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210 330 when dressing is more hobby than activity you need a wardrobe that does more than store stolmen doesn t just hold your clothes it displays every shoe bag and dress you love and 227 127 since stolmen is flexible in height and width it can take any space ­ small to large ­ and turn it into a walk-in closet stolmen total combination lights sold separately 910 stolmen combination with 3 sections stolmen combination with shoe storage/drawer unit/mirror 670 1 2 1165 stolmen combination with 2 sections 625 4 t hi s pag e 3 left pag e 5 6 stolmen total combination $910 aluminium powder-coated steel and painted finish designer ehlén johansson w354xd50 h210­330cm lights sold separately includes combination with shoe storage/drawer unit mirror $670 w127xd50 h210­330cm white combination with clothes rail/trouser hanger $240 w227xd50 h210­330cm white lagra spotlight $4.49/ea plastic designer k hagberg/m hagberg bulb e14 max 25w sold separately black stolmen series aluminium powder-coated steel and painted finish designer ehlén johansson 1 combination with 4 sections $1085 w370xd50 h210­330cm white 2 combination with 3 sections $1165 w284xd50 h210­330cm white 3 combination with 2 sections $625 w180/150 h210­330cm white 4 combination with 1 section $410 w130xd50 h210­330cm white 5 combination with 1 section $340 w80xd50 h210­330cm white 6 combination with 1 section $670 w160xd50 h210­330cm white i build your own stolmen with our buying guide on page 41 needahand wecanassembleitforyou p 4 2 stolmen wa r d ro b e s ys t e m 31