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rmdr reciprocal mixing dynamic range of 110 db at 2khz independent dual receiver receives two bands simultaneously superior transmit phase noise characteristics digi-sel preselector for main and sub bands high-speed high-resolution real-time spectrum scope touch screen and multi-dial knob for smooth operation dvi-d digital connector for external display connection at a 2 khz offset frequency receiving frequency 14.2 mhz mode cw if bw 500 hz innovative rf direct sampling system achieves 110 db typ rmdr the rf direct sampling system directly converts the analog signals to digital signals and collectively puts the data through fpga field-programmable gate array processing the master clock uses a high precision vcxo voltage controlled crystal oscillator which excels in low-noise characteristics this makes it possible to provide superior receive and transmit performance extremely low phase noise as well as high rmdr reciprocal mixing dynamic range at 2 khz frequency separation rmdr

+40 dbm third-order intercept point in the hf bands more than +110 dbm ip2 audio scope function for af observation 2nd order intercept point the audio scope function can be used for observing various af characteristics such as microphone compressor level filter width notch filter and cw keying waveform an ip2 point of more than +110 dbm means 2nd order distortion from strong broadcast stations will be completely eliminated spectrum scope with waterfall function the ip2 figure is a typical value measurements were made using custom equipment due to the limits of normal signal generators sg and duplexers to +85 dbm 200 w output power and high-stability transmitter high specification inband imd +40 dbm ip3 3rd order intercept point and 110 db dynamic range the ic-7700 employs mechanical relay bpf switching a digitally tuned pre-selector and three hi-spec 1st if filters roofing filters in a clean and simple double conversion superheterodyne design by balancing the analog and dsp

base station transceivers design with an image rejection mixer for the 2nd mixer stage is employed in the ic-7410 this receiver design not only reduces the electronic complexity it greatly reduces the number of internal distortion points from older triple and quadruple conversion receivers +30 dbm class third-order intercept point ip3 faster dsp unit and in-house dsp expertise cessors icom’s in-house dsp experts have developed a ic-746pro series replacement that every operator will be proud to own in addition to the higher speed dsp the ad/da converter ak4620 provides a higher dynamic range and superior s/n ratio faster dsp unit and in-house dsp expertise icom brings out the best dsp performance combining more than ten years of dsp technical know-how and much faster dsp pro typical in 14 mhz band spacing=100 khz other features dual-conversion superheterodyne +30 dbm class third-order intercept point ip3 in icom’s continuing efforts to create the best receiver the design

multi-band transceivers dr d-star repeater mode operation near repeater function sd card slot for saving data intuitive touch screen interface controls at your fingertips with an angled display hf 50/70/144/430 mhz multi-band digital features controlled by the if dsp controller mounted speaker and jacks a high-performance 32-bit floating point if dsp delivers rich digital signal processing features including digital if filter digital twin pbt noise reduction cw auto tune etc those digital features work on all bands from hf to v/uhf bands the unique remote head design is perfect for providing loud controller rear panel view clear audio as well as jacks for an external speaker headphones key phones/sp mic and microphone elec-key main unit speaker sd card slot for saving data dsp 455khz if amp 36khz if amp intuitive touch screen interface one touch selection for example if you want to change the operating band tap the frequency on the display the band keys will be shown to select the

handheld terminal mod e gateway ce s s point mode ac gps dv transceivers terminal mode independent am/fm receiver connect the id-51e plus2 to the internet through a pc or android™ device and send your voice and/or data through the internet gateway to a destination repeater fm and am broadcast and vhf airband stations can be listened to while using the dualwatch function to monitor the ham bands the optional free download software rs-ms3w rs-ms3a is required to be installed in the pc android™ device the optional data cable opc-2350lu is required am dualwatch receive microsd card slot opc2350lu cq id-51e plus2 pc or android® device d-star repeater access point mode use an id-51e plus2 radio connected to the internet through a pc or android™ device as an access point you can use another d-star radio to send your voice and/or data through the access point radio and communicate with d-star stations all over the world the optional free download software rs-ms3w

dplus reflector linking dplus reflector link commands are added to the dr function to allow easy reflector operation use reflector link/unlink to reflector echo test and repeater information commands are selectable reflector commands example sd card slot for voice and data storage gps dv/fm repeater search function intuitive touch screen operation dv/dv dualwatch integrated gps receiver intuitive touch screen operation the intuitive touch screen interface provides quick and smooth operation the large 5.5 inch display 320 × 128 pixels responds naturally to the touch – allowing you to change settings enter frequencies installation example and edit memory vehicle using optional mbf-1 mount channels with ease base and mba-2 controller bracket dv/dv dualwatch the id-5100e can receive both fm/fm and fm/dv mode signals simultaneously two dv mode signals can be monitored for receive on either channel you can check other repeaters or other channel activities while waiting for the

options for base station transceivers hand microphones model name ic-7851 ic-7610 ic-7700 ic-7300 ic-7410 ic-718 ic-7100 ic-9100 hm-36 hm-219 ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ hm-103 ic-7851 ic-7610 ic-7700 ic-7300 ic-7410 ic-718 ic-7100 ic-9100 ✔ ✔ use with opc-589 use with opc-589 ✔ ✔ sp-33 wooden box speaker ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ sp-34 4 audio filters ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ dc power supply antenna element sp-35 2 m cable sp-35l 6 m cable ps-126 13.8 v/25 a 4-pin type ah-2b covers 7–54 mhz ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ high stability crystal unit filters fl-430 fl-53a 6 khz 1st if filter 3 khz 1st if filter 250 hz/–6 db for hf 50 mhz for hf/50 mhz fl-222 band band 1.8 khz/–6 db fl-257 3.3 khz/–6 db fl-431 ✔ auto tuning antenna ah-740 covers 2.5–30 mhz amateur band opc-2321

options for handheld transceivers battery cases model name battery packs 1200 mahtyp id-51e plus2 desktop charger ac adapter wall charger cigarette lighter cables dc power cables bp-273 bp-271 li-ion bp-272 li-ion bc-202 lr6aa×3 cells 7.4v/1150mahmin 7.4v/1880mahmin rapid charger ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ use with bc-123se hm-75ls hm-183ls ✔ hm-186ls hm-153ls hm-153 waterproof id-51e plus2 ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ plug adapter cable carrying case silicone jacket case model name opc-2144 lc-179 plus2 ✔ ✔ sj-1 data cable ✔ belt clip opc-2350lu mb-127 ✔ ✔ ✔ 1 cs-51 plus2 is available for free download from http 2 free download android™ app download from google play™ terminal/access point mode app/software model name id-51e plus2 rs-ms3a2 rs-ms3w3 for android™ device for windows® pc ✔ ✔ use with opc-2350lu use with opc-2350lu ✔ applicable not

options for mobile transceivers bluetooth® headset mounting base mounting bracket controller bracket hand microphones model name id-5100e id-4100e ic-2730e hm-198 hm-207 hm-209 noise canceling hm-207s microphone ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ use hm-207 ✔ ✔ ✔ hm-154 ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ use hm-207 ✔ ✔ use hm-207 use hm-207s controller brackets combination bracket model name id-5100e id-4100e ic-2730e mba-5 mba-8 mba-4 ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ id-5100e id-4100e ic-2730e opc-2350lu opc-478uc usb cable for an transceiver to android™ or a pc pc usb cable ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ opc-474 ut-133/a remote control app rs-ms1i4 for ios™ device id-5100e id-4100e ic-2730e applicable ✔ use with ut-133/a use with mba-2 ✔ ✔ ✔ use with mba-5 use with ut-137 ✔ usewith withut-133/a mba-5 use use with mba-8 mba-2 ✔ ✔ ✔ microphone cables mic adapter cable controller

specifications for base station transceivers ic-7410 frequency coverage differs according to version general modes frequency stability ic-9100 tx 1.8 3.5 7 10 14 18 21 24 28 50 701 144 430 mhz bands rx 30 khz–199.999 mhz 400–470 mhz2 1 depending on version 2 some frequency ranges are not guaranteed tx 1.8 3.5 7 10 14 18 21 24 28 50 144 430 mhz bands rx 30 khz–60 mhz 144–146 mhz 430–440 mhz usb lsb cw rtty am usb lsb cw rtty dv am fm wfm rx only usb lsb cw rtty fsk am fm dv with ut-121 less than ±0.5 ppm less than ±200 hz ±0.5 ppm ±0.5 ppm 0˚c to +50˚c from 1 min to 60 min after power on 0˚c to +50˚c 430 mhz 0˚c to +50˚c after warm up 24 a at 13.8 v dc tx 1.8 3.5 7 10 14 18 21 24 28 50 mhz bands rx 30 khz–60.000 mhz tx 1.8 3.5 7 10 14 18 21 24 28 mhz bands rx 30 khz–29.999 mhz some frequency ranges are not guaranteed guaranteed range 0.5–29.999 mhz usb lsb cw rtty am fm some frequency ranges

specifications for handheld and mobile transceivers id-51e id-5100e id-4100e ic-2730e europe version tx 144–146 430–440 mhz rx a 144–146 430–440 mhz b 144–146 430–440 mhz bc 0.52–1.71 76–108 mhz uk version tx 144–146 430–440 mhz rx a 137–174 380–479 mhz1 b 108–174 380–479 mhz1 bc 0.52–1.71 76–108 mhz europe version tx 144–146 430–440 mhz rx 118–174 375–550 mhz1 ltalia version tx 144–146 430–434 435–438 mhz rx 118–136.991 144-146 430–434 435–438 mhz2 europe version tx 144–146 430–440 mhz rx 118–174 230–550 mhz1 italia version tx 144–146 430–434 435–438 mhz rx 118–136.991 144–146 430–434 435–438 mhz2 europe version tx 144–146 430–440 mhz rx 118–174 375–550 mhz1 italia version tx 144–146