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Catalog Motion plastics® for any industry 05/2016

products and solutions for the industrial plastic slewing ring bearing sram rear derailleur slewing ring bearing fiber optic cable slew ring bearing slew ring bearings fiber optic cables spherical rod end bearings rod end bearing friction spherical rod ends spherical rod end rod end bearing rod ends bearing rod end bearings cables and hoses protection 304 stainless steel energy chain systems advantage of ball bearing advantages of ball bearing energy chain system installation of ball bearings the rod end high temperature and high pressure hose details of the bikes all types of bearings light and easy on on on linear motion bearing linear motion bearings dimension industrial brochures circular motion bearing plastic injection mould food industry plastic bush bearing industrial bearings cable for cranes plastic injection moulds plastic roller chain bearings for wind turbines glass industry plastic roller chain couplings bearing for wind turbine metric plastic bushings plastic rod end plastic ball bearing plastic ball bearings plastic material property plastic materials properties examples of circular motion grease for linear bearings covers for arm rests linear plastic guide plastic lead screw bearing for wind energy

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ready to install and cost effective machine tool industry toolmakers and their suppliers are facing major global challenges the competition is becoming more intense the price pressure is becoming greater as also the demand for local production igus® has the right solutions top quality but are affordable your contacts phillip hagedorn lukas czaja industry manager export br/be/ca/fr/de-nord/in it/mx/nl/tr/usa tel +49-2203 9649-693 email industry manager export cn/uk/jp/kr/pl/ru/es tw/th tel +49-2203 9649-7722 email products in focus guarantee month guarantee light and strong system e4.1l for flexible use cost effective chainflex® m tested dirt repellant dry running drylin® hybrid bearing online ready to install readychain® systems with transport rack for all axes of a machine tool steel parts hydraulic and control unit customised for your application chip tests at the

fulfil fda compliance packaging industry tuned to the specific needs of the packaging industry such as food hygiene or fda compliance we offer you solutions made of high-performance plastic solutions that optimise your packaging machines your contact lars braun head of industry management packaging industry tel +49-2203 9649-218 email products in focus corrosion resistant steel com temperatures up to +250°c ponents drylin® slw fda compliant iglidur® a500 assembled and ready to install readychain® systems 12 tested online 10 high grade steel 304 stainless steel hr carbon steel cf53 hard chromed 2 cf53 4 h.a aluminium two-component rollers polymer bearing and roller ensure smooth and wear-free movements on the expensive peek rotation axis in inspection technology [clamping star of krones ag wear [µm/km 6 automatic screw steel 8 0 wear iglidur® g with various shaft materials rotating

defy loads in the most adverse environment bulk handling moisture dirt chips heat cold – we have the solution for every requirement igus® is the specialist in plastics research and can bank on its experience of more than 50 years your contact frank schlögel tel +49-2203 9649-166 email guarantee products in focus month guarantee save up to 57 drive power roller e-chain® rotary motion from 1250° and tpe control cables for extremore rotary module me flexing performance tested online for example enclosed e4 system roller e-chain® long travels of 600 m and more the special enclosure keeps away dirt coal snow and ice from the energy supply system service life test on long travels at high speeds in the igus® lab 20 industry web pages with detailed information application examples and more

high loads on soft shafts agriculture especially in agriculture you need solutions that will withstand the harshest conditions such as dirt shocks and high edge loads freedom from lubrication and long service life are also important your contact uwe sund industry manager agricultural technology tel +49-2203 9649-487 email products in focus long lasting at high loads iglidur® q290 curved guides according to your specifications reliable cable routing for the smallest installation spaces e2 micro tested online by the use of lubrication-free plastic plain bearings in the overload element of the karat 9 intensive cultivator a subsequent lubrication can be completely dispensed with [lemken gmbh co kg pivot test on galvanised shafts iglidur® q290 plain bearing left against metallic model 26 industry web pages with detailed information application examples and more

dry running without lubrication textile industry the textile industry places top priority on components being free from lubricants and resistant to dust maintenance-free and tribologically optimised plastics from igus® ideally fulfil these and many other requirements your contact patrick carl tel +49-2203 9649-265 e-mail products in focus esd-compatible universal bearings iglidur® f2 usable as a belt tensioner or guide roller xiros® suitable for multiple lining of surfaces tribo-tape tested online in the support of the thread guide unit for the thread winder concentricity errors and shocks are compensated for by means of spherical rod ends with the elasticity of the rod end bearings the micro-vibration that occurs is more attenuated than in the comparable metallic products [sahm gmbh co kg wear test igus® materials are significantly more resistant to wear than ptfe films in the test 34

print out a single part quickly yourself 3d printing technology the use of maintenance-free drylin® linear bearings eliminates the regular greasing and they move quietly and dampen the vibrations occurring during high accelerations while printing your contacts tom krause tel +49-2203 9649-975 email products in focus up to 50 times more resistant 3-times more abrasion-resistant interchangeable 1:1 with recirto wear iglidur® tribo-filaments for laser sintering iglidur® l3 culating ball bearings drylin® r tested online 50 cf53 45 v2a 40 this 3d delta printer consists of a variety of lubrication free igus® products drylin® w high profile for the y/z adjustments ready-to-install linear axes with motor igubal® spherical bearings and aluminium shafts triflex® r e-chains® with chainflex® motor cables [igus® gmbh wear rate [µm/km 35 30 25 20 15 10 4.08 5 0 abs printed

failsafe and maintenance-free aviation lightweight quiet failsafe and as small as possible igus® combines these product requirements for aviation specifically for the interior design with freedom from lubrication and maintenance your contact alexander mühlens tel +49-2203 9649-7742 e-mail products in focus for flexible adjustments backrest tables etc drylin® reliable cable guiding for smallest extremely lightweight rugged installation spaces with ul94-v2 and stable drylin® carbon tested online lubrication and maintenance-free iglidur® polymer plan bearings and drylin® linear guide systems for smooth adjustment of arm rests neck-rests and tables in airplanes 46 igus® has certified the material iglidur® g v0 for the fire safety standard en45545 with these test results igus® covers the requirement areas r22 r23 and r24 industry web pages with detailed

guide all media while saving space theatre stage construction fit and forget this summarises the requirements orf a stage and theatre builder this is possible with igus® products your contacts michael zidacek tel +49-2203 9649-277 email guarantee products in focus month guarantee space-saving and vertically hanging zigzag solutions the igus® cable reel without slip ring e-spool for flexing applications without influence of oil chainflex® cables tested online whether in stage installations lighting systems or audio technology igus® products can help you to technically optimise your application igus® products are ideal for limited installation space and with low noise and low vibration noise test the e-spool is moved in a sound-insulated space at a speed of approx 0.3 m/s the noise development is measured 54 industry web pages with detailed information application examples and

in all sectors of the industry gantries xx clean room heavy machinery 60 radar equipment telescopes switch cubicle construction pool construction service robots roadworks sports and leisure traffic engineering car wash is for all those who would like to develop to research to work meticulously to create and want to succeed whether you are a trainee student teacher or professor more information online xx

in the largest lab of the industry 66 tested developed and produced 2.750 m2 lab 107 test stations more than 2 billion cycles/year igus® motion plastics® from cologne applications with high cycle rates speeds and accelerations in demanding environmental conditions require tested and reliable systems especially for energy chains® and cables as well as polymer plain bearings and linear systems igus® constantly conducts tests in its in-house laboratory under real-world conditions ●●3,000 tests for e-chainsystems® every year on over 180 facilities climatic chamber field tests noise chamber and more ●●  two billion test cycles a year for highly flexible cables ●●one million electrical measurement data records annually ●●15,000 tribological tests friction and wear in 300 test set-ups ●●140 trillion test movements in the bearings business unit nearly 200,000 customers worldwide trust plastics for longer

/9001:2008 /16949:2009 igus® is certified in accordance with iso 9001:2008 and iso/ts 16949:2009 in the field of energy supply systems cables and harnessing as well as plastic bearings igus® gmbh spicher str 1a 51147 köln phone +49-2203 9649-0 fax -222 © 2016 igus® gmbh published by igus® gmbh germany mat0073502.20 issue