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Catalog Encyclopedia of Information Science and Technology, Fourth Edition

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editor bio editorial advisory board editor biography the encyclopedia of information science and technology fourth edition is edited by the esteemed dr mehdi khosrow-pour who also edited the first three editions of the renowned encyclopedia of information science and technology as the author/editor of more than 50 books in information technology management dr khosrow-pour lends over 30 years of expertise to this prominent publication mehdi khosrow-pour d.b.a received his doctorate in business administration from the nova southeastern university florida usa dr khosrow-pour taught undergraduate and graduate information system courses at the pennsylvania state university – harrisburg for almost 20 years he is currently executive editor at igi global www igi-global.com he also serves as executive director of the information resources management association irma www.irma-international org and executive director of the world forgotten children foundation

navigation the encyclopedia of information science and technology fourth edition is comprised of approximately 705 articles all articles are divided into categories relevant to their topical coverage there are over 80 different category sections with each volume containing multiple categories each volume contains each article includes • a preface and user’s guide • a brief introduction to the topic area • the editor-in-chief’s biography and acknowledgment • a background providing the broad definitions and discussions of the topic and incorporating the views of others • table of contents by volume • table of contents in alphabetical order • authoritative research-based articles contributed by thousands of researchers and experts from all over the world • a comprehensive index supporting the extensive system of cross-references • various perspectives examining the issues controversies and problems as they relate to the

key abstracts business information systems chapter 78 strategic information systems planning implementing a digital strategy maria kamariotou university of macedonia greece and fotis kitsios university of macedonia greece businesses respond to the businesses’ environment uncertainty strategic information systems planning sisp support this effort information systems are connected with business strategy management skills decision making and aim to increase competitive advantage also other studies have concluded that there is a positive relationship between sisp and firm performance the aim of this chapter is to present a holistic approach in order to investigate the significance of sisp process to highlight phases that contribute to a greater extent of success and to draw conclusions concerning the successful implementation of digital strategy in firms and especially in smes which are an important part of the economies of developing countries chapter 84 digital animation for

key abstracts cyber crime cyber bullying and digital terrorism decision support systems chapter 150 the nature extent causes and consequences of cyberbullying chapter 183 decision filed theory its research trends and applications michelle wright masaryk university czech republic lan shao university of oulu finland and jouni markkula university of oulu finland raised in a digitally connected world children and adolescents do not remember a time in which new media and technology were not such integral parts or their lives there are many opportunities afforded by new media and technology such as the ability to communicate efficiently with just about anyone and having access to an assortment of information at their fingertips cyberbullying has increased over the years due to children’s and adolescents’ increasing usage of new media and technology further attention has been given to cyberbullying because of high profile cases of victims committing suicide as a consequence of

key abstracts “the fourth edition of the encyclopedia of information science and technology follows the path remarkably opened by the former editions updating an expressive unequaled and unprecedented work around theoretical definitions and practical applications regarding these dynamic fast-changing fields a fundamental teamwork which enables knowledge application for decisions planning and solutions proposition and implementation in all areas of scientific contribution as its main themes information and technology reach all human organizational experiences.” dr george leal jamil informações em rede brazil environmental science and agriculture gender diversity chapter 270 identification of green procurement drivers and their interrelationship using fuzzy tism and micmac analysis chapter 293 gender differences in advertising engagement the case of facebooks ads surajit bag tega industries south africa pty ltd south africa eva lahuerta-otero university of salamanca

key abstracts human-computer interaction it research and theory chapter 373 virtual hoarding chapter 403 exploring new handwriting parameters for writer identification jo ann oravec university of wisconsin at whitewater united states verónica aubin universidad nacional de la matanza argentina and jorge doorn universidad nacional del oeste argentina universidad nacional de la matanza argentina this article outlines hoarding issues involving virtual goods including video and image files digital documents etc in the context of workplace and household settings it covers “dark data” security issues and intellectual property concerns as well as matters related to information flow virtual hoarding issues may not seem to be critical given the decreased costs of on-site and backup storage as well as relatively-inexpensive storage facilities in the “cloud.” however data that are not managed in terms of their formats metadata and substrata could certainly present

key abstracts library science and administration marketing chapter 452 changing expectations of academic libraries chapter 499 the impact of artificial intelligence and virtual personal assistants on marketing jennifer joe western kentucky university usa the digital age has been presented as a stark contrast to everything that libraries have had to deal with prior to now while it is true that academic libraries have had to change to stay relevant in the digital age the changes are not as severe as was once thought when libraries embrace a few simple changes and start thinking outside the box when it comes to their employees their resources and their mission statements they begin to meet the challenges that the digital age presents and will continue to thrive in the new world presented by electronic materials while remaining true to their spirit of information exchange and knowledge sharing chapter 454 massive digital libraries mdls issues and outcomes from the mass-digitization of

key abstracts chapter 606 the dual nature of participatory web how misinformation seemingly travels sameer kumar university of malaya malaysia web 2.0 is an internet technology that facilitates collaboration on the world wide web www as a direct product of people’s freedom of expression web 2.0 technology has given birth to a new media – the social media that is redefining the way people collaborate and express themselves by studying surveys in three specific aspects of its impact – social service politics and as a vehicle of misinformation and through content analysis of some online comments the author argues that social media is capable of transmitting both good and bad information in the article an illustration of how misinformation through video seemingly travels is also presented chapter 625 why it is difficult to disengage from facebook the contribution of the attachment theor y and the actor network theory sonda bouattour fakhfakh university of tunis

featured publications isbn 978-1-5225-1908-9 eisbn 978-1-5225-19096 © 2017 1,500 pp isbn 978-1-5225-1677-4 eisbn 978-1-5225-1678-1 © 2017 417 pp isbn 978-1-5225-2426-7 eisbn 978-1-5225-2427-4 © 2017 400 pp isbn 978-1-5225-2190-7 eisbn 978-1-5225-2191-4 © 2017 133 pp pricing pricing pricing pricing hardcover us $1,800 e-book us $1,800 hardcover e-book us $2,175 hardcover us $350 e-book us $350 hardcover e-book us $420 hardcover us $240 e-book us $240 hardcover e-book us $290 hardcover us $115 e-book us $115 hardcover e-book us $135 fuzzy systems concepts methodologies tools and applications 3 vols 3d printing breakthroughs in research and practice information resources management association usa information resources management association usa an extensive reference source on the latest scholarly research and developments in fuzzy rule-based methods and examines both theoretical foundations and real-world utilization of these logic sets a comprehensive reference source

international contributors the encyclopedia of information science and technology fourth edition features new and original articles contributed by more than 1,100 experts representing over 70 countries and 6 continents • algeria • argentina • australia • bangladesh • belgium • bosnia and herzegovina • botswana • brazil • brunei darussalam 20 www.igi-global.com • bulgaria • canada • chile • china • croatia • cyprus • czech republic • denmark • egypt • finland • france • germany • ghana • greece • hong kong • india • indonesia • iran • ireland • israel • italy • japan • jordan • kazakhstan • kenya • korea • latvia • malawi • malaysia • mexico • morocco • namibia • netherlands • new zealand • nigeria • norway •

701 e chocolate avenue hershey pa 17033-1240 usa tel 717-533-8845 ext 100 toll free 1-866-342-6657 fax 717-533-8661 e-mail cust@igi-global.com www.igi-global.com infosci -books encyclopedia of information science and technology fourth edition mehdi khosrow-pour d.b.a. information resources management association usa isbn 978-1-5225-2255-3 eisbn 978-1-5225-2256-0 © 2018 7,500 pg free e-books to the previous editions details on inside front cover the encyclopedia of information science and technology fourth edition is a commanding 10-volume set consisting of 705 completely new and original articles that impart a full range of applications and techniques as well as critical perspectives on the impact of information science management and new technologies in modern settings this authoritative content covers over 80 timely and trending categories that spread across 11 major subject areas ® a database for progressive information science and technology research the infosci -books