarna axes are hand forged with high-quality precision-ground swedish steel with premium hickory shafts showing the story of expert craftsmanship hatchet carpenter’s axe • small light axe for cutting branches or splitting small camp firewood • comes with a leather edge cover • head is attached to the handle using both a wooden and steel wedge to secure fastening • length 13 33 cm weight 1.5 lbs 68 kg • axe head weight 1.32 lbs 6 kg • designed with a long straight cutting edge and thin blade to allow for stability and control when cutting • best suited for carpentry and other wood work • recess in the head so that the hand gets as close as possible to the cutting edge for maximum control • comes with a leather edge cover • the head is attached to the handle using both a wooden

accessory catalog 17 pruning saws the rigid saw blades with impulse-hardened precision toothing features triple grinding this means particularly high sawing performance quiet running effort-saving sawing and a very long lifetime the particularly smooth pulling cut is ideal for fresh and dry wood practical the saw blade is easy to replace rust has no chance to attack in addition to the eyelet for hanging up the saw this product has a blade cover so that it can be stored safely and in a handy place during sawing a stop at the end of the handle prevents you from slipping this has proven particularly useful during pulling movements and assists you in making smooth progress thanks to the ergonomic slightly angled handle shape and soft handle parts these saws lie comfortably and safely in your hand 300 cu – curved saw blade • great for professionals and enthusiasts because of the aggressive cutting performance on larger wood • total length 19.7 500 mm blade length

20 accessory catalog trimmer heads t series tap advance trimmer heads exclusively designed by husqvarna these tap advance trimmer heads feature an easy to reload spool that comes off with the cap eliminating the need to turn the trimmer upside down to reload the line the spool has a split design which reduces tangling and line welding and has arrows to show the correct directional winding of the line to eliminate guesswork has two key slots to lock the trimmer line in and keep it from unwrapping while putting the cap back on the trimmer head t25 tap advance trimmer head fits the following husqvarna models 122ldx 124l 125l 125ldx 128l 128ld 128djx 128ldx 128r 128rj 129l 129ldx 129 djx arbor 10 mm thread lh part no 966 67 44-01 fits the following husqvarna models 26lc 32lc 124c 122c 125c 128c 128cd 129c arbor 10 mm thread rh part no 537 33 83-05 t25m10 t25m8 fits husqvarna model 136lic part no 579 29 40-02 fits husqvarna model 115il part no 582 51 25-01 t35 tap advance trimmer head

24 accessory catalog soft bag collection systems soft bin baggers can be used with or without lawn bags easy-glide bin with built-in handles makes clipping disposal easier collar handle and straps on the bottom of the bag both allow for easy dumping they take up less space in your garage when storing your bagger bag size deck size model no part number consumer tractors – fabricated decks new 9 bushel – 3 bag 42 48 2010 3-blade h348f 966 80 50-02 9 bushel – 3 bag 52 2010 3-blade h352f 966 80 50-03 6 bushel – 2 bag 42 – 2-blade h242f 587 41 27-01 9 bushel – 3 bag 48 tractor clearcut bagger n/a 582 55 96-01 consumer tractors – stamped decks triple baggers tractor • collection system fabricated deck 2 and 3-blade • 9 bushel – 3 bag • includes blower and adapter kits 9 bushel – 3 bag 42 yt frames only h342sl 960 73 00-38 9 bushel – 3 bag 46 gt frames only h346sg 960 73 00-06 9 bushel

accessory catalog 27 grooming equipment “easy hitch” attachment system lawn care made easy for all-season care 3 versatile tools in one convenient space-saving and affordable system every easy hitch tool in the system can be easily exchanged without the use of tools the durable steel deck includes a universal hitch and stands upright for easy storage 40 front mount dethatcher part no 967 34 38-01 • 10 double-spring tines 20 teeth tines are pre-assembled to the tine shield for less assembly • all-steel construction • handle with lockout lift position for transport • 7 x 1.75 front wheel pre-assembled to the tine shield for less assembly • one-time bracket installation on tractor then dethatcher removes or installs without tools • use with a bagger or sweeper to pick up thatch • fits all husqvarna lt yt and gt tractors • 2 year warranty easy hitch platform model no h310-1266 part no 588 20 51-01 • durable steel

30 accessory catalog winter accessories 48 snow blade model no sb48 part no 588 18 13-02 • 50 of blade is pre-assembled in the box easier to install • independent lift control handle to raise and lower the blade from the tractor seat • blade angles left or right up to 30 degrees all from the tractor seat • when the “one-time” mounting bracket is installed you can remove the snow blade without tools to then be able to use your mower deck • adjustable and replaceable skid shoes and scraper bar are included both are pre-assembled on the snow blade • yellow dichromate hardware resists rust • fits tex-style tractor frames 2006 newer models • 2 year warranty 50 2-stage snow blower attachment model no st50e part no 967 34 39-02 • electric lift via one-button operation • tool-free removal attachment after initial bracket installation • heavy duty hydrogear gear box contoured housing improves

accessory catalog 33 mulch kits mulch kits convert residential riding mowers to mulching units for air-induction decks consists of a mulch plate mulching blades and mounting hardware most husqvarna tractors are equipped with premium hi-lift bagging/discharge blades deck part number for 38 decks 2006 and new models 531309646 for 42 decks all models 531309641 for 46 decks 2-bladed deck 2006 and newer models 531309580 for 48 decks all models 531309642 for 54 decks all models 531309643 xls dxls fabricated deck mulch kits for 42 fabricated ls tractor decks 2-blade – dxls 587412301 for 42 fabricated ls tractor decks 3-blade 966412901 for 48 fabricated ls tractor decks 965894003 for 52 fabricated ls tractor decks 966515201 snow blower accessories deluxe snow blower cab part no 531 30 82-01 • heavy-duty construction featuring rugged powder-coated steel frame • roomy cab with large roof overhang protects operator from wind sleet and snow •

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