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drawers are available in komplement basket 75/3pk birch oak black brown white new 7 pax shelf w100xd58cm 40/2pk 8 1 4 2 9 komplement add-on clothes rail 5 3 1 15 6 10 11 4 pax shelves foil finish shelf white w50xd58cm $30/2pk w75xd58cm $35/2pk w100xd58cm $40/2pk shelf birch effect w50xd58cm $35/2pk w75xd58cm $40/2pk w100xd58cm $45/2pk shelf black-brown w50xd58cm $35/2pk w75xd58cm $40/2pk w100xd58cm $45/2pk shelf oak effect w50xd58cm $35/2pk w75xd58cm $40/2pk w100xd58cm $45/2pk 5 komplement shelves tempered glass grey w50xd58cm $15 w75xd58cm $20 w100xd58cm $25 6 komplement shelves clear lacquered solid birch w50xd58cm $25 w75xd58cm $35 w100xd58cm $45 7 new komplement trouser hanger with 5 compartments $90 pulls out for easy overview and access slide protection keeps the clothing in place holds min 14 pairs of trousers powdercoated steel and synthetic rubber w100xd58cm beige 8 komplement wire baskets pulls out for easy overview and access to contents powder-coated steel and plastic beige w50xd58 h16cm $20 w75xd58 h16cm $30 w100xd58 h16cm $40 9 komplement box with lid with komplement guide rails you can mount the box at any suitable height in pax wardrobe frame plastic white w50xd58 h18cm $25 w75xd58 h18cm $35 w100xd58 h18cm $45 komplement guide rail $10/2pk d54xh5.9cm white 10 komplement box with handles easy to pull out polypropylene and polyester white w30xd35 h33cm $35.99/3pk w30xd58 h33cm $45.99/3pk 11 komplement basket $75/3pk handwoven each basket is unique polypropylene w30xd34 h32cm textile/white 1 komplement wire baskets allow air to circulate and let you see what s in them without having to lift everything combine them with komplement shelves for your bulkier items 2 plastic storage boxes with lids keep seasonal items dust-free and they glide out for easy access 2 komplement plastic box with lid and guide rails 55/ea 1 komplement drawers painted finish clear lacquered solid birch/birch plywood foil/printed and embossed finish clear lacquered oak veneer drawer white w50xd58 h16cm $50 w75xd58 h16cm $60 w100xd58 h16cm $70 drawer birch w50xd58 h16cm $50 w75xd58 h16cm $60 w100xd58 h16cm $70 drawer black-brown w50xd58 h16cm $50 w75xd58 h16cm $60 w100xd58 h16cm $70 drawer oak w50xd58 h16cm $50 w75xd58 h16cm $60 w100xd58 h16cm $70 2 komplement clothes rails powder-coated steel beige w50cm $5 w75cm $10 w100cm $15 3 komplement add-on clothes rail $15 powder-coated steel w54­77cm beige 24 25