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individual wearing parts in 24 hrs a quotation in 60 sec 2 wearing parts from the 3d printing service extremely fast and online sls can also be used to make wear resistant parts printed parts extreme wear-resistant– as prototype or in small series simply upload your desired part determine the price and order online or ask for a quotation thanks to the iglidur® 3d printing service from now on 3 quick and easy steps will fetch home your customised component made of self-lubricating and abrasion-resistant iglidur® plastics the 3d printing service is being extended with the material iglidur® i3 laser sintering sls is used to make parts of this material even more bearing applications are therefore possible with 3d printed parts as strength and precision are considerably greater if this method is used ●●wear-resistant and lubrication-free ●●good mechanical properties ●●detail accuracy with exact surfaces ●●delivered from

tested thousands of times printed as good as injection-moulded parts made of iglidur® tribo-filament with the 3d printing method or parts made of iglidur® i3 with the sls method are much more wear-resistant than standard 3d materials the following tests also show that printed and injection-moulded the 3d printed iglidur® bearings are tribo sensation iglidur® j260 filament 3d print filament impresses during tests with injection moulding quality comparable to conventionally made bearings in respect of wear-resistance wear linear our iglidur® j260 tribo-filament is more wear-resistant than standard print material p 0.11 mpa v 0.34 m/s l 370 mm 20 our series of tests show printed plain bearings from our latest filament iglidur® j260 are equally as wear resistant as our injection-moulded parts from the same material the tests have also proven that iglidur® 3d print filaments have considerably lower coefficients of friction and are up to 50 times more

processing accessories igus tribo-filaments ® processing instructions material properties iglidur ® general properties density unit i150 i180 j260 i170 c210 g/cm3 1.30 1.21 1.35 1.21 1.4 colour white white yellow yellow purple max moisture absorption at +23 °c and 50 %r.h weight 0.3 0.3 0.2 0.5 0.3 max water absorption weight 0.7 0.9 0.4 1.6 0.7 flexural modulus mpa 1,700 1,000 1,000 1,000 1,600 flexural strength at +20 °c mpa 54/411 46/331 41/131 33/171 38/301 iglidur® tribo-filaments can be processed on any 3d printer that is equipped with a heated print bed on which temperatures are adjustable the igus® adhesive film allows a good adhesion between the iglidur® tribo-filament and the print bed further recommended printing surfaces are buildtak or blue-tape with glue applied pritt power stick ●●good ventilation should be provided during processing ●●when heated above +300 °c hazardous fumes are produced complete

for 3d printing via sls tribo plastic for the laser sinter process the material iglidur® i3 specially developed for laser sintering proved to have an abrasion resistance at least 3 times greater than conventional materials for laser sintering during tribological tests in the igus® test laboratory this means the degree of design freedom for wear resistant parts has been increased yet again ●●wear resistant ●●good mechanical properties ●●detail accuracy with exact surfaces ●●can be processed using the standard parameter set ●●refresh rate 75 material properties general properties density iglidur® unit g/cm designed in 3d lubrication-free and wear-resistant due to laser sintering with iglidur® i3 the first drylin® linear module made from iglidur® i3 with the slti3 igus® is taking a completely new approach to drive technology this lead screw module was developed with the

lubrication free for 3d-printers a complete system for new ideas igus® offers you lubrication and maintenance-free components and readyto-install system solutions – ideal for any installation space plain bearings linear guides energy chains® and suitable cables in many installation sizes and materials inspire creativity in design engineers energy chains® fabricated with cables and plugs or ready-to-install linear axes with motors make assembly easier and reduce the risk of malfunction quiet light and clean drylin® linear systems for round shafts and rail guides stable even when subjected to the narrowest bend radii igus® e-chainsystems® strong durable readyto-install drylin® e step and dc motors as a lead screw motor or with a drylin® linear axis efficient durable lubrication-free drylin® lead screw nuts and lead screws ●●high helix thread ●●trapezoidal thread ●●metric threads drylin® t drylin® n linear

efficient for 3d printers guided lubrication-free the vertex k8400 is a reliable open-source 3d printer kit from velleman lubrication-free drylin® rjmp polymer bearings guide the print head precisely and drylin® trapezoidal threaded nuts and lead screws are responsible for movement of the the print table on the z axis [velleman n.v the tiny from protoworx is a compact 3d printer ideal for mobile use and reliable in continuous operation the drylin® w linear system guides the x y and z axes a lubrication-free drylin® trapezoidal thread adjusts the height and an e-chain® e2 guides the cables [protoworx ug drylin® w bearings with spring preload e2.1 micro e-chain® – snap-open outside ●●stronger quieter faster assembly ●●available in 2 inner heights and many widths/radii ●●chain opener is included ●●for manual movement without stick-slip effect ●●quiet and smooth movements ●●suitable

lubrication-free in delta printers durable construction with lightweight components quiet operation based on the sliding instead of rolling principle resistance to contamination thanks to the omission of lubricants igus® offers a wide variety of solutions for delta attachments – reliable in guiding and connecting the print head – with a flat design for maximum pressure volume low profile and precise drylin® n low profile guides and drylin® w profile guides extremely flexible with little wear on cables 3d e-chain® triflex® r lightweight durable and resistant igubal® rod end bearings ready-to-install and tested drylin® e linear axes with stepper motors the drylin® n low profile guides and igubal® rod end bearings in this 3d printer kit are impressive due to the maintenance-free dry running with suitably matching printing results [fablab karlsruhe e.v this 3d printer prints reliably and precisely thanks to the lubrication and maintenance-free

everything from a single source printing in the xxl format system solutions for the 3d print industry canal house from the mobile 3d printer in xxl format in addition igus® energy chains® ensure that connection cables are supported during the computer-controlled print process due to their low-profile and tight bending radii the micro-chain series are particularly suited for dynamic applications in any direction of movement on 3d printers as is the case for linear plain bearings micro-chain series also have a very low weight the chainflex® control and motor cables guided in these are speci with the second generation of the kamer maker 2.0 actual can print larger elements with high precision and greater speed the igus® gantry system was instrumental in this joe platt head of mechanical engineering at fically designed for continuous motion applications guaranteeing a long service life for 3d printers combined with motorised drylin® linear axis which include motor reduce process costs a selection of our useful online tools expert system for drylin® linear bearings – system selection lifetime calculation with cad configurator for the drylin® drive technology qc .13 since 1987 36 igus® products have been awarded by if forum design gmbh in the industrial design category lifetime calculator for drylin® lead screw drives service life calculator for e-chains® – unsupported and gliding applications igus® service for schools and universities supports students and instructors the pioneers in the production of our prototypes product finder for short travels – up to 13 m unsupported applications expert system for iglidur® plain bearings

plastics for longer life ® tested and reliable igus® delivery service an orientation to innovations and service is one of the focal points of our corporate philosophy we have therefore put together an extensive package of services for you no minimum order quantity speedy delivery after 24 h more than 100,000 products from stock order an iglidur® bearing or a pre-assembled standard portal from stock in 24 hours at no extra cost rapid delivery is guaranteed worldwide spare parts are delivered ex stock in the shortest possible time modern injection moulding technology the igus® gmbh quality policy is based on the objective of identifying and meeting customer needs and of always being a professional partner and reliable supplier igus® has always been committed to producing products of the best possible quality and consistently developing innovative solutions better products for less – a key element is the industry s largest test lab 2,750 m2 lab more than 15,000