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travels up to 150m quickly assembled guidefast trough – for crane girders on standard indoor cranes up to 80 less assembly time fits virtually any standard crane girder suitable for any wall-mounted application – not only on cranes simplified electrical hookup fixed installation fix cables directly onto the trough bracket less abrasion available with plastic glide bar very light version 01 short bracket version 02 long bracket quick assembly fast and easy fixing with clamps modular one-piece steel trough with 2m standard length abrasion resistant glide bar for centre feed simple trough section interfaces are fastened with clips eliminating sharp edges options 2 versions of brackets with integrated strain relief 6

special solutions for vertical and horizontal applications e-spool modular kit system p4 the alternative to a cable reeling drum reduce cable wear and guide different media types together profile roller e-chain® cable diameters up to 19mm no tensile load on the cables different media and diameters possible in one reel energy supply possible in all directions horizontal vertical diagonal … space-saving access paths are unobstructed for very high fill weights and speeds pitch of the chain links with and without roller is the same the upper run rollers travel through the lower run rollers not on top of each other as in previous roller chains giving very quiet operation integrated captive roller in the side link long distances up to 800m high fill weights up to 30kg/m and high travel speeds up to 10m/s autoglide crossbars ensure safe guidance available in 4 inner heights 32 42 56 80mm modular p4 construction kit with interior separations from the e4

the e-chain that holds itself no more trough ® igus® magsnap – guide troughs not required for long vertically hanging applications where a guide trough is not possible for space reasons magnets hold the e-chain® in a specified direction and fix it to the mast of a lift or jack swinging of the e-chain® is therefore avoided the magsnap e-chain® is also suited to vertical circular motion rbr because magnets of the outer radius of the e-chain® can hold on to the rbr guide trough and the e-chain® can be moved safely and quietly typical application areas hanging applications such as lifts hoists jacks automatic car parking and vertical applications with circular movements rbr holds the e-chain® in vertical horizontal or circular applications in a stable position quick and easy assembly equipped with dampening elements for noise reduction easy to retrofit magnets on the outer radius … … side-mounted … hanging

chainflex cables for e-chains ® ® 4 savings due to different quality levels solutions for long and short travels always with 36 months guarantee clear service life data for every series matched to the e-chain® 2 1 1 high-tensile core element for durability in motion 2 optimised stranded core structure for the smallest radii 3 high-quality core insulation protection against short circuits 4 stranding in bundles in short pitch lengths for reliability when flexing 5 gusset filled extruded inner jacket long service life in long travels 6 overall shield with optimised braiding angle excellent long term emc protection 7 pressure extruded abrasion-resistant outer jacket protection in cold and abrasive environments 3 tested 5 in the largest lab of its kind igus® cologne 6 for example cold test objective to determine the maximum service life of igus® chainflex® tpe cables at temperatures of -40°c test setup an igus® cf340 tpe cable was moved in an

chainflex cables for every moving application ® bus cables for hanging applications up to 50m save up to 67 with a customised solution with guarantee tested chainflex® bus cable cfspecial.182 – profibus/ethernet cable chainflex® cf27.d rohs in the largest lab of its kind igus® cologne for high tensile load solution for moving applications that go beyond the normal energy supply applications test 4428 – cfspecial.182.045 ethernet cable for heavy duty – flawless data transmission at 2919 n – 15,000 more than called for in the din standard for hanging applications up to 50m for increased tensile load storage and retrieval units hanging control elements and lifts rohs 3000 2919 2500 tensile strength [n notch-resistant flame-retardant hydrolysis and microbe-resistant pvc-free/halogen-free chainflex® cf887 3500 for heavy duty pur outer jacket shielded oil-resistant and coolant-resistant 2800

readychain speed readychain systems ® ® swapped in seconds plug work the new readychain® speed makes connecting harnessed e-chains® easier than ever good reasons for ready-to-install assembled e-chainsystems® from igus® before fitted in seconds – without tools connector and mounting bracket are blended into a single unit for the shortest possible downtime typical application areas switch cabinets automotive storage and retrieval units etc connected in seconds without tools connector and mounting bracket are blended into a single unit swap e-chains® in seconds minimise downtimes reliable connection with very tough connectors strong crossbars various widths any length increase your cash-flow keep your capacities flexible reduce your throughput times avoid machine downtimes turn 30-100 orders into one reduce your storage costs to zero modern equipment enables reasonable prices with highet quality our own test laboratory for testing

igus dry-tech plain bearings 100 lubricant-free ® ® dry running iglidur® sliding elements – no lubrication required lubricant-free and resistant to dirt high wear resistance wear-resistant with high loads high rigidity maintenance-free and cost-effective simple installation replaceable sliding pads made of iglidur® materials pressures up to 200 mpa iglidur® plain bearings iglidur® plastic bearings from igus® are lubricant-free maintenance-free cost effective and versatile they always offer a solution – either from the catalogue range or as a custom-made special plain bearing solution iglidur® g – the allrounder universal bearing for applications with medium to high loads 20 47 different materials – delivered from stock corrosion resistance insensitivity to dirt high compressive strengths low coefficients of friction high wear resistance iglidur® j – versatile in continuous operation

sliding instead of rolling drylin linear modular system drylin® w – modular linear modular kit lubricant-free linear technology – drylin® smooth operation through sliding elements made of dry-tech® polymers maintenance-free due to incorporated lubricants clean and no lubricants required lightweight due to the use of plastics and aluminium quiet operation due to sliding motion optimum running properties by combining drylin® liners and anodised aluminium rails profiles available in various geometries installation sizes and clearances corrosionresistant due to anodised surfaces ® drylin® is a product range of lubricant-free linear plain bearings based on the principle of sliding instead of rolling tribologically optimised iglidur® high performance polymers are used as sliding surfaces the drylin® linear systems use dry operation and are maintenance free linear guide systems on rails or round shafts are available the drylin® drive systems are

misalignment compensation for free design maintenance-free igubal® pillow block and flange bearings iglidur® bar stock optimised for friction and wear coefficients iglidur ® for free design bar stock made of technical plastic available in sizes from 10mm up to 100mm diameter also available in plate suitable for machining for prototypes test samples and production requirements many materials available including iglidur® a180 that meets the requirements of the food and drug administration fda for direct use or contact in environments with foodstuffs igubal® pillow block bearing igubal® flange bearing easy to install bearing units in different designs for lateral shaft support misalignment compensation robust design for varying loads very high media-resistance low-cost wear-resistant compliance with ec directive 10/2011 ec possible fda-compliance possible compact and low weight 2 or 4 mounting holes

igus services ® quick and reliable the igus® delivery service over 97 availability of all catalogue items – no need for you to stock over 100,000 products from stock no minimum order value no surcharges for small quantities no costs for cutting cables no packaging costs the igus® assembly service ensure error-free installation and avoid downtime and additional costs – with the igus® e-chainsystem® assembly service products and services from a single source – with low logistics costs for you igus® system guarantee customised for each application visit our industry web pages with much more information products application examples and useful onlinetools the igus® lab the industry s largest test lab 1,750m2 conducts more than two billion test cycles per year on a total of 107 test rigs extensive test databases customised tests on request

/9001:2008 /16949:2009 igus® is certified for energy chains® cables and harnessing as well as plastic plain bearings in acc with iso 9001:2008 and iso/ts 16949:2009 /newsletter free of charge discover more about the latest trends and innovations from the world of igus® motion plastics® world many exciting applications and videos even from your industry register here /contact your personal contact person for your industry and your country igus® gmbh spicher str 1a 51147 cologne germany phone +49 2203 9649-800 fax +49 2203 9649-222 © 2015 igus® gmbh published by igus® gmbh germany mat0071419.20 issue 05/2015 subject to technical