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robot industry lubrication-free guides drylin® t linear guide systems from 194 page accessories mounting brackets from 42 page gliding feed-throughs protectors 47 from page mounting brackets from 52 page chainfix clamps from 57 page brackets for universal robots from 58 page protective jackets 60 from page axis 1 twisterchain® from 112 page twisterband from 126 page rbr e-chains® from page 128 torsion cables chainflex® cfrobot from 138

fanuc robot system 3d-model r-2000ib /125l configuration example axis 3-6 with igus® e-chain® trc.70 installation package for retraction system on the robot tr.p36.2001.70 part no description tr.907.992 tr. clamp axis 6 with groove 160/165 mm mounting bracket for axis 6 for attachment on clamp strain relief with cable tie-wraps mounting bracket axis 3 retraction system fixed point right without e-chain® and fibre rod module tr.907.270 e-chain® package for retraction system trc.70.110.0 e-chain® trc tr.70.10 protector for e-chains® trc tre trl Ø-index 70 with screw connection trc.f.70.0900.1.0 fibre rod module complete quantity 1 1 1 1 105 links 6 1 axis 2 with igus® e-chain® trl.100 e-chain® package for axis 2 trl.p23.2001.100 part no description quantity tr.100.02 trl.100.145.0 tr.907.260 tr.100.01.m8 mounting bracket without strain relief e-chain® trl adapter console axis 2 mounting bracket with

product range 43,3 43,3 37,5 32,5 18,8 ba ø 135 ø 119 tre.70 ba ø 94,5 ø 87,5 [mm 22 30 35,5 44,5 ba ø 94,5 ø 84,5 30 weight 44 33 29 23 ≈ 0,79 [mm Ø36 23,1 mm2 30,6 34,5 tre.125 44,1 [kg/m ≈ 1,45 ≈ 1,90 ≈ 4,13 38 ba ø 135 ba ø 108 ø 100 ø 125 ø 31,25 ø 25 46,8 trlf.100 trlf.125 snap lock mechanism for fast opening igus® video online ba ø 108 ø 96,5 ø 28 ø 24,5 trcf.85 links/m trl.100 37,5 trlf.85 43,3 37,5 [mm 100 135 tre.100 145 182 pitch ø25 ø 21,9 32,8 24,4 22,3 d1 mm ba ø 108 ø 100,2 trl.70 installation dimensions trcf.65 r ø20 trl.60 ba ø 70,2 ø 65 70,2 94,5 tre.85 108 135 ba ø 81 ø 75,4 ø15,2 trl.40 [mm 28 [mm 24,4 32,8 37,5 46,8 ba ø 65 ø 60 ba ø 45 ø 41,4 ba 43,3 bi1 32,5 28 24 33 22,5 part no e-chains® trlf 65 100 .0 tre.50 tre.60 trlf 85 135 .0 trlf 100.145 .0 trlf 125.182 .0 ø12 12,5 11 Ø36 mm2 trc.125 ba ø 108 ø 95 28 ba

triflex r accessories triflex r filling standard protective jacket for trc·tre·trcf·trl·trlf triflex® r interior separation configure e-chains® quickly and easily ® protective jackets ø tr.xx.16 base support fabric  plastic coating plastic easy to replace with velcro fastenings elastic sealing strips silicone-free standard lengths available from stock for paint or sealing applications index 30 40 50 60 65 70 85 100 125 part no tr.xx.16 – tr.40.16 tr.50.16.1 tr.60.16 tr.65.16.1 tr.70.16 tr.85.16 tr.100.16 tr.125.16 standard lengths [mm special lengths on request – 500 1000 1500 2000 500 1000 1500 2000 500 1000 1500 2000 500 1000 1500 2000 500 1000 1500 2000 500 1000 1500 2000 500 1000 1500 2000 500 1000 1500 2000 1 available upon request delivery time upon request part no with the desired value for the standard length 500 1000 1500 2000 supplement to tr.60.16.500 for example heat shield protective

rse linear accessories e-chain® and cable length calculation e-chain® and cable length calculation product range matching e-chains® and protectors for rse linear system design rse linear and matching e-chain® ø matching triflex® r e-chain® for rse linear trc .xx.r.0 tre .xx.r.0.b trcf .xx.r.0 a1 excess length in direction a1 dimension a excess length in direction a6 total e-chain® length product range index 30 40 50 60 65 70 85 85 r 240 100 125 a a6 limit protector part no trc enclosed – trc.40.058.0 trc.50.080.0 trc.60.087.0 – trc.70.110.0 trc.85.135.0 trc.85.240.0 trc.100.145.0 trc.125.182.0 part no trc easy design – tre.40.058.0.b trc.50.080.0.b tre.60.087.0.b – tre.70.110.0.b tre.85.135.0.b tre.85.240.0.b tre.100.145.0.b/c1 tre.125.182.0.b part no trcf with snap lock mechanism – – – – trcf.65.100.0 – trcf.85.135.0 trcf.85.240.0 trcf.100.145.0 trcf.125.182.0 protector with protector with

triflex r trcf triflex r trl assembly trcf assembly trl ® ® assembly instructions 1 2 attach chain parts at an angle and push them together 3 assembly instructions 4 click to close simply snap the opened cover 2 3 4 using a screwdriver unlatch the lid of three chain links as marked open two lids by gently twisting the chain links from each other introduce disassembly tool between ball and socket 5 attach ball with round side over socket 2 click press the ball into the socket disassembly trl disassembly trcf 1 1 6 7 8 then by turning the chain links against the stop given by the disassembly tool push the socket over the ball slightly bend the e-chain® then turn and pull apart 1 2 rotate chain links from one another slightly and push the ball sideways out of the socket filling trl 1 2 very simple filling with easy design simply push cables in and pull them out opening trcf 1 2 open the lid with a screwdriver 100 3 4 the lid can be removed completely in the opened

save installation time and cost better guidance for circular motion increase service life lower assembly times and save about 66 time before 6h today 2h max with the twisterchain® guide trough with the twisterchain® trough complex adjustment work is reduced assembly time is reduced from 6 hours to 2 hours it also reduces noise levels whilst travel speed and service life can be increased thanks to its almost all-plastic design available for all twisterchains® from the new and original product range ●●upper run guided in the polymer trough over the full length ●●suitable for high dynamics because of the full guidance ●●much smoother and quieter motion in the trough due to continuous guidance of the upper run ●●preassembled delivery possible ●●easy adjustment alignment and handling ●●assembly time reduced from 6 hours to 2 hours guide troughs part no series exterior radius rotation angle part no ar [mm min

chainflex chainflex ® ® cables for robots the increasingly complex movements in industrial applications demand twistable cables with a long service life similar to the classic chainflex® cables for use in linear e-chainsystems® stranded cores core structure shields and jacket materials have to compensate for circumference changes due to torsional movements as well as significant flexural stresses in chainflex® robot cables different soft construction elements are used to absorb torsional forces such as rayon fibres ptfe elements and filling elements in the case of twistable cables very special requirements are placed on the shield braiding torsion-optimised shield structures are chosen that can carry out the necessary compensatory movements thanks to special ptfe gliding films with twistable bus cables in particular the transmission characteristics such as attenuation cable capacity and signal quality must remain within very tight tolerance ranges over the whole

chainflex cfrobot7 ® pur motor cable twistable zzfor torsion applications zzpur outer jacket zzshielded zzoil and coolant-resistant zznotch-resistant zzflame retardant zzhydrolysis and microbe-resistant zzpvc and halogen-free dynamic information bend radius twisted flexible fixed temperature twisted flexible fixed v max twisted 180 °/s min 10 x d min 8 x d min 5 x d -25 °c to +80 °c -40 °c to +80 °c following en 60811-504 -50 °c to +80 °c following din en 50305 a max twisted 60 °/s² travel distance robots and 3d movements class 1 torsion ± 180° with 1 m cable length cable structure conductor core insulation core identification overall shield outer jacket stranded conductor consisting of especially bend-resistant bare copper wires following en 60228 mechanically high-quality tpe mixture power cores black cores with white numerals one green-yellow core product range table 2 control pairs core black with white numerals 1 control core 5 2 control core

overview ® page approvals and standards igus chainflex special cable ® chainflex® cable chainflex® special cables special cable cfspecial.792 184 cables for axis 7 on robots chainflex® guarantee as this is a special cable for particular applications please contact us directly in order to obtain information about the guaranteed service life tel +49-2203-9649-800 pur hybrid cable especially for axis 7 of robots in automotive production multi-axis robots are often moved on a 7th axis parallel to the assembly line the connecting cables between the control cabinet and robots are also guided by igus® e-chainsystems® in the case of hybrid cables motor cores with large sometimes different cross-sections are combined with control cores with small cross-sections together in a single cable in addition different manufacturers use different shield concepts in order to reduce emc effects in the case of the chainflex® cable series cfspecial.7 a combination of

lastics /20h orders can be placed until 8:00 pm local time order from 7.00 a.m 8.00 p.m on workdays or from 8.00 a.m 12 noon on saturdays no minimum order quantities no surcharges quick delivery tel +49-2203 9649-800 fax -222 buy online – 24h /24 /9001:2008 /16949:2009 igus® is certified in accordance with iso 9001:2008 and iso/ts 16949:2009 in the field of energy supply systems cables and harnessing as well as plastic bearings /readychain /newsletter ® also ask for fully harnessed and preassembled readychains® – quickly increase your cash-flow and profits free of charge discover more about the latest trends and innovations from the world of igus® motion plastics® register here igus® gmbh spicher straße 1a 51147 cologne phone +49-2203-9649-800 fax +49-2203-9649-222 © 2016 igus® gmbh subject to technical alterations mat0072915.20 issue