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new generation i20 model details july 2015 s 5 door s air 5 door s offers the following features as standard • • • • • • • • • • 15” steel wheels with wheel trims 2 speakers front 6 airbags front front seat side curtain airbags anti-lock brake system abs boot light daytime running lights deadlocks digital clock door mirrors with integrated indicators body coloured driver seat height adjustment • • • • • • • • • • • • s air offers the following features over s electric windows front electronic stability programme esp emergency stop signal ess engine immobiliser exterior door handles body coloured glove compartment hill-start assist control hac impact sensing auto door unlocking luggage hooks parcel shelf perimeter alarm rear wiper washer with intermittent function • • • • • • • • • •

new generation i20 price guide 5 door july 2015 fuel type co 2 emissions g/km insurance group 1-50 ved band p 112 4e c basic retail price vat retail price recommended on the road price p11d value 1,727.67 10,366.00 10,995.00 10,940.00 17 p 112 4e c 9,263.33 1,852.67 11,116.00 11,745.00 11,690.00 17 s blue 1.1 crdi 75ps insurance group 1-50 ved band 1.2 84ps p 119 5e c 10,330.00 2,066.00 12,396.00 13,025.00 12,970.00 18 1.4 crdi 90ps d 106 10e b 11,996.67 2,399.33 14,396.00 15,025.00 14,970.00 19 basic retail price vat retail price recommended on the road price p11d value bik tax july 2015 premium nav 5 door premium offers the following features over se sport • • • 1.2 84ps p 119 6e c 11,163.33 2,232.67 13,396.00 14,025.00 13,970.00 18 1.4 crdi d 106 10e b 12,830.00 2,566.00 15,396.00 16,025.00 15,970.00 19 d 84 5e a 10,096.67 2,019.33 12,116.00 12,745.00 12,690.00 16 1.2 84ps p 119 5e c 10,330.00 2,066.00 12,396.00 13,025.00 12,970.00 18 1.2 84ps p 119 6e c