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pvc igupur pur tpe igupur bus cable cf898 class for flexing applications igupur outer jacket shielded oil-resistant flame-retardant dynamic information bend radius temperature v max e-chain flexible fixed e-chain® flexible fixed unsupported ® minimum 15 x d minimum 12 x d minimum 8 x d -20 °c to +80 °c -40 °c to +80 °c following en 60811-504 -50 °c to +80 °c following din en 50305 3 m/s requirements travel distance oil resistance torsion low unsupported none none 1 1 1 1 2 2 2 2 cf898 igupur 15 x d 3 4 5 6 7 highest 3 4 5 6 400 m 3 4 highest 3 ±180° eac certified according to no tc ru c-de.me77.b.01559 ctp certified according to no c-de.pb49.b.00449 lead-free following 2011/65/ec rohs-ii desina according to vdw desina standardisation ce following 2014/35/eu guaranteed lifetime according to guarantee conditions chainflex® catalogue page 22-25 double strokes v max [m/s temperature from/to [°c unsupported a max 20m/s2 -20 -10 travel distance unsupported travel distances +70 +80 -10 +70 3 1 million 3 million 5 million a max travel distance r min r min r min [m/s [m [factor x d [factor x d [factor x d 17.5 18.5 19.5 2 20 ≤ 10 15 16 17 17.5 18.5 19.5 higher number of double strokes possible please ask for your individual calculation cable structure conductor conductor consisting of bare copper wires following en 60228 core insulation according to bus specification core stranding according to bus specification core identification according to bus specification overall shield braiding made of tinned copper wires coverage approx 60 optical low-adhesion mixture on the basis of igupur adapted to suit the requirements in e-chains® colour red lilac similar to ral 4001 outer jacket electrical information nominal voltage typical application areas for flexible duty use with influence of oil indoor and outdoor applications without direct sun radiation especially for unsupported travels machining units/machine tools low temperature applications schedule delivery programm 50 v part no number of cores and conductor nominal cross section [mm2 ethernet cat5e cf898.045 profinet cf898.060 outer diameter d max [mm copper index [kg/km weight [kg/km 4x2x0.14 c 7.5 27 64 4x0.34c 7.0 27 60 colour outer jacket yellow-green ral 6018 other types available on request note the mentioned outer diameters are maximum values and may tend toward lower tolerance limits g with green-yellow earth core x without earth core 16 testing voltage properties and approvals uv resistance 500 v medium part no image exemplary flame-retardant according to iec 60332-1-2 cei 20-35 ft-1 vw-1 oil resistance oil-resistant following din en 50363-10-2 silicone-free free from silicone which can affect paint adhesion following pv 3.10.7 – status 1992 style 1589 and 20236 30v 80°c ul/csa 1,244 types from stock no cutting costs no minimum order quantity up to 10 cuts of the same types characteristic wave impedance approx [Ω core group colour code white-green/green white-orange/orange white-blue/blue white-brown/brown ethernet cat5e cf898.045 100 4x2x0.14 c profinet cf898.060 100 4x0.34c white orange blue yellow star-quad stranding 36 months guarantee on every chainflex® cable up to 10 mio double strokes guaranteed 11