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concept 4 development history histor 2002 2005 • driving range 230km • fuel cell system output 75kw • new feature incorporation of secondary battery • driving range 384km • fuel cell system output 80kw • new feature localization of fuel cell system mercury l -p#6 1998 fuel cell development team incorporated mercury l p1 y polaris ll -80kw mercury l p6 mercury ll 2000 2004 2007 • driving range 141km • fuel cell system output 65kw • new feature hyundai motorʼs first fcev • driving range 337km • fuel cell system output 80kw • new feature cold-start 20°c capability • driving range 370km • fuel cell system output 100kw • new feature localization of electrical drive system mercury l -p#1 mercury 2004 polaris l -p#1-2 • driving range 205km • fuel cell system output 35kw • new feature first in-house developed fuel cell stack pioneering a new frontier nexo the

a truly zero-emission vehicle people think of hybrid electric vehicles hevs plug-in electric hybrid vehiclesphevs electric vehicles evs and fuel cell electric vehicles fcevs when they think about green vehicles however hevs and phevs are no longer considered green but simply more efficient conventional vehicle today only evs and fcevs are regarded as green vehicles and of the two fcevs can be regarded as the ultimate green vehicle unlike evs an fcev removes air pollution as it is driven it is wellknown that fcevs do not have any tailpipe emissions but they in fact go even further by cleaning the air pollutants from other vehicles the 440 fuel cells in the fuel cell stack act as air filters working much as trees in a forest do absorbing carbon dioxide and generating oxygen in short urban air can become cleaner as more fcevs are driven this makes the nexo fcev the ultimate green car new technology the best driving range the world s longest driving range currently the biggest

preview 10 sneak peak nexo premiere at 2017 geneva motor show system in the tucson ix fcev the fe concept was also hailed for its the geneva motor show is one of the five largest motor shows in the streamlined design profile with such elements as the stylish rear world along with international motor shows in frankfurt detroit spoiler and c-pillar vent for improved aerodynamics tokyo and paris held at geneva palexpo convention center in early over 900 new models were displayed at the 2017 geneva motor march the geneva motor show is the largest motor show held in a show with 148 models making their world or european premiere a country without a major domestic automaker and has become the large number of new models were green vehicles providing a clear event for premiering concept models because of its timing in the indication of the transition to a green vehicle market year it has a reputation for being the showcase for new trends in hyundai motor has been pushing for public uptake of

preview 13 hydrogen infrastructure preparing for a hydrogen society hydrogen fueling network construction plan fcevs have many positive qualities that make governments worldwide welcome them however the current lack of hydrogen charging stations make the wide deployment of fcevs difficult many governments have now announced hydrogen station network expansion plans to tackle this problem here is an overview of the plans that have been announced by governments and the current state of the network us 123 hydrogen stations by 2023 hydrogen network expansion in europe in 2013 the us government announced transportation according to the uk h2 mobility plan announced energy futures which aims to reduce oil consumption in 2012 the uk government plans to build 65 in the automobile sector by 50 percent by 2030 and hydrogen stations by 2020 and 1,150 stations by achieve an 80 percent reduction in oil consumption 2030 the plan also aims for sales of 274,000 fcevs and related air pollution by 2050

key features fcev in a league of its own nexo is the next-generation fcev and very different from the typical automobile currently seen on the road it does not require polluting fossil fuels or a heavy battery to run instead it only needs hydrogen and oxygen to generate its own electricity which in turn powers the electric motor that turns the wheels it is a technologically sophisticated green vehicle which offers everything a conventional vehicle offers thanks to its high energy efficiency long range travel is not a problem and it can be conveniently refueled in just a few minutes fcevs even remove particulate matters on the go making it truly a next-generation vehicle requiring superb endurance and will power cross country skiing is often referred to as a marathon on

key features 19 4th generation fuel cell system opening a new chapter in energy fuel cell system fuel cells have emerged as a solution to these problems first because it has been a while since we realized the urgency of solving the a hydrogen tank has a much higher energy density and lower cost environmental problems created by using fossil fuels collectively we compared to a battery hydrogen can also be transported much more concluded that a transition to clean energy is necessary and solar and easily in a compressed form here is an overview of how a hydrogen wind energy emerged as prominent alternatives many believe that fuel cell energy system could work first generate electricity using using electricity from solar and wind energy can solve the problems renewable energy second use the electricity to produce hydrogen we face however fossil fuels continue to dominate this is because from water third collect the hydrogen in a storage tank fourth use there is a mismatch between

tomorrow’s technology today as an automobile nexo can be used to drop the kids off at school to go to the supermarket and for weekend trips it provides a space where intimate conversations can take place and great stories and music can be listened to on the sound system nexo may be with us today but it is a car of the future thanks to the innovative fuel cell inside it does not emit any pollutants it has the potential to not only change how automobiles work but how our energy system itself works nexo might be the automobile of tomorrow but it is here today nexoʼs design reflects how it is built with tomorrowʼs technology for today the artistry sets figure-skating apart from other winter sports great performance requires both outstanding technique and the best artistic

key features 25 interior and exterior design high-tech items floating center console the center console is designed with a shift-bywire transmission control which uses buttons for shifting the floating center console stretches out from the center air vent to the driver console box the straight line formed by the floating center console gives a sense of proportion between the left and right buttons are located on the upper part of the console for ease of access the space below the console provides storage space and a wireless smartphone charger integrated display screen sbw shift by wire a 12.3-inch integrated display screen functions nexo uses hydrogen to generate electricity which as a digital instrument cluster and infotainment in turn operates the electric motor because it does screen spanning about half of the center fascia not have a mechanical transmission gear changes in width it allows for the effective communication are made with the press of a button thanks to of

great features for great choice nexo is equipped with advanced safety technologies which satisfies the handson sae level 2 semi-autonomous system requirements nexo is built to provide a better driving experience for example a comprehensive set of fcev-specific information is provided through the integrated display nexo is also equipped with the latest features to provide the best possible driving experience and ensure drivers feel proud a competition of artistry and acrobatic moves freestyle skiing requires precise execution of highly challenging

key features rigorous testing for fcevs ensuring utmost safety nexo runs on hydrogen which is stored in high pressure tanks hydrogen tanks have some inherent risks just like all high-pressure gas storage tanks however this does not make nexo unsafe because it has been designed to prevent all possible risks for example the hydrogen tank is made using newly developed materials in a multilayer structure to ensure the highest safety it is also capable of monitoring and managing risks by itself its safety in every kind of situation has been tested incredibly thoroughly in general people have fears about hydrogen and are them it’s safe reminded of negative things such as explosions in people tend to be conservative about the products 2013 hyundai motor proudly announced the worldʼs they use in everyday life in other words products first mass-produced fcev tucson ix fcev despite are only safe when people feel they are safe tucson hyundai motorʼs hope to be in the spotlight for

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