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motability plans hyundai service plans hyundai click to buy™ staying in touch the motability plan will enable some of you to purchase a hyundai at a for the school runs and the shopping trips hyundai click to buy™ is the smarter easier way to purchase a new we re committed to offering you the very best that means as well as preferential rate if you receive the higher rate mobility component of the multi-storeys and the motorways car innovation has always been part of our dna and now we ve delivering impressive cars we ll also deliver helpful advice and service the disability living allowance you’re entitled to access this excellent holidays the commute the appointment you simply can’t be late for streamlined the buying process itself with a few simple clicks you can every step of the way simply contact us on 0800 981 981 or visit our scheme in recognition of your requirements many hyundai models can this is your driving life trade-in your old car configure your new hyundai arrange finance and website at www.hyundai.co.uk be ordered on the 3 year contract hire scheme hyundai service plans are a convenient way to plan ahead with pay a deposit — all from your computer tablet or smartphone device you’ll benefit from advantageous features like power steering height a bespoke plan tailored for your individual circumstances for added flexibility you can pay in cash and the delivery arrangements adjustable driver’s seat and automatic gearbox which all come so you’re simply free to live your driving life knowing your servicing couldn t be simpler you can choose to get it delivered at your home at a keep up to date with our news on our facebook page at as standard costs are already covered cost or collect it in the evening or weekend from your local dealer www.facebook.com/hyundaiuk most of our dealers are motability accredited so just contact them and they’ll be happy to help if you’d like to read about the scheme in more depth simply visit www.motability.co.uk with payment options to suit you and no interest or credit checks just the certainty that your hyundai is always in great hands you ll be admiring your hyundai in double-quick time thanks to the latest example of our new-thinking philosophy for more information visit hyundai.co.uk/owning contact your see all our latest tweets at www.twitter.com/hyundai_uk local dealer or call us on 0800 981 981 myhyundai view our latest videos at www.youtube.com/user/hyundaimotoruk myhyundai is a complimentary and exclusive owners’ club with a variety of unique benefits that’ll make your ownership experience even more enjoyable as well as amazing offers that range from incredible getaways to indulgent gifts you’ll also be able to set your own alerts and preferences while storing all your car’s details in one easily-accessible place 38 buying owning hyundai kona 39