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dryve controlling motors the easy way motor control system for the drylin® e drive technology control plastics for longer life ®

dryve control unit drylin® linear system supplemented with the addition of the motor control easy to operate via web-based user interface without installation of any software or app travel distances positions speeds operating times – easily defined in the new web-based control system from igus® a simple and intuitive browser-based user interface extensive functionality with the option of remote control via ethernet intranet or bus system dryve is the simple motor control method from igus® for your linear guide system 2 ●●control via laptop tablet or smartphone ●●suitable for all drylin® e axes ●●for dc ec and stepper motors ●●communication by means of canopen ethernet and digital inputs and outputs ●●compatible with many industrial control systems ●●cost-effective detailed ready to use immediately easy control the dryve motor control system can either be connected to your network or

test online configure online try out the user interface product finder and service life calculation by using the simple browser-based user interface you can set the travel mode positions rates of acceleration speed and pause times of your linear axis without having to have any previous knowledge test the user interface here using a simulated linear axis in exactly the same way as in this simulator your input is transmitted directly when you use the real control system there is no separate upload drylin® e linear axis – with lead screw or toothed belt drive including motor connecting cables and built-on parts – can be configured online and delivered ready to install you can also order the dryve control system at the same time with just one click www.igus.eu/dryve 4 www.igus.eu/dryline-finder

technical data 4 1 voltage supply 2 digital inputs 3 digital outputs 4 analogue inputs 5 motor brake connection 6 encoder 7 canopen 8 ethernet 9 status display 3 1 9 12 – 24 vdc nominal voltage of load supply 12 – 48 vdc motor types 2 -phase stepper motor bipolar st direct current motor dc electrically commutated motor ec continuous motor current 7a peak motor current st 10a dc 14a ec 21a max 2 sec depending on frequency of movement load power output max 340 w continuous output current of digital outputs max 200 ma per output holding brake 24vdc 1a encoder hall sensor 2 or 3 pole encoder line driver-rs422 or single ended analogue feedback via analogue inputs digital inputs 10 digital inputs pre-assigned function choice of npn or pnp short-circuit-proof electrically separated 5 – 24 v dc external digital outputs 5 digital outputs pre-assigned function choice of npn or pnp short-circuit-proof electrically separated 5 – 24 v dc external analogue inputs

technical data x1 1 3 x2 x3 1 12 1 5 socket x1 logic/load voltage x4 1 4 x2 digital inputs x9 status display x8 ethernet modbus tcp x3 x4 digital outputs analogue inputs x7 canopen x5 x6 7 1 11 1 x5 x6 x7 motor/brake encoder canopen the arrows indicate pin 1 of the respective connector 8 x8 ethernet modbus tcp x9 status display pin layout bezeichnung 1 12-48 vdc load power supply motors neccessary for operation 2 0 vdc load/logic common mass neccessary for operation 3 12-24 vdc logic power supply control unit neccessary for operation binary tipp/teach step/direction 1 digital input 1 bit 0 bit 0 step 2 digital input 2 bit 1 bit 1 direction 3 digital input 3 bit 2 bit 2 4 digital input 4 bit 3 tipp left 5 digital input 5 bit 4 tipp right 6 digital input 6 start start/teach 7 digital input 7 enable enable enable 8 digital input 8 ref/ls positive ref/ls positive ref/ls positive 9 digital input 9 ref/ls negative ref/ls negative ref/ls negative 10 digital input 10 stopp/reset

drylin e drive technology ® intelligent linear guide drylin® e drive technology includes completely lubrication-free linear modules ready to install as single-axis or multi-axis systems a self-locking trapezoidal thread a fast high helix thread or toothed belts and dynamic racks serve as the drive the stroke length can be freely selected and each system can be delivered ready for connection together with the appropriate motor linear axes with motor from 24h individual linear axes with motor ●●pre-configured linear axes available from stock ●●drive lead screw or toothed belt ●●nema stepper motor included ●●online configurable linear axes ●●drive lead screw toothed belt or rack ●●with stepper and dc motors grw cantilever axis grq in lift/swivel unit ●●direct drive via rack ●●stroke lengths up to 300 mm ●●ideal as z axis in multi-axis gantries ●●grq in

igus® is certified in accordance with iso 9001:2008 and iso/ts 16949:2009 in the field of energy supply systems cables and harnessing as well as plastic bearings /contact rené erdmann head of business unit drylin® e drive technology phone +49-2203 9649-7206 e-mail rerdmann@igus.de /dryve support for your technical questions please contact our dryve support team phone +49-2203 9649-845 e-mail dryve@igus.de igus® gmbh spicher str 1a 51147 cologne phone +49-2203 9649-145 fax +49-2203 9649-334 info@igus.de www.igus.eu © 2016 igus® gmbh mat0073800.20 issue 11/2016 subject to technical alterations rive technolog /9001:2008