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6 a unique success story the development of the integrated hymermobil at the beginning of the 70s ushered in a new era in the history of mobile homes the year 2014 saw the production of the 150,000th hymer motorhome from the legendary b-class or the luxurious s-class to the lightweights of the exsis series or the col the history of the hymer motorhome 1923 alfons hymer begins production of agricultural vehicles 1995 hymer presents the new s-class and becomes the first company in the industry to be certified according to iso 9001 on the strength of its high product quality 1957 erich bachem “eriba” and erwin hymer build the original “troll” the first caravan 2004 in october the 100,000th hymer motorhome rolls off the production line in bad waldsee 1961 the first hand-built hymer motorhome the caravano makes its debut 2007 hymer’s 50th anniversary is honoured with an anniversary edition of the b-class sl in gold 2017 60 years on the move hymer celebrates

comfort class hymer van 19 hymer van hymer is credited within the motorhome industry with the invention of the panel van the hymer van answers the increased demand for ultra-compact semi-integrated vehicles which can fulfil the dual function of motorhome and second car with an overall length of 5.45 to 5.99 metres they are light and agile making them easy to manoeuvre in traffic what’s more you can park them virtually anywhere but compactness doesn’t mean compromising on familiar comforts on the contrary the hymer van comes optimally equipped with bathroom shower kitchen bed and garage • van 314 page 22 • van 374 page 22 like a second car slender and manoeuvrable large garage up to 65 x 106 cm 3.5t tank insulated and heated garage loading capacity up to 450 kg 3.5-ton class comfort class compact comfortable

31 the comfort plus class the perfect holiday on wheels comfort plus class from adventure holiday to family vacation – only the best will do when it comes to your dream trip these top-of-the-range motorhomes offer every home comfort for maximum enjoyment – the journey is the reward hymermobil exsis-i hymer exsis-t hymermobil b-class dl hymer ml-t hymermobil

comfort plus class hymer ml-t and hymermobil ml-i 43 hymer ml-t and hymermobil ml-i the hymer ml-t unites the latest drive technology and innovative lightweight construction with optimal comfort in an agile semi-integrated motorhome every corner speaks of comfort and convenience the level living area floor the large seating area and the standard extending table are just a few examples the hymer ml-t also comes with a comprehensive safety package what’s more it boasts a range of standard features and additional comfort which are unrivalled in this class the new hymermobil ml-i is a classically stylish and agile integrated model in the 3.5-ton class with a mercedes-benz chassis based on the lightweight design concept of the semi-integrated hymer ml-t among its highlights are the extensive standard safety package and the optionally available automatic transmission 7g-tronic plus • hymer ml-t/ml-i 540 page 48 • hymer ml-t 560 page 48 • hymer ml-t/ml-i 580 page 49

54 55 living area and kitchen cooking has never been so much fun the modern design of the kitchen in the b 678 dl boasts an elegant curved kitchen unit with a generous worktop and extra-deep drawers innovative and cosy the standard led interior lighting is not just cosy but only uses 3/4 as much electricity you can relax and drive in comfort thanks to the comfort l-shaped seating area with lounge upholstery and 360° rotatable luxury table plus the height and angle-adjustable ergoflex pilot seats with wide armrests living area and kitchen tasteful and multifaceted interior concepts integrated worktop the side kitchen has large flexibly partitioned drawers and can be extended thanks to an integrated flush worktop – seen here in the palatino apple furniture finish comfort plus class comfort plus class hymermobil b-class

superior class hymer t-class cl 67 hymer t-class cl simply spacious the hymer t-class cl sets new standards in its class the 2.12 metre headroom alone exceeds the usual standard by far as a result the interior design concepts are exceptionally generous – despite a laden mass of less than 3.5 tons no other semi-integrated model comes as close to the high comfort standard found in integrated motorhomes the overhead lockers and living room floor extend right to the front the hymer t-class cl can be supplied with or without a fold-down bed virtually all beds have a spacious garage beneath yet there is still plenty of headroom above the rear beds new furniture face lift • t-class cl 574 page 72 • t-class cl 678 page 72 superior class • t-class cl 698 page 73 large garage semi-integrated vehicle with fold-down bed tank insulated and heated grp floor pual loading capacity 300

superior class hymer t-class cl 78 clear organisation the bathroom in the t 708 sl is clearly structured with a separate shower a separate bathroom and toilet area and a dressing room in between comfortable queen-size bed the exquisite queen-size bed is pictured here in the stylish trentino pear wood furniture finish adjusted to the reading position with raised bed head and neck supports on the rear wall superior class sleeping area 79 sleeping and bathroom ideally equipped for holiday comfort and convenience cosy and welcoming the comfy single beds in the rear of the t 588 sl always look fresh and inviting with their palatino apple furniture

90 b-class pl 668 2 large twin beds with easy access dimensions 194 x 80 203 x 80 cm • 1 spacious wardrobe in bathroom 759 • level living area floor with double floor and no platform • large 142 l refrigerator with larder unit mass in running order payload seats o 759 x 235 x 290 cm 3,310 kg 1,190 kg b-class pl 778 235 858 o optional extras dimensions l xwxh mass in running order payload o 858 x 235 x 290 cm 3,815 kg 1,185 – 1,685 kg • 2 huge twin beds dimensions 209 x 80 210 x 80 cm • 2 spacious wardrobes under twin beds • additional floor-to-ceiling wardrobe in bathroom • bathroom with wardrobe inside free-standing washbasin can be closed off to rear or front • level living area floor with double floor and no platform • large 160 l refrigerator with larder unit seats o 879 berths o highlights 858 b-pl 778 bathroom with dressing room across entire vehicle width dimensions l xwxh highlights 879 235 235 •

103 hymermobil b-class sl 634 duomobil highlights • fold-down bed with twin bed option dimensions 206 x 80 199 x 80 cm • 2 wardrobes in front section of vehicle • bathroom for more privacy can be closed off to rear with dressing area inside • level living area floor • alde hot water heater with heat exchanger • large 160 l refrigerator • large luxury garage with 2 large garage doors as standard b-class sl 634 duomobil 779 b-sl 634 duomobil o optional extras dimensions l xwxh mass in running order payload 779 x 235 x 315 cm 3,660 kg 840 kg seats o berths o luxury class 102 235 luxury class hymermobil b-class sl 634

hymer service optional extras 114 115 optional extras special solutions to customise your van want to add a more personal touch of class to your hymer motorhome you ll find a wealth of attractive extras to choose from below are just a few of them – your hymer dealer will be happy to provide details of the full range four-wheel drive difficult conditions such as snow ice and loose gravel are no problem for the ml-t and ml-i 4x4 the motorhome can be adapted for this purpose via a rocker switch on the dashboard which activates the front-wheel drive the engine power is then distributed between the front and rear axle at a ratio of 35:65 the four-wheel drive mode raises the vehicle level by approx 8.5 cm which increases the ramp and slope angle accordingly activating the four-wheel drive gives the ml-t and ml-i more traction directional control and pulling power giving them the same optimal performance as a regular suv 32 tv luxury entrance door tailgate the gas bottles are housed

note this brochure describes the series status at the time of publication despite careful checking of the contents misprints cannot be ruled out we reserve the right to modify the equipment or make product improvements during the course of the model year before signing a sales contract please ask one of our authorised hymer dealers about the current product and series status some vehicles include optional extras which are quoted in the current price list and available at extra cost the decoration shown is not supplied by hymer the details of scope of delivery appearance performance dimensions and weights are valid at the time of going to press – deviations within the factory tolerance limits max 5 are possible and permissible these data comply with european homologation regulations which may change up to the time of vehicle purchase or delivery your hymer dealer will gladly provide you with information on any changes and the standard scope of delivery copyright © 2017