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rationell cutlery tray basic unit 1299 rationell variera plate holder 8 9 2 99 99/ea 4 5 6 7 3 1 cooking storage and organizers out of sight but at your fingertips our storage solutions and organizers work in tandem with your drawers to maximize your storage space and create an easier workflow 62 1 akurum cabinet/gnosjÖ door front with pull-out storage $144 fully-extending drawers for easy overview and access to the contents melamine foil finish and steel ra w15×d24⅝×h30⅜ black-brown 2 rationell variera plate holder adjustable in width according to the size of the plates stainless steel and clear lacquered solid beech designer nike karlsson $8.99/ea w4¾–7½×h7⅞ 002.404.15 $9.99/ea w7½×-12⅝×h7⅞ 802.404.16 3 droppar jars with lids the transparent jar makes it easy to find what you are looking for dishwasher safe glass stainless steel and polyethylene $3.99/ea Ø4 h7 30 oz 801.125.41 $9.99/ea Ø7 h8 118 oz 401.125.43 4 rationell cutlery trays clear lacquered solid beech designer mikael warnhammar cutlery tray basic unit $12.99 l11¼×w19¾×h2 901.772.40 cutlery tray add-on unit $7.99 w9×d19¾×h2 901.772.35 6 ikea 365 jar with lid $2.99/ea dishwasher safe top rack plastic l7×w3×h7 44 oz transparent/white 800.667.23 ikea 365 foodsaver $4.49/ea dishwasher top rack freezer and microwave safe plastic and synthetic rubber l7×w7×h5 2 qt white/red 600.667.24 5 rationell drawer divider for deep drawer $14.99 adjustable aluminum and plastic w36 501.822.53 7 rationell variera pot lid organizer $5.99 adjustable adapt length to storage needs stainless steel ra l3¼–19¾×w5¾×h4 701.548.00 ra=requires assembly see even more go to ikea-usa.com/kitchens 63