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1 2 taking care of the finishing touches even if things like trousers and shirts make up the bulk of your wardrobe it s the little things that can really make an outfit trouble is little stuff has a tendency to get misplaced and we don t always have time to search for that perfect scarf with komplement all accessories ­ from cufflinks to heels ­ have a home so you know exactly where they are and never need to forgo the finishing touch 1 2 new new 1 komplement hooks are perfect for necklaces scarves or ties you wear often the hooks fit onto komplement shelves and have a fabric lining to prevent scratching 2 organise everything from jewellery to scarves with this komplement storage with 9 compartments it even pulls out for easy access 3 keep all your pairs in place with a komplement shoe rack the stop rail prevents shoes from slipping off and the rack is easy to remove for cleaning 3 4 5 6 komplement shoe box 3 7 8 19.99/4pk 9 komplement box 14.99/set of 6 10 11 12 komplement shoe organiser 26 80 1 komplement storage with compartments plastic designer jon karlsson transparent/grey w50xd58cm $50 w75xd58cm $60 w100xd58cm $70 2 new komplement rack with 16 hooks $15 plastic designer magnus elebäck l56xd5 h7.5cm grey 3 komplement shoe rack powder-coated steel designer magnus elebäck beige w50xd35cm $10 w75xd35cm $15 w100xd35cm $20 4 komplement hook $2.99/2pk powdercoated steel designer magnus elebäck beige 5 lycka boot hanger $7.99/ea painted solid mango designer t christensen/k legaard h58cm black 6 komplement multi-use hanger $9.99 100 polypropylene and steel hook designer magnus elebäck w43xh85cm white 7 komplement storage with compartments polyester designer magnus elebäck felt/beige storage with 9 compartments $50 w50xd58cm storage with 12 compartments $55 w75xd58cm storage with 18 compartments $60 w100xd58cm 8 komplement shoe box $19.99/4pk polyester and plastic w23xd35 h16cm white 9 komplement storage with compartments $40 polypropylene designer carina bengs w50xd58 h12cm textile/white 10 komplement shoe organiser powder coated steel and plastic beige w75xd58cm $60 w100xd58cm $80 11 komplement box $14.99/set of 6 sizes w14xd14cm w28xd14cm and w28xd28cm 2 of each polyester and plastic designer monika mulder white 12 komplement box $14.99/set of 6 sizes w14xd14cm w28xd14cm and w28xd28cm 2 of each polyester and plastic designer monika mulder black komplement inter ior fitt ing s 27