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robolink® components robolink® components rl-d joints standard configuration rl-s joints standard configuration configuration example configuration example rl-d-30-a0100 rl-s-20-a0100 consisting of ●● rl-d-30-102-50-01035 ●● rl-d-30-mk-c-n23-02 ●● rl-d-30-ik-001 ●● rl-d-mont-mot-01 ●● rl-d-mont-ini-01 consisting of ●● rl-s-20-n23-00-38-12000 ●● mot-an-s-060-020-056m-a-aaac ●● rl-s-20-ik-01 ●● rl-s-mont-mot-01 ●● rl-s-mont-ini-01 rl-d-30-102-50-01035 rl-d-30-ik-001 rl-d-30-mk-c-n23-02 rl-d-mont-mot-01 rl-d-mont-ik-01 rl-s-20-n23-00­38-12000 rl-s-20-ik-01 mot-an-s-060-020056-m-a-aaac rl-s-mont-mot-01 rl-s-mont-ini-01 asymmetric joint i = 50:1 quality high end proximity switch kit for rl-d-30 joints motor kit for rl-d-30 nema23 stepper motor encoder motor and proximity switch kit assembly incl functional check asymmetric joint

robolink® d motor kit stepper motor robolink® d robot joint motor kit robolink® d robot joint with direct drive s b1 Ø l2 l1 b2 ●● adaptable to various motors standard option nema17 23 23xl stepper motor ●● ini kit for zero position optionally adaptable page 16 motor kit dimensions [mm motor type igus® stepper motor nema17 nema23 nema23xl distance over hubs versions part no nema17 rl-d-20-mk-c-n17-00 [mm 42 56 60 -00 with strand wires -01 with stepper motor without encoder -02 with motor encoder technical data – joints with motor joint size 20 size 30 rl-d-20-101-38-xxxx rl-d-30-101-50-xxxx motor nema17 nema17 nema23 motor type stepper motor weight with standard joint [g 890 1,1140 1,860 max radial torque strength short-term [nm 5 6 12 max radial torque strength long-term [nm 4 5 8 max speed at max load [rpm 5 4 4 max axial dynamic load horizontal installation [n 500 700 700 size 50 rl-d-50-101-48-xxxx nema23 nema23xl 2,540

robolink® d robot joint output encoder robolink® d robot joint with direct drive output encoder for rl-d gearboxes ini kit measurement of the angular position of the joint on the output side by means of an external angle sensor hall sensor for the neutral position and incremental a/b signals with a high resolution for the control system the ini switch and the motor encoder can therefore be dispensed with fitting switching output switching function operating voltage m8 x 1 pnp no closer 10…30 v dc rated operational current 100 ma m d2 d3 ini-kit – prices [€ part no h d1 robolink® d robot joint ini kit 1-9 piece 10-24 piece 25-49 piece [€ [€ [€ rl-d-20-ik-001 38.00 34.20 32.30 rl-d-30-ik-001 41.00 36.90 34.85 rl-d-50-ik-001 assembly costs ini kit rl-d-mont-ini-01 44.00 39.96 37.74 18.50 15.50 13.90 conductor colours of sensor cable +5v gnd hall sensor red black white encoder index green encoder a channel blue encoder b channel yellow

robolink® s strain wave gear robolink® s strain wavep2gear size b 2 2 1 1 p1 3 3 h1 h 44 d axfaf x 2 1 2 1 aa m v_f v_f p2 p2 bb rl-s-20 hh p1 p1 rl-s-30 fs fb l h1 h1 1 dd rl-s-17 b c d 2 3 4 m m werkstoff/material accbb oberfläche/surface general properties ●● main components igus® prt-01 02 shaft generator flexible inner ring outer ring ●● rl-s-20 self-locking drive – slewing ring bearing remains in position when powered off ●● light and compact 96879 mm^3 0,2 kg bauteilvolumen/volume dimensions [mm gewicht/mass e part no Ød Øp1 Øp2 af v_f 48 48 30 30 m4x8 m4x8 1:2 b1 b part no weight reduction gearing efficiency [g rl-s-17-n11-00-28-020k0 rl-s-17-n17-00-28-020k0 rl-s-20-n23-00-38-12000 0-rl-s-30-n23-nm-38-02000 100 100 290 490 28:1 28:1 38:1 38:1 0.2 0.25 0.3 0.3 moment of breakage at the output max output torque static long-term

robolink® 6 robolink® rl-c 5 dof 5 4 3 2 standard joints from stock 2 6 d 1 5 c objekt 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 10 robolink® q – arm for direct drive robolink® s and robolink® d robolink c – arm for direct drive robolink® d ® 7 4 b 8 base configuration up to 5 dof from 2,548  € 8 base configuration up to 5 dof from 2,963  € anz 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 stückliste artikelnr be rl-d-20-a0143 rl-d-20 01000 rl-d-30-a0144 rl-d-30 01000 rl-d-50-a0140 rl-d-50 01035 rl-d-50-a0141 rl-d-50 01033 rl-dc-20-s-170-aa connection part rl-dc-30-20-270-aa connection part rl-dc-50-30-350-aa connection part rl-dc-50-50-t-01 connection part rl-dc-bl-50-bx-aa-02 connection part rl-dc-cbk-5532s-m-01 chain/cable kit rl-s-17-a0154 rl-s-17 name unterschrift freigabe datum für entscheidungen über die geeignetheit der von igus® zu liefernden produkte für bestimmte anwend konstruktionen in die die igus®-produkte einbezogen sind ist

robolink® dq/sq robolink® dq 5 robolink® sq and dq with worm and6 strain wave gears 4 10 d ® 2 1 robolink dq with decoupled motors 3 1 d 9 16 15 13 4 2 c 14 12 b 11 stückliste artikelnr bezeichnung objekt anz 1 1 rl-d-20-a0147 rl-d-20 01035 mk-n17-01 ek 2 1 rl-d-30-a0146 rl-d-30 01053 mk-n23-01 ek 3 1 rl-d-50-a0140 rl-d-50 01035 mk-n23xl-01 ek 4 1 rl-d-50-a0145 rl-d-50 01035 mk-n23xl-01 ek 5 1 rl-dc-bl-50-bx-aa-02 connection part base-50 9 1 rl-dq-20-gm-aa-160 profile connection 160mm 10 1 rl-dq-20-gm-aa-300 profile connection 300mm 11 1 rl-dq-20-p30-01 connection part 20-p30 12 1 rl-dq-30-gm-aa-370 profile connection 370mm 13 1 rl-dq-30-p30-01 connection part 30-p30 14 1 rl-dq-50-50-l-01 connection part l-50-50 15 1 rl-dq-50-p30-01 connection part 50-p30 16 1 rl-s-17-a0148 rl-s-17 c b freigabe datum name unterschrift für entscheidungen über die geeignetheit der von igus® zu liefernden produkte für bestimmte anwendungsfälle und konstruktionen in

robolink® control robolink® software for programming articulated joints ●● modular control ●● 3d user interface ●● intuitive operator control ●● axis linear movements ●● can-bus interface ●● easy-to-maintain din rail modules ●● control system for 4 5 6-axis robot arms ●● control system for 3 4-axis linear robots robolink rl-d application examples ® robolink® d for checking printed circuit boards 4stars engineering systems gmbh automatic book scanner with 2 dof eps gmbh robolink® d – suction arm in a machine tool igus® storage and retrieval unit with two rl-d and drylin® linear guides matrium gmbh trade fair machine – 5 dof robot arm with rl-d and rl-s joints system simulates real use in the igus® factory igus® trade fair machine rl-dq-rbt-5532s-ac with 5 dof and 3-finger gripper igus® scope of supply control system cprog software 24 v power

robolink® w system overview 34 1 rl-t102p1 2 robolink® w the idea components kit to make robotic systems bionic model of a crane a couple of years ago we established our objective to develop a modular kit of mechanical components for the assembly of robotic systems the first component in this system was a plastic link with tendon drive this element has the fol lowing special properties lightweight compact and unlimited universities and r&d organisations use these components to build customised systems robolink® joints were patented in 2009 as a “bionic” concept see pic below the crane the basic rl-50-001 joint can pivot and rotate like a human elbow and is actuated by wires tendons this means that the actuators can be placed away from the joint resulting in a very lightweight arm one joint with 2 dof weighs just 350 g the main components of the robolink® w set are ●● wire driven joints with 1 or 2 degrees of freedom dof ●●

robolink® w drive units 6 dof robolink® w drive units 6 dof jaw gripper optional articulated arms optionally with or without angle sensors arm lengths can be specified robolink® articulated joints can be freely combined 1st axis based on slewing ring bearings iglidur® prt-01-50 cables part no length cable type number of cables cross section connector housing socket motor cable socket/connector rl-cb13-cab-mot-01 3m ® igus cf130.05.25.ul motor cable sensor cable sensor cable socket/open socket/connector socket/open rl-cb13-cab-mot-02 rl-cb13-cab-sens-01 rl-cb13-cab-sens-02 3m 3m 3m ® ® ® igus cf130.05.25.ul igus cf2.01.48 igus cf2.01.48 25 x 0.5 mm² 25 x 0.5 mm² 48 x 0.15 mm² 48 x 0.15 mm² harting han 16 a harting han 16 a harting han 16 a harting han 16 a harting han 25 d harting han 25 d open side for individual connection d-sub 50 pol d-sub 50 pol open side for individual connection 101.50 202.37 connectors harting han 25 d price in €

robolink® software robolink® software igus® uses its own control system for internal use it consists of stepper motor controllers by nanotec® and a crumb 2560 atmega chip the controllers make use of an rs485 bus which is transferred via usb by the crumb chip see picture below for this hardware configuration igus® offers an open source software named ime “igus® motion editor” the software has been developed by the university of bonn institute for computer science it is a stand-alone software for easy programming of robolink® systems and can be configured for individual joint arms 1-6 dof open source software for the robolink® modular system you can use our robolink® modular kit to easily implement your individual ideas and concepts no matter if you use 1 2 3 4 5 or 6 axes ●● free of charge ●● intuitive programming ●● for all versions of articulated arms 1-6 dof ●● simple control software