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welcome to hyundai welcome to candoism innovation is at the heart of what we do we call it ‘candoism’ and it keeps us focused on the future since launching our industry-leading 5 year unlimited mileage warranty we’ve become one of the world’s fastest growing car companies in 2016 we launched ioniq – the only car available in hybrid electric and plug-in hybrid options 2017 saw us premiere the i30 n an exciting dive into the world of high quality performance vehicles in 2018 we introduced the kona electric the first fully-electric subcompact suv in the european market 2019 will see the launch of nexo our latest innovation in the mass production of zero-emission hydrogen fuel cell vehicles we’ve also revolutionised the buying experience with click to buy – our clever website which allows you to buy your next hyundai from the comfort of your sofa we’re proud of what we’ve achieved in a short space of time so what happens next the answer is inspired by you our customers because our next innovation will happen with you in mind for us ‘done’ will never be ‘done’ – we’re always excited to start again welcome to candoism welcome to hyundai hyundai kona 3