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new 4 1 rationell variera pot lid organiser 6.99 2 3 5 6 domestic bliss the secret to calm efficiency in the kitchen is having a special place to store each item if everyone knows where it goes they always know where to find it no more kitchen tantrums when someone s put the garlic press in the wrong place and with regard to domestic harmony that s a major step on the path to finding true happiness wouldn t you agree 1 new rationell range solid beech designer mikael warnhammar cutlery tray basic unit 12 50.1×31cm 001.855.22 cutlery tray add-on unit 6 20.0×50.1 h5.0cm 801.855.23 2 rationell variera range solid beech designer nike karlsson plate holder 4.99 12­19×h20cm 300.761.97 plate holder 6.99 19­32×h20cm 300.762.01 3 rationell variera pot lid organiser 6.99 adjust length according to storage needs stainless steel 8.5­50×14.5 h10cm 701.548.00 4 rationell variera range steel pigmented powder coating white shelf insert 2.49 32×13 h16cm 801.366.22 shelf insert 3.99 32×28 h16cm 601.366.23 5 rationell corner base cabinet pull-out fitting 119 adjustable shelves adapt spacing to suit melamine foil finish and steel 105×52 h6cm grey 401.167.39 6 faktum high cabinet with pull-out storage/2 wire baskets 279 fully-extending drawers for easy overview and access to contents steel pigmented epoxy/polyester powder coating 60×60 h211cm nexus brown-black 898.467.41 78 kitchens moreinsideorganisers visit yo urikeastorekitchens 79