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nutid s23 counter depth fridge freezer rationell pull out waste sorting tray rationell dish drainers for wall cabinet ikea kitchen cabinets for built in ovens ikea catalog 2011 ikea laminate kitchen countertops with metal effect edge ikea rationell variera foil roll holder ikea wood shelf ikea ikea catalog by ikea ikea corner base cabinet pull out boholmen single bowl inset sink boholmen 2 bowl inset sink with drainer boholmen 1 bowl inset sink with drainer nutid s23 counter depth fridge rationell variera foil roll holder microwave oven with extractor fan microwave oven with extractor fan cabinet dish drainers for wall cabinets corner base cabinet pull out ikea akurum kitchen cabinets nexus brown ikea kitchen island shelves stainless steel loviken dual control kitchen faucet chrome plated kitchen cabinets abstrakt high gloss free standing kitchen islands ikea rationell variera pot lid holder ikea rationell variera plate holder rationell variera waste bin rationel variera shelf insert rationell variera shelf insert rationell variera plate holder free hanging extractor hood rationell pull out waste bins avsikt roll front cabinet rubrik glass door frosted glass aluminum rationell corner base cabinet abstrakt high gloss red framtid slide in range framtid slide in range gas 10 magnetic knife rack built in oven cooktop stenstorp kitchen island ikea kitchen cabinet fronts ikea ikea kitchen cabinet fronts ikea kitchen roll front cabinets ikea kitchen stainless steel shelves kitchen wall cabinets ikea roll front ikea kitchen cabinets cover panel ikea kitchen bar stools ikea kitchen bar stool ikea kitchen products lagan kitchen faucet kitchen nexus birch veneer stenstorp kitchen island stenstorp kitchen islands lagan kitchen faucet parts

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safer for them more relaxing for you locked away kitchens are whether we like it or not one of children s favorite places at home who can blame them ­ there s so much going on so much to discover and so many drawers to pull out and close and pull out again but some things are better hidden or locked away simple solution use drawer/cabinet catches and keep those curious fingers on a safe distance from knives scissors and other sharp objects nutid hdn sw850 extractor hood 999 patrull drawer cabinet catches 99 1 /5pk protected by stainless steel a cooktop guard keeps small children and hot cooktops safely separated just make sure it s adjustable in width and easy to move against the wall and you ll be just as comfortable by the cooktop as ever before left pag e akurum kitchen with Ädel medium brown doors and drawer fronts $4959 Ädel doors/drawer fronts in stained clear lacquered solid birch/birch veneer shown with korrekt nickel-plated zinc handles and prÄgel stone effect white

placing your oven and microwave in a high cabinet makes cooking so much easier you can easily place and remove trays as well as transfer hot dishes to your countertop with one smooth movement akurum kitchen with abstrakt high-gloss gray doors and drawer fronts $3490 abstrakt doors/drawer fronts in high gloss foil finish shown with metrik brushed nickel-plated aluminum handles and numerÄr white laminate countertop with metal effect edge ra nutid convection oven $749 true convection oven function that combines top and bottom heating with the fan for even heating ideal for baking 3.1 cu ft ra w24×d21×h23 stainless steel 801.423.45 nutid microwave oven $699 installation in a high cabinet provides a comfortable work height and clears work space on the countertop 800w 1.4 cu ft ra w23¾­29¾×d21¼×h18 stainless steel 701.423.41 utby shelving unit $269 two fixed shelves in stainless steel hygienic strong and durable surface that is easy to keep clean finish with numerÄr table top

your dream kitchen it starts with an empty space and endless possibilities need an extra hand we can help plan yo ur kitchen 22

storage zone 2 1 easy to find easy to reach get more out of your kitchen storage with fully extendable drawers that you can reach from both sides 2 find it fast make it easier to find exactly what you re looking for by installing spotlights above your cabinets 3 customized drawers no more jumbled messes adjustable drawer dividers can help keep those smaller odds and ends nice and neat they re adaptable to create storage that works for your kitchen 4 make the most of drawers keeping pantry items grouped in plastic boxes makes it easier to organize your drawers and take several ingredients to and from the cooking area 1 a greener thumb you don t need a garden to grow your own herbs all you need is a bit of wall space to hang them a simple window box for bigger veggies like tomatoes or a large pot on your balcony for plants besides bringing some green into your kitchen you ll always have the basil on hand for your favorite pesto recipe the peace of mind knowing that it s organic and a

new 1 2 3 10 11 5 12 kosing handles 13 14 99 k /6 4 1 new 6 7 8 15 16 17 new kosing knobs new new 9 99 k /6 1 18 19 20 knobs and handles designed to coordinate with our fronts our knobs and handles are an easy and affordable way to put the finishing touches on your new kitchen or simply touch up the one you ve been in for years 1 new yster handles $3.99/2pk abs plastic 1 hole spacing red 401.772.14 white 001.836.17 2 tag handles matt chrome-plated aluminum $4.99/2pk 3¾ hole spacing 966.706.83 $6.99/2pk 5 1/16 hole spacing 800.702.54 3 attest handles stainless steel $3.99/2pk 5 1/16 hole spacing 900.385.41 $4.99/2pk 8 13/16 hole spacing 700.385.42 $6.99/2pk 12 hole spacing 500.385.43 4 kosing handles $1.99/6pk powder-coated steel 5 1/16 hole spacing silver-color 200.512.01 5 lansa handles stainless steel $6.99/2pk 6 5/16 hole spacing 601.387.59 $7.99/2pk 10 1/16 hole spacing 401.387.60 $8.99/2pk 13 hole spacing 201.387.61 $9.99/2pk 21 7/16 hole spacing 001.387.62

1 lagan single lever kitchen faucet 2 3 19 99 6 4 5 10 11 12 13 8 9 ringskÄr single lever kitchen faucet 129 new 7 faucets all of our faucets are designed to coordinate perfectly with the rest of the kitchen and no matter which style you choose most save 30 water without sacrificing water flow that s good news for your dishes energy bill and the environment all kitchen faucets have a 10-year limited warranty except lagan find out more on p 73 1 edsvik dual control kitchen faucet $49.99 chrome-plated brass ra h11¾ 700.546.50 2­3 loviken series designer nike karlsson ra 2 dual control kitchen faucet $89.99 chrome-plated brass h8 000.507.64 3 dual control kitchen faucet $89.99 powder-coated brass h8 black 601.391.36 4 lagan single lever kitchen faucet $19.99 chrome-plated brass designer mikael warnhammar ra h6 700.850.29 5 tÄrnan single lever kitchen faucet $39.99 chrome-plated brass ra h7 401.296.33 6 hovskÄr single lever kitchen faucet $99.99 zirconium-coated brass

luftig hoo c50 extractor hood last year´ price $499 s 399 luftig vented extractor fan $59 w29×d17×h6 white 200.920.08 · 190 cfm ducted using 7 round ventilation · 6.0 sones · integrated extractor fan with two different speeds luftig convertible extractor fan w29×d17½×h6 $99.99 stainless steel 000.920.09 $79.99 white 001.520.41 · 220 cfm ducted using 7 round ventilation · 7.5 sones · infinitely variable speed adjust according to need luftig hoo c50 extractor hood $399 last year s price $499 w30×d20¼×h35­51¾ stainless steel 500.920.16 · 400 cfm ducted using 6 round ventilation · 7.47 sones · wall mounted extractor hood with three different speeds luftig hoo e50 extractor hood $549 w29×d19¼×h33­42 stainless steel 501.105.05 · 400 cfm · 6.93 sones · wall mounted extractor hood with three different speeds dÅtid extractor hood 549 dÅtid extractor hood $549 w30×d20×h31½­51 anthracite 001.423.25 · 400 cfm ducted using 6 round ventilation · 6.93

new 4 1 rationell variera pot lid organizer 499 2 3 5 6 inside organizers for storing the secret to staying organized in the kitchen is having a special place to store each item no matter how big small or awkwardly shaped 1 new rationell cutlery tray adjustable in size when a basic unit and add-on unit are used together clear lacquered solid beech designer mikael warnhammar basic unit $12.99 w11¼×l19¾ 901.772.40 add-on unit $7.99 ra w9×d19¾×h2 901.772.35 2 rationell variera plate holder clear lacquered solid beech designer nike karlsson ra $7.99 w4¾­7½×h7 300.761.97 $9.99 w7½­12×h7 300.762.01 3 rationell variera pot lid organizer $4.99 adjustable adapt length to storage needs stainless steel ra l3¼­19¾×w5¾×h4 701.548.00 4 rationell variera shelf insert powder-coated steel ra white $4.99 w12×d5×h6¼ 801.366.22 $5.99 w12×d11×h6¼ 601.366.23 5 rationell corner base cabinet pull-out fitting $119 adjustable shelves adapt spacing according to your personal

1 2 3 4 bekvÄm kitchen cart 5999 7 8 5 6 kitchen carts and islands when counter space just isn t enough a kitchen cart can give you an extra work surface and with wheels it s easy to roll everything straight to the dining area and back again 1 utby/vika hyttan kitchen island $369 stainless steel gives a strong and durable surface that is easy to keep clean anchor fitting for attaching to floor included stainless steel designer mikael warnhammar ra l47¼×d23×35 598.434.66 2 fÖrhÖja kitchen cart $99.99 gives you extra storage utility and work space fÖrhÖja cutlery trays fit in on the shelves solid birch designer nike karlsson ra l39×w16×h35 800.359.20 3 groland kitchen island $199 gives you extra storage utility and work space solid birch designer mikael warnhammar ra w47¼×d20×h35 401.574.85 4 stenstorp kitchen cart $199 gives you extra storage utility and work space solid oak designer carina bengs ra l31×w20×h35 white 801.169.97 5 stenstorp kitchen island $379

high cabinets depth 24 including door unless otherwise stated prices include frame doors hinges drawers wire baskets and pull-out cleaning storage where shown drawer and door dampers are included in all drawer combinations except for the hÄrlig series the rationell door and drawer dampers are also sold separately legs toekicks and knobs/handles sold separately with 4 shelves d12 15 to be completed with either toekicks/legs or visible legs width×height order code with avsikt glass door cabinet number code hÄrlig white applÅd white stÅt white nexus brown-black birch brown yellow-brown Ädel white lidingÖ white liljestad dark brown Ädel birch beech medium brown fagerland antique stain ramsjÖ black-brown white tidaholm brown-black oak abstrakt white gray red avsikt frosted glass/aluminum rubrik colored glass/aluminum rubrik copper effect frame only quantity/total 15×80 ak hs $118 $131 $168 $176 $196 $211 $241 $246 $246 $246 $263 $302 $45 64 24×80 ak hs $149 $166 $232 $244

you re passionate about cooking we re passionate about cookware ikea 365 pots have a 15-year limited warranty ikea 365 frying pan has a 5-year limited warranty find out more about our limited warranties in your ikea store or on ikea 365 cookware $39.99/7 pcs includes 5qt pot with lid 3qt pot with lid 1qt saucepan with lid and frying pan Ø11 stainless steel frying pan coated with teflon® platinum coating 301.011.68 individual pieces also available for sale price vary 39 99 /7pcs making the most of your time in the kitchen is all about ease the ikea 365 series sees you from one day to the next through any occasion and with timeless design and durable materials you ll be equipped to tackle any culinary challenge 365 days of the year to see the entire range of ikea cookware visit your ikea