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the first car in the world to feature three electrified powertrains the unique choice of three electrified powertrains in one model gives the hyundai ioniq a very special status as a ground-breaking achievement the focus is on combining efficiency low emissions and outstanding performance from start/stop city driving to long-distance trips the ioniq provides the perfect option for a variety of lifestyles ioniq hybrid the ioniq hybrid’s electric motor works together with the petrol engine when you pull away or come to a standstill it smoothly improves fuel consumption and lowers emissions in start/stop city driving while providing an extra kick of power and torque if required ioniq plug-in hybrid the ioniq plug-in hybrid can travel up to 32 miles on electric power which covers most day-to-day trips on longer trips the electric motor works intelligently with the petrol engine to improve fuel economy and reduce co2 emissions or offer more performance ioniq electric for pure

the ioniq plug-in hybrid ultra-low emissions at your command the hyundai plug-in hybrid combines the qualities of a conventional hybrid electric vehicle and an all-electric vehicle cover your daily drive with up to 26 miles of electric range and head further afield while enjoying the efficient benefits of the 1.6 gdi engine a car to truly fit your lifestyle when used as a conventional hybrid electric vehicle the hev computer selectively operates between the engine and the electric motor – or even both at the same time – depending on the level of power required to travel when it’s operating in electric mode the vehicle is driven only using the electric motor until the charge from the high voltage battery becomes too low at which point it reverts to the hybrid mode automatically pure electric mode gives you up to 32 miles of zero tailpipe emissions depending on your driving style and road conditions to help maximise driving efficiency ioniq plug-in hybrid is fitted

efficient and energetic ioniq hybrid arrives with power in all the right places cutting-edge technology powers the ioniq maximising all available energy to deliver the optimum drive its outstanding performance is down to the ambition and ingenuity of our engineers who have pushed the boundaries in delivering a car that excels on every level the epitome of forward-thinking motoring the 1.6-litre gdi direct-injection petrol engine in the ioniq hybrid and plug-in hybrid is intelligently designed to work with the electric motor to deliver maximum power and economy as the latest evolution of our 16-valve kappa design it works by keeping the intake valves open for longer than a traditional combustion engine reducing the compression ratio in the process this makes it more fuel efficient and works perfectly on the hybrid where engine torque can be boosted instantly by the electric motor we’ve utilised friction-reducing roller bearings low-viscosity oil and a cooled exhaust gas

the ioniq’s interior is designed around the philosophy of clean simplicity with elements that cleverly lift and highlight key features the interior represents continuous evolution with the latest designs showcasing an ergonomic simple layout as forward-thinking as the rest of the car its fine touches bring all the key elements to life in a fluid and elegant manner at the heart of it all sits a d-cut steering wheel with chrome spokes that bring an air of sportiness to the design continuing the theme are the chrome-accented gear knob and footrests which add to its modernist luxury feel on the ioniq hybrid and plug-in hybrid thin blue lines feature on the dashboard and instrument cluster while copper-coloured accents in the ioniq electric bring that live-wire feel to the inside memory function driver’s seat and heated front and rear seats arrive on top-spec models while soft-touch materials add to the feel of premium quality that runs throughout the dna of the interior

recharge at home or on the move with all the economic benefits that come with electric power possibly one of the most important efficiencies is the speed and ease at which the battery charges you’ll benefit from charge scheduling where you can choose to charge immediately or set a departure time so the ioniq can prepare the car with maximum efficiency both the ioniq plug-in hybrid and ioniq electric are designed to impress when it comes to battery life the plug-in hybrid has an on-board charger of 3.3kw and takes just 2 hours and 15 minutes to go from empty to full the ioniq electric boasts a 6.6kw on-board charger that takes just 4 hours 25 minutes from empty to 100 charge using a 7kw wallbox on the move dc rapid chargers – available on the electric – will allow you to charge up to 80 in as little as 30 minutes the inbuilt heating system improves the process saving the high voltage charge for driving especially in cold conditions on both the plug-in hybrid and

ioniq hybrid hybrid se • 4.2 driver s supervision instrument cluster with tft display • 5 touchscreen media centre • 15 alloy wheels with aerodynamic wheel trims • driver s seat – lumbar support electric • radio rds dab • hill-start assist control hac • seat trim – cloth • lane departure warning ldw system with lane • spare wheel – emergency space saver steel keep assist lka • air conditioning – dual zone climate control • leather wrapped steering wheel • automatic headlights with dusk sensor • paddle shift gear change • autonomous emergency braking aeb • parking sensors – rear • bluetooth® connectivity • parking system – rear camera • cruise control – smart adaptive speed control 30 hybrid premium of fers the following feature s as standard modelde ta i l s and guidance system of fers the following feature s over hybrid se

ioniq plug-in hybrid plug-in hybrid premium • 7 driver s supervision instrument cluster with of fers the following feature s over plug-in hybrid premium • driver s seat – heated • radio rds dab • alloy pedals • driver s seat – electric adjustments • parking sensors – front and rear • driver s seat – lumbar support electric • paddle shift gear change • automatic de-fog system for front windscreen • driver s seat – memory function • rear cross traffic alert rcta • front passenger s seat – heated • seat trim – cloth • automatic windscreen wipers with rain sensor • driver s seat – ventilated • rear seats outer – heated traffic messaging channel mapcare and • headlights – high beam halogen • smart key – keyless entry with engine • blind spot detection system bsd • front passenger s seat –

platinum silver metallic iron grey pearl available on hybrid and plug-in hybrid only fiery red pearl phantom black pearl polar white solid intense blue metallic 40 colours all ioniq plug-in hybrid and electric models are supplied with the above featured 16 grey alloy wheels with the exception of vehicles selected in polar white which feature 16 white alloy wheels design is subject to powertrain lava orange pearl hyundai ioniq

hybrid se premium plug in hybrid premium se premium premium se electric premium hybrid premium se technology and entertainment rear cross traffic alert rcta 4.2 driver s supervision instrument cluster with tft display ● 5 touchscreen media centre ● 7 driver s supervision instrument cluster with tft display ● ● ● ● ● ● 8 touchscreen satellite navigation including traffic messaging channel mapcare and live services‡ bluetooth® connectivity ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● tyre pressure monitoring system tpms with individual tyre pressure display plug in hybrid electric se premium premium se premium premium se premium premium se ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● customer options metallic/pearl paint ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ warranty †† ●

5 year unlimited mileage warranty hyundai finance hyundai finance provides a range of products to make the purchase of your you will then make fixed monthly repayments based on the outstanding at hyundai we continually invest in the latest manufacturing technology 5 year unlimited mileage warranty hyundai even more accessible to meet your requirements our plans are balance and interest less your optional final payment and at the end of your designed to give you years of enjoyable motoring our trust in our products peace of mind comes as standard with our manufacturer-backed simple but offer you the same quality and flexibility as your new hyundai monthly repayment period you will have three choices return retain or renew is backed up by our comprehensive aftercare package to ensure you have unlimited mileage 5 year warranty which protects your hyundai against the best possible experience as a hyundai owner manufacturing defects and is fully transferable to the next owner applying for

specifications shown in this brochure are based upon the latest available information at the time of printing the colours and finishes reproduced in this brochure are subject to the limitations of the printing process and may vary from the actual colour and paint finish in line with our policy of continual product improvement hyundai motor uk ltd reserves the right to make changes at any time without notice to prices colours material design shape specifications and models and to discontinue items for the latest details please consult your hyundai dealer your local hyundai dealer customer enquiries 0800 981 981 this brochure is printed on fsc® forestry stewardship council certified paper which has been produced at a mill and printed by a printer that has been certified to the iso 14001 environmental standard using vegetable oil based inks and aqueous based coatings it can be disposed of by recycling incineration for recovery or is biodegradable hyundai motor uk ltd 728 london road