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Catalog Polymer Bearing 2016 - Chapter 10 - drylin drive technology

f type lead to f type lead stainless steel ball bearings stainless steel ball bearing 02 series deep groove ball bearing motor 10 10 15 bearing surface of the nut deep groove ball bearings m4 200 x 200 deep groove ball bearings specifications corrosion resistant stainless steel connection stainless steel angle bracket 20 tool the material type and the use of it 20 tools the material type and the use of it h and r 30 30 dc motor drive steel ball bearing steel ball bearings screw ball bearing deep groove ball bearing stainless steel square flange bearing housing left hand drive 15 x 40 x 15 ball bearing 20 x 40 x 20 ball bearing ball bearing standards stainless steel drive pin 25 x 35 x 6 35 ball bearing ball bearing set screw 35 x 10 x 10 ball bearing screw assemblies w bearing mounts 10 x 15 x 15 ball bearing right hand drive 20 x 10 x 10 ball bearing 45 x 45 x 10 ball bearing screw drive types 21 x 27 x 15 ball bearing 22 x 27 x 14 ball bearing ball bearing installation tool stainless steel bearings stainless steel bearing sheet metal screw drive types dimension of ball bearing 15 x 40 x 12 deep groove ball bearing ball dimensions in ball bearings stainless steel bearing unit 30 x 50 x 20 ball bearing 17 x 20 x 20 bearing available dimension of ball bearing high load bearing and high speed bearing for heavy duty price of the bearing shtp 01 12 thread lead screw lead screw nuts static axial load dc dc

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drylin® drive technology product overview drylin® e – electric drive technology tooth belt axis zlw new opposed toothed belt axes zlw-od page 1252 cantilever axis linear axes with motor zaw page 1254 page 1260 page 1306 v-drive for heavy duty hygienic-design v-drive page 1307 pre-configured assembly from stock drylin® linear robots page 1290 precise efficient and compact lead screw motors page 1298 accessories for drylin® drive technology accessories for drylin® drive technology v-drive flexible positioning with motor available from stock dle-sa page 1264 position indicator page 1307 page 1308 lead screw clamp page 1309 hand wheels flexshafts page 1310 stepper motors page 1311 page 1314 accessories for drylin® drive technology accessories for drylin® drive technology new dc motor with spur gear page 1318 protective cover for dc motors couplings page 1321 motor flanges page 1322 page 1323 accessories for drylin® drive technology adapter kit for linear

drylin sht linear modules product range drylin® sht linear modules drylin sht linear modules product range ® ® with ball bearing lead screw supports l stroke order key page 1192 l2 shaft material installation size ball bearing standard lt tk ts sg h ha s sk r a f tg shaft material ball bearing zerobacklash installation size standard drylin e compatible ® technical data sht-08-zb-awm-6x2p1 sht-08-zb-awm-6.35x12,7 sht-12-zb-awm-10x12 sht-bb-12-awm sht-bb-20-awm sht-bb-30-awm lt al kq page 1192 sht-08-zb-awm shtc-08-zb d2 e3 order key complete part no e2 t sht-bb-12-awm e1 complete d higher speeds higher precision less axial clearance belt drive permits radial loads constant drive torque zero-backlash function available for sizes 08 and 12 available accessories page 1303 lead screw nuts are available separately page 1148 available with motor page 1268 kt drylin® sht linear modules dimensions [mm max stroke length aluminium shaft steel shaft weight additional per 100

drylin® slw linear modules drylin slw linear modules product range my sketches ® made of stainless steel drylin® slw linear modules order key stainless steel version with corrosion resistant steel components 1.4305 1.4408 or 1.4571 choice of bearing material iglidur® j standard iglidur® a180 fda-compliant iglidur® x high temperature up to +150 °c 117 available accessories page 1303 complete page 1206 slw-esj-1040 d t dimension bearing material iglidur® j stainless steel compact l stroke technical data part no max static load capacity shafts-Ø max stroke length weight additional [mm [mm [kg [kg axial [n radial [n slw-esj-1040 10 750 1.4 0.2 700 2,800 slw-esx-1040 10 750 1.4 0.2 700 2,800 per 100 mm slw-esa180-1040 10 750 1.4 0.2 700 2,800 slw-esj-2080 20 1,000 5.7 0.64 1,600 6,400 slw-esa180-2080 20 1,000 5.7 0.64 1,600 6,400 dimensions [mm part no slw-es-1040 slw-es-2080 part no a ai –0.3 –0.3 74 134 100 150 kt h 29 46 s e1 e2 e3 ±0.15

drylin® set easytube advantages drylin® set easytube product overview single-tube adjustment efficient design with protected lead screw and variable mounting shaft end blocks made from robust plastic also available as a flanged version guide tube made from anodised aluminium carriages trapezoidal lead screw nuts and torque support made from lubrication-free plain bearing polymers trapezoidal lead screw inside made from steel or stainless steel guide tube available with measurement scale lubrication-free linear unit easytube the linear unit for easy adjustment functions is characterised by a simple but effective and solid design a complete system is built up from few components the outer anodised aluminium tube guides the carriage/s and at the same time protects the trapezoidal lead screw and lead screw nut from external influences carriage torque support and trapezoidal lead screw nut in one component and are made from a special plain bearing highperformance polymer this

drylin cantilever axis advantages drylin cantilever axis product overview small and dynamic direct drive via rack ® drylin® w profile rail made from hard anodised aluminium drive toothed rack from polymers linear carriages with integrated motor connection drylin e stepper motors with or without encoder ® ® drylin® cantilever axis lubrication-free cantilever axis the drylin® grw cantilever axis was specifically designed for pick place applications due to the direct rack drive the grw axis provides high dynamics for small loads and is the ideal z axis in multi-axis portals dynamic force transmission through rack for loads up to 1 kg completely lubrication-free operation assembly option for limit and reference switch drylin® grw cantilever axis direct dynamic force transfer via rack stroke lengths up to 300 mm ideal as z axis in multi-axis linea robots page 1238 drylin® grq gripper axis drive via toothed hollow square profile section very light and compact

drylin® zlw toothed belt axes drylin zlw toothed belt axes product range drylin® zlw toothed belt axes drylin zlw toothed belt axes product range ® ® cantilever axis order key complete page 1258 zaw-1040-02-s-150-l-500 stroke length max 1,000 mm drive shaft l drive shaft left r drive shaft right l/r drive shaft both-sides drive unit fixed only profile and load are moved hard-anodised aluminium axis profile lightweight max stroke 1,000 mm max axial load 50 n allowed moment for carriage my max 15 nm carriage length 150 150 mm design s standard version 02 with grooved ball bearings e2 b2 e2 e2 fa fa ff htf b7 fixed end block zta a h h2 lg al –0.3 zaw-1040 d ±0.3 74 91 b b2 75 242 l7 150 ha d l l7 ±0.1 h9 +1 74 10 20 15 lz 75 e2 e3 ±0.15 ±0.15 60 60 lz lz part no connecting dimensions zaw-1040 1254 online tools and more information b7 e7 e7 e7 part no l7 d l moving end block ztf lz dimensions [mm l l7 d 2 driveb shaft left e3 l b nx tio c e dir al e2 e3

drylin® e electrical drive technology drylin e linear axes with motor slw drylin e linear axes with motor slw ® ® linear axes with lead screw drive drylin® e electrical drive technology order key lubrication and maintenance-free drylin® w linear profile guides hard anodised drylin® w aluminium profile plain profile shape 4 trapezoidal thread pitches 3 high helix thread pitches shaft end supports from aluminium or plastic motor flange motor connections coupling igus® dc motors cost-effective maintenance-free 4 versions battery operation possible igus® stepper motors cost-effective maintenance-free 5 sizes 17 versions when to use it for format adjustments and to position medium loads in extreme environments when a cost-effective ready-to-fit solution is needed for low noise when installation space is limited when not to use it when high loads need to travel at highly dynamic forces when positioning accuracy 0.1 mm is required when high running speed is

drylin® e electrical drive technology drylin e linear axes with motor zlw-eco ® drylin e linear axes with motor zlw-eco ® linear axes with toothed belt drylin® e electrical drive technology order key pulley supports with deep groove bearings when to use it cost-effective linear axis with motor loads up to 25 n maintenance and lubrication-free operation when not to use it positioning accuracy 0.5 mm stroke lengths 500 mm continuous operation clear anodised aluminium profile zlw-0630-02-e-60-l-750-17-l-s-000 type electrical connection alignment 000 0° standard 090 90° 180 180° 270 270° installation size type 02 with deep groove ball bearings assembly drive shaft on one side135 s motor assembly on defined drive shaft l or r drive shaft on both sides l/r136 l motor assembly on drive shaft left r motor assembly on drive shaft right design e type series eco carriage length 60 60 mm only zlw 0630 100 100 mm 150 150 mm 200 200 mm 250 250 mm neoprene toothed belts

drylin general drive technology – accessories ® accessories for manual positioning and format adjustment stepper and dc motors for electrical drive couplings and motor flanges cables and initiators assembly and fastening

drylin® e accessories drylin® e dc motors product range drylin® e dc motors product range dc motor with spur gear accessory protection case for dc motors l4 l2 b1 b2 d3 b3 d1 d2 l1 l3 drylin® e accessories dimensions [mm b1 part no ±0.3 mot-ae-b-024-001-037-f-a-aaaa mot-ae-b-024-003-037-f-a-aaaa mot-ae-b-024-007-037-f-a-aaaa mot-ae-b-024-015-037-f-a-aaaa 37.0 37.0 37.0 37.0 b2 b3 ±0.1 31 31 31 31 7 7 7 7 d1 d2 d3 -0.013 ±0.025 6 6 6 6 12 12 12 12 m3 m3 m3 m3 l1 l2 ±1 ±1 21.0 21.0 21.0 21.0 59.5 62.0 64.5 67.0 order key mot-ae-b-024-015-037-f-a-aaaa specification aaaa standard options a without motor connection f low profile connector outer diameter 037 37 mm nominal torque 001 0.1 nm 003 0.3 nm 007 0.7 nm 015 1.5 nm operating voltage 024 24 v/dc motor b dc motor type ae design product type mot motor 1320 online tools and more information www.igus.co.uk/dryline l3 l4 6.0 6.0 6.0 6.0 92.5 95 97.5 100.0 users benefit from protected dc motors in two ways a