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everything from a single source printing in the xxl format system solutions for the 3d print industry canal house from the mobile 3d printer in xxl format in addition igus® energy chains® ensure that connection cables are supported during the computer-controlled print process due to their low-profile and tight bending radii the micro-chain series are particularly suited for dynamic applications in any direction of movement on 3d printers as is the case for linear plain bearings micro-chain series also have a very low weight the chainflex® control and motor cables guided in these are speci with the second generation of the kamer maker 2.0 actual can print larger elements with high precision and greater speed the igus® gantry system was instrumental in this joe platt head of mechanical engineering at fically designed for continuous motion applications guaranteeing a long service life for 3d printers combined with motorised drylin® linear axis which include motor flanges couplings and drylin® e stepper and dc motors igus® can supply a fully complete ready-to-install operating unit from a single source [evo-tech gmbh drylin lead screw motors ® ●●7 lead screw types with pitches from 0.8 50 mm ●●maximum precision by centring the lead screw ●●the lead screw can be attached on either side ●●space saving versatile 26 drylin slw linear modules ●●with self-locking trapezoidal thread or fast high helix thread ●●for any installation space for manual and electrical adjustment mechanisms with motor actual igus® gave us excellent support and the gantry proved to be the best in practice among the projects undertaken by actual at present is the 3d print canal house which is currently being built on a town canal in amsterdam in this case a room gantry is used in which the x and y-axis have been implemented with drylin toothed belt units and the z-axis with drylin lead screw nut systems ready to install gantries for one two and three axes with actuators and sensors for position detection [actual ® drylin® zlw toothed belt axes ●●ready-to-install linear axes with toothed belt drive and stepper motors ●●fast and quiet operation drylin® e linear robots ●●combination of drylin® linear axes with motor configured ready for installation ●●for multi-dimensional movements e.g for pick&place or print head guidance ●●linear flat and room linear robots are available 27