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we believe getting dressed should be about inspiration not

pax heimdal/pax vikedal wardrobe combination .203 017lqwhulruÀwwlqjvvrogvhsdudwho 1796

1 2 this pag e 1-3 komplement series 1 multi-use hanger $10 steel/plastic w43 h85cm white 701.089.12 2 new shoe box $19.95/4pk plastic w23×d35 h16cm white 101.181.55 3 storage with compartments $40 polypropylene w46×d56 h12cm white 801.079.74 right pag e 3 new pax series foil Àqlvk%odfneurzq shelf $45/2pk w100 d58cm 001.216.34 shelf $35/2pk w50 d58cm 701.216.35 wardrobe frame $229 w100×d58 h236cm 901.215.83 wardrobe frame $199 w50×d58 h236cm 401.215.85 komplement series basket $75/3pk polypropylene w30×d34 h32cm 501.079.75 new hook $4.95/2pk 3rzghufrdwhgvwhho 401.181.54 shoe rack $10/ea 3rzghufrdwhgvwhho w50×d35cm 901.060.78 trouser hanger $45 3rzghufrdwhgvwhho w100×d54 h3cm 901.067.85 komplement wire basket $30 3rzghu frdwhgvwhho:ð h16cm 301.067.88 txlsshgiru impulse purchases 6rphwlphv rxqhhgdolwwohfuhdwlyhwklqnlqjwrpdlqwdlqrughulqdqdouhdg ixoo zdugureh3uhguloohgkrohvlq3 iudphvdoorzsodfhphqwrivkhoyhvedvnhwv forwkhvudlovdqgpruhwrpd[lplvhwkhxvhrivsdfhdqgdoorzirufohyhuhuzd

6wrudjhiruevery nook and cranny pax malm wardrobe combination .203 017lqwhulruÀwwlqjv vrogvhsdudwho 773 pax malm wardrobe combination $773 %lufk yhqhhujodvvdqgdqrglvhg doxplqlxp:ð +fp .203 017lqwhulru Àwwlqjvvrogvhsdudwho pax shelf $35/2pk foil Àqlvk:ð fp %hhfkelufkhiihfw komplement series 3rzghufrdwhgvwhho pull-out clothes rail $10 /fp shoe rack $10/ea :ð fp wire basket $20/ea :ð fp a b fr ames a b pax wardrobe frame rloÀqlvk :ð fp %lufkhiihfw we have used this 35cm-deep pax malm wardrobe with mirrored sliding door to add a feeling of space just perfect for those narrow hallways

komplement door-mounted storage 19 .95

t h i s pag e pax series rloÀqlvk wardrobe frame $229/ea :ð +fp wardrobe frame $199/ea :ð fp cabinet/wall cabinet $99/ea :ð +fp shelf $45/2pk :ð fp shelf $35/2pk :ð fp komplement series box with lid and guide rail $45/ea 3ro surs ohqh sodvwlf:ð +fp box with lid and guide rail $30/ea 3ro surs ohqh sodvwlf:ð +fp shoe rack $10/ea 3rzghufrdwhgvwhho :ð fp wire basket $30/ea 3rzghufrdwhgvwhho :ð fp right pag e :khuhidvklrqv jrwrhibernate 8vh3 zdugurehviruhyhu gd vwrudjhdvlqwkhehgurrprqwkhuljkw ruwdloruwkhpiruorqjwhupvroxwlrqvvhhqderyh iruzkhqvhdvrqvfkdqjh rufkloguhqjurzrxwriwkhluidyrxulwhwrsv.203 017zluhphvkedvnhwv doorzdluwrflufxodwhdurxqgforwkhvhqvxulqjwkdwwkh uhpdlqiuhvk fr ames pax nexus wardrobe with 1 door $339 clear odftxhuhg:ð +fp pax drammen wardrobe with 2 doors $569/ea foil Àqlvkwhpshuhgjodvv :ð fp total combination as shown $1477 :ð +fp+dqgohvdqg komplement interior Àwwlqjvvrogvhsdudwho komplement series drawer with divider $45/ea &ohduodftxhuhg

pax birkeland wardrobe combination +dqgohvdqg.203 017 lqwhulruÀwwlqjvvrogvhsdudwho 1697

sliding doors 7kh3 volglqjgrruudqjhfrphvlqxswrirxuvl]hvvkrzqehorzdqglqd ydulhw rivw ohvdqgÀqlvkhvlqfoxglqjfodvvlfzrrghqiurqwvdqgwkhqhz3 6 dqg3 0 rxfdqdovrfrpelqhgliihuhqwvw ohvwrfuhdwh qhzh[suhvvlrqvruh[dpsohpl[dpluuruhggrruzlwkdzrrghqgrrudvlq 3 0 0irudoljkwprghuqorrnwkdwdggvdihholqjrivsdfhwrdq urrp 6olglqjgrruvduhdovrdjrrgfkrlfhzkhq rxgrq wkdyhvxiÀflhqwurrpwr rshqfrqyhqwlrqdoklqjhgrruv :lgwkvdydlodeohsulfhvydu rqdoovl]hvdqgvw ohv 6hhsirughwdlov fp fp fp fp paxzdugurehvdqgkomplementlqwhulruilwwlqjvduh fryhuhge d hdujxdudqwhh see p 41irughwdlov pax hakadal wardrobe combination .203 017lqwhulruÀwwlqjv vrogvhsdudwho 1098 1.pax stordal wardrobe combination $958 $qrglvhg doxplqlxpwhpshuhg jodvv:ð +fp 2 pax hakadal wardrobe combination $1098 &ohduodftxhuhg ehhfkelufkyhqhhu :ð fp 3 new pax eikesdal wardrobe with sliding doors $1458 $qrglvhg doxplqlxprdnyhqhhu dqgwhpshuhgjodvv :ð fp 4 new pax heimdal wardrobe combination $918 rloÀqlvk :ð fp 5.pax malm wardrobe combination $758

interior organisers %hklqgwkhehdxw ri3 lvwkheudlqv³.203 017/lnhdoojrrg sduwqhuvklsvwkhwzrduhdshuihfwpdwfk3 iudphvduhvshflÀfdoo ghvljqhgwrdffrpprgdwhrujdqlvhuvolnhvkhoyhvedvnhwvudlovdqggudzhuv zkhuhyhu rxqhhgwkhp.203 017lqwhulrurujdqlvhuvduhdydlodeohlq gliihuhqwvw ohvwrhqkdqfhwkhorrnri rxufkrvhqiudphvdqggrruv pax shelf rloÀqlvk%hhfkelufkhiihfw :ð fp $25/2pk :ð fp $35/2pk :ð fp $40/2pk :ð fp $35/2pk :ð fp $45/2pk rloÀqlvk2dnhiihfw :ð fp $25/2pk :ð fp $35/2pk :ð fp $40/2pk :ð fp $35/2pk :ð fp $45/2pk rloÀqlvk:klwh :ð fp $20/2pk :ð fp $30/2pk :ð fp $35/2pk :ð fp $30/2pk :ð fp $40/2pk rloÀqlvk$qwltxhhiihfw :ð fp $25/2pk :ð fp $35/2pk :ð fp $35/2pk :ð fp $45/2pk rloÀqlvk%odfneurzq :ð:fp $35/2pk :ð:fp $40/2pk :ð:fp $45/2pk komplement box 3odvwlf :ð $15 :ð $20 :ð $25 komplement guide rail for box of plastic $10/2pk komplement wire basket 3rzghu frdwhgvwhho&kdpsdjqhfrorxu :ð fp $10 :ð fp $15 :ð fp $20 :ð fp $30 komplement wire basket 3rzghu frdwhgvwhhouh

hinge doors heights 201cm below you can see examples of combinations in 50cm and 100cm widths doors and drawer fronts can be combined to fit different size frames these combinations can then be used together to make larger solutions frame hight 201cm requires a minimum ceiling height of 202cm width×depth cm pax aneboda door white frame in white pax barmen door oak pattern frame in oak pax birkeland door white frame in white 50×37 $154 098.425.82 $174 398.428.73 $194 498.264.86 50×60 $204 298.425.81 $224 198.428.74 $244 098.264.88 $264 298.264.92 $184 598.418.77 $264 898.274.98 $264 798.265.31 $264 598.418.58 $264 498.265.42 $264 798.265.07 $234 398.265.47 $284 398.416.61 100×37 $279 698.425.84 $299 898.428.75 $359 898.265.59 $399 098.265.63 $239 198.418.79 $399 698.276.68 $379 598.265.89 $379 198.418.60 $379 898.265.97 $399 398.265.71 $339 898.266.01 $419 298.418.74 100×60 $329 198.425.86 $349 698.428.76 $409 498.265.61 $449 598.265.65 $289 598.418.82 $449 098.276.66 $429

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