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Catalog ID-4100E 2017

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vhf/uhf dual band digital transceiver enjoy digital communication more actively and more comfortably terminal mode and access point mode full dot-matrix lcd bluetooth® gps ios™/android™ apps dv gateway ac intuitive user interface terminal mod e flexible installation ce s s point

compact user-friendly vhf/uhf dual bander offers a variety of operating styles smart operation advanced operation with a smart device and bluetooth ® applications for ios™ and android™ devices dv gateway functions the rs-ms1i for ios™ devices and rs-ms1a for android™ devices enable you to wirelessly connect to the id-4100e and remotely set the dr functions link with a map application and send/receive messages over the dv mode in addition pictures taken by a smart device can be transmitted via the dv fast data mode or dv mode terminal mode and access point mode expand communication coverage and fun terminal and access point modes enable you to enjoy long-distance d-star digital smart technology for amateur radio communication through the internet you can access the d-star repeater network through the internet regardless of locations and conditions of nearby repeaters the optional ut-137 bluetooth® unit must be installed in the id-4100e some functions may

vhf/uhf dual band digital transceiver specifications options general frequency coverage version eur bluetooth® unit bluetooth® headset transmit receive 144–146 430–440 mhz 118–174 230–550 mhz1 144–146 430–434 118–136.991 144–146 435–438 mhz 430–434 435–438 mhz2 itr guaranteed range 1 144–146 430–440 mhz 2 144–146 430–434 435–438 mhz type of emission mode operating temperature range frequency stability antenna impedance number of memory channels power supply requirement current drain tx approximate rx main unit controller dimensions some options may not be available in some countries ask your dealer for details hand microphones controller weight main unit approximate controller transmitter output power at 13.8 v dc max frequency deviation spurious emissions microphone impedance f2d f3e f7w dv fm fm-n am rx only am-n rx only –10°c to +60°c ±2.5 ppm