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wood igus® solutions for the woodworking industry industry plastics for longer life®

reduce costs improve technology no chance for chips woodworking produces chips and dust therefore chip repellent or chip safe solutions are important we would like to present you chip repellant igus® plastic solutions which you can use to reduce logistics and assembly times increase throughput and do away with maintenance guido lopes tel +49 2203 9649-7209 e-mail glopes@igus.de photo courtesy of ima klessmann gmbh igus® has products in its wide range that covers all requirements in the wood industry if there is extremely fine dust involved the use of the new e4.64 light tube is recommended as its integrated seal prevents the ingress of dust the chainflex® cable range gives you reliability for example with cf98/99 tpe control cables for the smallest bending radii on a milling head with chainflex® m we also have very inexpensive cables for your application take a look at our extensive range of dry-running linear guides and plain bearings thanks to the freedom from

dust-proof enclosed small radii cost-effective a selection of the 100,000 e-chain® modular kit parts for the wood machine industry for example a selection of the 1,040 chainflex® cable types for the wood machine industry for example keep fine dust out save with less demanding requirements new unsupported corrugated hose new integrated dust seal – e4.64l the corrugated hose that can do more – e-skin for use in dusty environments more cost-effective than steel chains integrated dust seal light dynamic inner height 64 mm www.igus.eu/e464l defined direction of motion supports itself also for short unsupported lengths modular extendible tube cable-friendly interior separation design www.igus.eu/e-skin affordable large enclosed small strong flexible pvc control cables cf130.ul cf140.ul pvc motor cables cf885/cf886 for medium duty applications pvc exterior jacket cf140 shielded flame-retardant www.igus.eu/cf130 igus® chainflex® m cable range

the right solution e-chains® and chainflex® cables delivered from stock for woodworking machines for all applications and conditions guiding of larger hoses extender crossbars photo courtesy of ima klessmann gmbh suitable for hoses with an outer diameter of up to 270 mm openable crossbar depending on the e-chain® series matching modular interior separation for perfect segmentation of the interior cable-friendly design of crossbar and interior separation high retaining force of the crossbar www.igus.eu/extender-crossbars chip-proof and unsupported on long travels guidelok 6 extremely tight sealing for direct use in chip areas rx e-tube snap open ip-protected e-tube applicable in direct chip area rounded contour chips fall off www.igus.eu/rx ready-to-install solutions completely assembled readychain® smaller e-chain® dimensions possible for specified unsupported lengths more cost-effective than many steel chains or elaborate sliding systems open trough system

assembled systems delivered ready to install readychain® chain – cable – guarantee in 3 10 days readycable® harnessed drive cables in 24 48h readychain® – fully harnessed systems in 3-10 days readycable® – in 24-48h or today 700 systems per week in 12 readychain factories around the world – assembly time optimised to raise your cash-flow ® assembled igus® readychain® systems individual or serial production lower storage costs for cables e-chains® and connectors to zero cut turnaround times by half flexibility when orders vary reduce the number of suppliers and orders by 75 minimise your machine downtimes system guarantee – depending on the application igus® provides more than 3,200 harnessed cables for drive technology to 22 different manufacturer standards professionally produced 100 tested cable length accurate to the centimetre as per customer specifications smallest bending radii from 7.5 x d servo motor

dry-running maintenance free and dirt resistant dry-running made easy for example maintenance free plain and linear bearing solutions for example low profile designs the best shaft for your linear bearings linear drive systems drylin® shafts drylin® lead screw technology tica iden l to ns rin g s dimen sio as alternative to ball bearings linear ball be drylin® n flat slides 100 lubrication free low installation height between 6 and 12 mm very low weight numerous carriage options – also with pretension www.igus.eu/drylinn a drylin® r shaft slides dimension identical to standard commercial ball bearings shafts shaft support blocks and accessories available from stock replaceable liners www.igus.eu/drylinr 8 different shaft materials low weight round or fully supported www.igus.eu/drylin efficient and durable dryspin® technology self-locking trapezoidal and metric threads lead screw nuts made from 5 iglidur® materials

dry-tech bearing technology fit and forget ® linear travel without lubrication made easy rolling and sliding for easy movement – drylin® hybrid bearings lubrication free and resistant to dirt – iglidur® combined sliding and rolling for low drive forces single and double roller bearings or complete carriages manual adjustment doors and control panels wear resistant polymers 16 standard materials for almost all applications custom-made solutions – from batch 1 high wear resistance high resistance to dirt online service life prediction www.igus.eu/iglidur www.igus.eu/drylinw-hybrid new in black linear guide system for virtually unlimited design freedom – drylin® w for the lining of tribologically stressed surfaces and shapes easy to cut and glue low space requirement with adhesive back www.igus.eu/tribotape d es tical to iden ns all g ui dimen sio modular kit with 14 different profiles and more carriage options extreme flexibility simple

tested service life predicted accurately igus® chainflex® cables for e-chainsystems® 2,700 cables tested per year 58 test facilities tested tested tested for example tested at the 1,750 m2 cologne lab 4,100 tests 7,512 findings added to the electronic database 10 billion e-chains® cycles per year for chains and cables test 3089 ethernet-bus cable 76 million strokes tested test 3621 control cable 138 million strokes tested ethernet-bus cable cfbus.045 tested in e-chain® more than 76 million strokes with a bending factor of 9.4 x d control cable cf98.05.04 tested in e-chain® more than 138 million strokes with a bending factor of 3.2 x d www.chainflex.eu/test3089 www.chainflex.eu/test3621 test 3479 measuring system cable 65 million strokes tested test 3841 servo cable 53 million strokes tested measurement system cable cf11.d tested in e-chain® more than 65 million strokes with a bending factor of 7.1 x d servo cable cf21 tested in e-chain® more than 53

igus services fast and reliable ® the igus® delivery service over 97 availability of all catalogue items – no need for you to stock over 100,000 products from stock no minimum order value no surcharges for small quantities no costs for cutting cables no packaging costs www.igus.eu/24 modern injection moulding technology the igus® gmbh quality policy is based on the objective of identifying and meeting customer needs and of always being a professional partner and reliable supplier igus® has always been committed to producing products of the best possible quality and consistently developing innovative solutions visit our industry web pages for more information products application examples and useful online-tools www.igus.eu/woodworking rohs the igus® lab the industry s largest test lab 1,750m2 conducts more than two billion test cycles per year on a total of 107 test rigs extensive test databases customised tests on request quickly find and configure products

igus addresses ® igus® worldwide igus® worldwide ® 36 macedonia albania 25 india 10 chile 18 egypt kosovo 25 india macedonia albania pvt ltd igus® india36 10 chile vendortec 18 egypt fedicom trading kosovo 36/1 sy no 17/3 hennlich dooel san martín 2097 mohamed fayed sami co ® igus india pvt ltd fedicom trading vendortec ® euro school road boris kidric 88 maipú – santiago 12 el mahaad el swissri st igus dealers 36/1 sy no 17/3 hennlich dooel mohamed fayed sami co san martín 2097 zip 1200 tetovo mk 7105825 flat 10st – 2ndeuro floor-zamalek school road dodda nekkundi borisindustrial kidric 88 1 germanymaipú – santiago phone +56 212 el mahaad el swissri area 2nd stage phone +389 44614411 ventas@vendortec.cl cairo – a.r of egyptnekkundi industrial dodda zip 1200 tetovo mk flat 10 – 2nd floor-zamalek +56 2 7105825 phone 1 germany igus® gmbh post+389 44614411 mob +389 76 200 770 27362537 phone +202 area 2nd

/9001:2008 /16949:2009 igus® is certified for energy chains® cables and harnessing as well as plastic plain bearings in acc with iso 9001:2008 and iso/ts 16949:2009 /newsletter free of charge discover more about the latest trends and innovations from the world of igus® motion plastics® world many exciting applications and videos even from your industry register here www.igus.eu/newsletter /contact your personal contact person for your industry and your country www.igus.eu/contact igus® gmbh spicher str 1a 51147 cologne tel +49 2203 9649-800 fax +49 2203 9649-222 info@igus.de www.igus.eu © 2015 igus® gmbh publisher is igus® gmbh germany mat0071535.20 as of 05/2015 subject to technical