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2016 IKEA USA Catalog

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6 news news new new kubbis 7-hook rack 402.917.14 see page 258 you can see even more of our latest products throughout this catalog at ikea-usa.com and in your local store new ÖnskedrÖm wall clock $9.99 powder-coated vwhhoô new ikea 365 utility knife blade l6 102.835.17 see page 182 999 1299 1299/ea new ikea 365 chef’s knife blade l8 102.835.22 see page 182 1999/ea new knagglig box :î óî+ô 702.923.59 see page 249 new ikea 365 glasses 102.783.56 see page 191 999/ea 299/6pk new ikea 365 pitcher with lid $6.99 lvkzdvkhuvdih 6xlwdeohirukrwgulqnv +hdwuhvlvwdqw glass and cork 51 oz 502.797.21 new ikea 365 wine glass $1.49/ea 7hpshuhg safety glass 702.783.63 new vÃ…rvind vases 102.333.77 see page 228 99 6 49 /ea 1 new maryd tray table removable tray for serving 3dlqwhg¿qlvkdqgsdlqwhgehhfk 5htxluhvdvvhpeo :î/ƚî+Æš pink 503.044.81 99 3 6999 /set of 2 new henriksdal chair $99

kitchen we ll help get you sorted with the right bins and boxes it s a cinch to recycle or reuse the household waste without making a mess dry used coffee grounds at the bottom of the bin can help to absorb and neutralize smelly odors 01 04 sektion/flÄdie storage unit 432 “recycling is a great start to a more sustainable life at home with the right waste sorting containers it can be easy for everyone.” mario sustainability italy 02 01 variera recycling bin $13.99/ea recycled pp plastic ra /ƙî:óî+Æšjdo %odfn 05 02 variera recycling bin $5.99/ea 5hf fohg33sodvwlf5$/óî:óî+ô jdo%odfn lid for recycling bin $2.99 /ƚî:Æ™%odfn 03 variera recycling bin $9.99 5hf fohg33sodvwlf/Ɨî:óî+ô jdo 04 sektion wall cabinets with flÄdie green doors $432 this combination consists of sektion wall cabinet frames in phodplqhirlo b

eating no dining table required sometimes food just tastes better when it s eaten from a bowl on your lap while you chill out on the sofa and if you drop a morsel a wipe-clean sofa or one with a washable cover solves that little worry 04 03 05 klippan loveseat 01 byllan laptop support $14.99 100 cotton cover and polypropylene ra :Ɨî î+Æ—0dmylnhqpxowlfroru zklwh 399 02 ikea 365 bowl $3.99 feldspar srufhodlq:klwh 03 knopparp loveseat $119 includes free 10-year limited warranty rughwdlovvhhs5hprydeoh washable 100 polyester cover ra :ƚî ƚî+Æ—ud  04 svartÃ…sen laptop stand $21.99 powder-coated steel and powder-coated ¿qlvk5$:ƙî ƙî+ò±Ƙ white 402.427.66 05 klippan loveseat $399 includes free 10-year limited warranty rughwdlovvhhs3ro hvwhufrwwrq sro xuhwkdqhfrdwhgideulf¿[hgfryhu zlwkwkhorrndqgihhoriohdwkhu :ƚî

104 news new Älvsbyn chandelier 702.702.82 see page 206 news 105 7999 new tjusig hanger 802.917.07 see page 259 new 999 you can see more of our very latest products throughout this catalog at ikea-usa.com and in your local ikea store new sprallis wall clock 602.909.83 see page 230 new tyssedal wardrobe 002.981.28 see page 257 1699 399 new nordmÄrke triple pad for wireless charging $64.99 birch and plastic requires assembly l12 402.898.29 new stickat stool cover $4.99 cotton/polyester/polypropylene imported Ø11 yellow 702.962.82 new undredal queen bed frame 990.601.13 see page 150 499 269 99 64 new falkhÖjden add-on unit for desk 902.889.31 see page 238 30 new falkhÖjden desk 402.889.38 see page 238 7999 new rÅdviken armchair 502.954.72 see page 222 179 new varv table lamp with wireless charging 702.807.09 see page 213 new malisen cushion $14.99/ea frwwrqfryhuhdwkhu¿oolqj imported 20×20 white/beige 702.976.63 1499/ea 99 69 in

bathroom it’s just a phase with free reign of the guest bathroom your teen can experiment with new looks for her hair while staying out of yours 04 01 03 new sÖdersvik led wall lamp spotlights can brighten up an otherwise dark room 7999/ea 01 new sÖdersvik led cabinet/wall light $79.99 built in led light source nickel-plated abs plastic polycarbonate plastic and aluminum hardwire ra :î/ƙî+ 05 enudden towel rack 599 02 lillÃ…ngen wall cabinet $50/ea rlo¿qlvkdqgwhpshuhgjodvv5$ :ôî óî+ó%odfneurzq  03 new sÖdersvik led wall lamp $79.99/ea built in led light source nickel-plated abs plastic polycarbonate plastic and painted aluminum hardwire 5$/ò 04 enudden mirror $19.99 glass and powder-coated steel ra :î+Æš:klwh 05 enudden towel rack $5.99 powder-coated steel ra :ôî òî+:klwh 06 lillÃ…ngen cabinet and sink $149 faucet

168 sleeping do not disturb sharing a room with a sibling is often a lot of fun but sometimes a drag carving out their own private spaces might help to keep the peace when dividing up wardrobe space give the little one the lower half it makes it easier for her to reach her things 01 stuva storage combination 05 stuva twin loft bed desk and storage 329 459/as shown 01 stuva storage combination $329 rlodqgsdlqwhg¿qlvk5$ :óî ƙî+Æ™:klwh 02 new stickat twin duvet cover set $14.99/2pcs includes twin duvet cover and pillowcase 100 cotton imported 0xowlfroru 02 new stickat twin duvet cover set 1499/2pcs 03 busunge extendable twin bed $199 slatted bed base included painted and foil ¿qlvk5$:Ɨî/Ƙî+Æ—0hglxp eoxh $ovrdydlodeoh3lqn6hhs 04 flyga twin duvet cover set $19.99/2pcs includes twin duvet cover and pillowcase 100 cotton imported :klwhpxowlfroru 05

200 dining tables and chairs versatile chairs that bring home slim scandinavian design janinge chairs offer playful and comfortable seating that effortlessly matches with your furniture have a seat vilmar chair $39/ea chrome-plated vwhhodqgirlo¿qlvk5$ 6hdw:Ɨî ƚî+Æ— 2udqjh :klwh %urzqeodfn janinge chair 59 melltorp table and two chairs last year’s price $105 3rzghufrdwhgvwhhodqgirlo¿qlvk5$ /òî:òî+Æ—6hdw:òî ƚî+ô :klwh shop online at ikea-usa.com/dining 89 vilmar chair 39/ea janinge chairs reinforced polypropylene ra 6hdw:ôî ôî+Ƙ chair $59 yellow 602.460.80 armchair $69/ea gray 402.805.17 glivarp extendable table $299 glass chrome-plated steel dqgdoxplqxp5$/óî:òî+Æ— tobias chair $79/ea chrome-plated steel and plastic ra 6hdw:ƚî Ɨî+Ƙ

232 papershop papershop 233 01 kÄnnetecken paper clips 99Έ/4pk fÄrgton decoration new kÄresta gift boxes 499 1999/set of 4 fÄrgton gift bags 249/2pk papershop has lots of fun and original ways for me to organize my day and i love all the unique colorful items that inspire me to be more creative carina decoration department portugal 02 kÄnnetecken gel ink pens 249/3pk fÄrgton decoration $4.99 paper plastic and polyester Ø19¾ brown 802.947.15 03 kÄnnetecken folder 399/ea 04 kÄnnetecken rolls of tape fullfÖlja gift wrap rolls 499/set of 4 99 7 /3pk new kÄresta series cardboard and handmade paper pink decorations $1.49/set of 4 includes one w7½×h9½ one w8¼×h10 one w9½×h11 dqg :î+ó %xwwhuÀlhv 202.997.73 gift boxes $19.99/set of 3 includes one gift box Ø13¾ h8 one gift box Ø11 h7 and one gift box Ø9 h5½ 703.017.97 fÄrgton gift boxes 99 /3pk 5 fÄrgton gift bags

264 chests of drawers brimnes series rlo¿qlvk5$ new dressing table $100odvv:òî òî+Ƙ:klwh  3-drawer chest $109 tempered glass :ôî Ɨî+Ƙ5hg new brimnes dressing table trysil 3-drawer chest 100 7999 brusali 3-door wardrobe last year’s price $249 rlo¿qlvkdqgjodvv5$ :ƙî òî+ô %urzq shop online at ikea-usa.com/wardrobes trysil 3-drawer chest $79.99 rlo¿qlvkdqg srzghufrdwhgvwhho5$:òî ôî+Ƙ duneurzqeodfn hurdal 5-drawer chest 199 299 hurdal 5-drawer chest $299 stained clear lacquered solid pine ra :ƚî ƙî+Æš  brusali 4-drawer chest nordli 4-drawer chest 129 199 nordli 4-drawer chest $199 3dlqwhg¿qlvk5$ :ƚî ôî+ó blue 902.727.27 ra=requires assembly brusali 4-drawer chest $129 rlo¿qlvk5$ :òî ƚî+Æ— %urzq

296 bathroom furniture vitemÖlla wall lamp 1999 you could also mount it with the light turned upward ÖstanÃ… wall lamp 1799 vitemÖlla wall lamp $19.99 steel and glass hardwire ra 6kdghÆ—+ new tyngen cabinet and sink $89.99 &rorujod]hgfklqddqgirlo ¿qlvk5$:Ɨî ôî+Æ™ :klwh bathroom furniture beauty on the outside and clever organization on the inside.7kh2 02521 drawers and organizers are dguhdpiru rxuedwkurrp urxwlqh4xlfno ¿qg rxuwklqjv and get going new godmorgon/aldern tÖrnviken cabinet countertop and sink ÖstanÃ… wall lamp $17.99 steel plastic and glass hardwire 5$%dvhÆ—:î ƚî+ :klwh 379 stackable cabinets that are simple on the outside and clever on the inside +dqjwkh sodvwlffxehvlqwkhfrq¿jxudwlrq wkdwvxlwv rxuvsdfhdqgjlyh rxuedwkurrpwklqjvdsodfhri wkhlurzqdwodvw new godmorgon aldern/tÖrnviken cabinet

‹,qwhu 6 vwhpv%986 3ulqwhglq86 %uhdnidvwlq ehgiruqr vshfldouhdvrq 1hz pxj hogvsdusrufhodlqr]:klwh 6krsrqolqhdw 86$frphdwlqj   6fdqkhuh wrvhhrxu odwhvwriihuv 0ruhderxwwkhdss rqsdjh