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digital system introduction d igital al bolgeh join toidarru ate malati dig ytinum com s mart t echnology for a mateur r adio

rs-ms1a android ™ application enhances great digital features share pictures text messaging take pictures – including your shack operating place in the field rigs or friends – with your android™ device and share them over digital transceivers add to your ragchew with images and make qso even more fun text messaging allows you to chat with other d-star users use texts when voice communications may not be appropriate by using the android™ devices you can exchange a message by your preferred language digital stations and repeater sites mapping dv fast data mode id-51e plus and id-5100e only see the location of other stations or repeater sites on a map using received position data automatically set the transceiver’s “from” and “to” fields by tapping a repeater site or a station on the map by using data in place of voice o frames the id-5100e and id-51e plus transfers data 3 3.5 times faster 3480 bps than in the conventional

gps position reporting functions displays own and received position information the id-51e plus and id-5100e have integrated gps receivers which show own position course speed and altitude on the display the gps position information can be transmitted with voice received position information is also shown with distance and direction from your position export to the android™ application id-51e plus and id-5100e only when connected with an android™ device received position information can be plotted on a map application © google own my position example id-5100e the ic-7100 and ic-9100 a l l ow you t o m anuall y input the current latitude longitude and altitude or connect an external gps receiver received position example id-51e plus repeater search function id-51e plus id-5100e and ic-7100 only display example of ic-9100 gps button ic-9100 automatic position reply function received position information example to :j l3 y rp curre nt po sit i o n when receiving a call

simplex call call sign routing call another station directly not using a repeater the call is automatically routed to the repeater destination the called user is in also call sign routing allows you to do cross band operation repeater repeater gateway call local area call gateway rea ra ate pe re repeater gateway gateway global communications virtually anywhere the biggest appeal of d-star is global communication over the internet gateway through repeaters even with a handheld transceiver you can communicate with a friend in another city or country with a clear audio you can uplink to your local repeater and downlink from a remote repeater even from the opposite side of the earth what is d-star routing and linking the term d-star is digital smart technology for amateur radio it is an open protocol for digital communications established by jarl japan amateur radio league one of the great features of d-star is the user’s ability to talk anywhere they want via call sign commands

handheld enhanced functions and great digital features ipx7 waterproof construction microsd card slot integrated gps receiver vhf/vhf uhf/uhf vhf/uhf dualwatch integrated gps receiver independent am/fm broadcast receiver compact and lightweight pc programmable with cs-51plus free download software vhf/uhf dual band digital transceiver 5w mobile innovation and mobility taken to the next level bluetooth® application image vs-3 android™ device touch screen operation vs-3 bluetooth® headset sd card slot for voice and data storage vhf/vhf uhf/uhf vhf/uhf dualwatch integrated gps receiver optional wireless remote control bluetooth® headset vs-3 optional ut-133 bluetooth® unit must be installed in the id-5100e pc programmable with cs-5100 free download software vhf/uhf dual band digital transceiver 50w base stations intuitive touch screen quick response multi-band radio hf 50/70/144/430mhz multi-band intuitive touch screen interface controls at your fingertips with an

worldwide digital repeater network europe more than 720 north america more than sites japan 720 more than 195 sites asia sites more than 10 sites central and south america middle east africa more than 40 oceania more than 10 sites more than 30 sites sites some repeaters may not be connected to an ip network digital repeaters photo shows id-rp2v repeater controller one unit is required for each repeater station and connects up to 4 rf modules transfers the received signal to the specified rf module or the internet gateway server 1200mhz dv mode rf module 144mhz dv mode rf module 430mhz dv mode rf module these are dv mode rf modules for the respective bands with a combination of these rf modules cross band operation with 144/430/1200mhz bands is available 1200mhz dd mode rf module rs-rp2c internet gateway software the id-rp2d is the dd mode rf module for 1.2ghz it provides 128kbps high speed data communication the internet gateway connects the digital repeater station to the internet