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2017 hyundai ioniq here’s to the power of choice at hyundai we’ve found there’s more than one way to lower carbon emissions so we’ve been pursuing multiple engineering paths a groundbreaking process that’s led us here the hyundai ioniq it’s the world’s first car offered in three electrified versions the 2017 ioniq electric the 2017 ioniq hybrid and the 2018 ioniq plug-in hybrid arriving in the second half of 2017 it’s easy to decide which is the right ioniq for you based on how often you drive how far you drive and how you drive ioniq electric lets you charge from home or work with a range of up to 124 miles per charge.1 ioniq hybird uses electric power to help you go farther on a gallon of gas and the ioniq plug-in hybrid will run on electricity when you want it and gas when you need it each model shares a dedicated lightweight chassis design to optimize efficiency comfort and handling each uses our blue drive® technology to

2017 ioniq hybrid 1 claim based on a comparison of specifications on manufacturer websites 2 epa estimate for combined city/highway mpg for comparison only mileage may vary with options driving conditions driving habits and the vehicle’s

2017 ioniq

intelligent design ioniq is about more than fuel it’s fuel for thought innovative powertrains are just one way ioniq is changing automotive design take a look at the interior and you’ll see how hyundai has also developed smarter ways to make cars roomy comfortable and eco-friendly run your hand over some of the surfaces that soft touch you feel is the result of a radical new technique we discovered for making bio-plastic materials from sugar cane fibers recycled plastics combined with powdered wood and volcanic stone help make components within the ioniq interior strong yet light and all the space that surrounds you ingenious packaging and placement of the lithium-ion polymer battery under the rear seats frees up room for hips heads arms and legs ultimately it’s the human mind we’re hoping to free which is why hyundai has now created the project ioniq lab at our headquarters there an elite group of academic researchers is identifying the megatrends likely


ceramic white symphony air silver summit gray black noir pearl electric blue metallic wheels exterior dimensions interior dimensions • head room front/rear • legroom front/rear • shoulder room front/rear • hip room front/rear • passenger volume • cargo capacity • total interior volume hybrid electric 39.1/37.4 in 42.2/35.7 in 56.1/55.0 in 53.8/52.9 in 96.2 cu ft 26.5 cu ft 122.7 cu ft 39.1/37.4 in 42.2/35.7 in 56.1/55.0 in 53.8/52.9 in 96.2 cu ft 23.8 cu ft 120.0 cu ft • wheelbase • overall length • overall width • overall height • tread width front/rear 15˝ wheels • tread width front/rear 16˝ wheels • tread width front/rear 17˝ wheels performance estimates hybrid electric 106.3 in 176.0 in 71.7 in 56.9 in 61.5/62.1 in — 61.0/61.5 in 106.3 in 176.0 in 71.7 in 57.1 in — 61.2/61.6 in — • net horsepower • torque • epa mpg estimates city/hwy/comb • mpge

2017 2017 tech package 2017 hybrid sel standard features plus automatic emergency braking smart cruise control lane departure warning 2017 2017 premium features blind spot detection w lane change assist rearview camera smart cruise control heated front seats smartphone support blue link® connected car system

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