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index of titles a achieving open justice through citizen participation and transparency 6 agent-based modeling in humanitarian interventions emerging research and opportunities 14 analyzing digital discourse and human behavior in modern virtual environments 18 c cloud computing technologies for connected government 7 combating violent extremism and radicalization in the digital era 17 comparative perspectives on civil religion nationalism and political influence 16 comparative political and economic perspectives on the mena region 18 comparative studies and regionally-focused cases examining local governments 7 computational psychoanalysis and formal bi-logic frameworks 8 convergence of contemporary art visual culture and global civic engagement 14 corporate and global standardization initiatives in contemporary society 9 creating a sustainable vision of nonviolence in schools and society 13 critical research on sexism and racism in stem fields 16 d defending human rights and democracy in the era of globalization 14 defining identity and the changing scope of culture in the digital age 16 designing for human-machine symbiosis using the uranos model emerging research and opportunities 13 digital governance and e-government principles applied to public procurement 6 digital media integration for participatory democracy 5 discrimination and diversity concepts methodologies tools and applications 4 vols 12 driving efficiency in local government using a collaborative enterprise architecture framework emerging researchand opportunities 5 e educational development and infrastructure for immigrants and refugees 10 emerging research in play therapy child counseling and consultation 13 emerging strategies in defense acquisitions and military procurement 7 establishing food security and alternatives to international trade in emerging economies 3 ethical issues and citizen rights in the era of digital government surveillance 7 ethical issues in social work practice 12 ethical standards and practice in international relations 9 examining the private sector’s role in wealth creation and poverty reduction 5 experience-based human-computer interactions emerging research and opportunities 11 exploring the collective unconscious in the age of digital media 18 exploring the role of social media in transnational advocacy 10 f family dynamics and romantic relationships in a changing society 13 financial sustainability and intergenerational equity in local governments 3 g gaming and technology addiction breakthroughs in research and practice 2 vols 15 gender and diversity issues in religious-based institutions and organizations 17 gender considerations in online consumption behavior and internet use 17 global ideologies surrounding children’s rights and social justice 10 global implications of emerging technology trends 8 global leadership initiatives for conflict resolution and peacebuilding 3 global perspectives on development administration and cultural change 6 global perspectives on human migration asylum and security 11 global perspectives on risk management and accounting in the public sector 7 global perspectives on youth gang behavior violence and weapons use 18 h handbook of research on chaos and complexity theory in the social sciences 17 handbook of research on citizen engagement and public participation in the era of new media 6 handbook of research on civic engagement and social change in contemporary society 9 handbook of research on comparative approaches to the digital age revolution in europe and the americas 17 handbook of research on emerging business models and managerial strategies in the nonprofit sector 5 handbook of research on emerging technologies for architectural and archaeological heritage 15 handbook of research on entrepreneurial success and its impact on regional development 2 vols 18 handbook of research on examining global peacemaking in the digital age 11 handbook of research on human-computer interfaces developments and applications 16 handbook of research on human development in the digital age 15 handbook of research on human social interaction in the age of mobile devices 16 handbook of research on individualism and identity in the globalized digital age 15 handbook of research on managerial solutions in non-profit organizations 6 handbook of research on modernization and accountability in public sector management 5 handbook of research on public finance in europe and the mena region 7 handbook of research on race gender and the fight for equality 17 handbook of research on social cultural and educational considerations of indigenous knowledge in developing countries 14 handbook of research on sub-national governance and development 6 handbook of research on sustainable development and governance strategies for economic growth in africa 4 handbook of research on the facilitation of civic engagement through community art 14 handbook of research on transitional justice and peacebuilding in turbulent regions 18 hci challenges and privacy preservation in big data security 10 human-computer interaction concepts methodologies tools and applications 4 vols 17 human development and interaction in the age of ubiquitous technology 16 i identifying treating and preventing childhood trauma in rural communities 16 identity sexuality and relationships among emerging adults in the digital age 14 impacts of faith-based decision making on the individual-level legislative process emerging research and opportunities 5 impacts of the media on african socio-economic development 14 information technology integration for socio-economic development 15 information visualization techniques in the social sciences and humanities 9 integrating technology in positive psychology practice 18 intercultural relations and ethnic conflict in asia 15 k knowledge-based urban development in the middle east 3 m managing big data integration in the public sector 7 measuring the psychological and electrophysiological attributes of human personality emerging research and opportunities 13 media diplomacy and its evolving role in the current geopolitical climate 4 multiculturalism and the convergenceof faith and practical wisdom in modern society 13 music as a platform for political communication 13 n nationalism social movements and activism in contemporary society emerging researchand opportunities 8 o optimizing human-computer interaction with emerging technologies 10 overcoming gender inequalities through technology integration 18 all igi global books are available online through the infosci platform for more information on igi global’s infosci platform please visit ® ® 19