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ikea home is the most important place in the world nutid ho ev w free hanging extractor hood ikea pax birkeland wardrobe with sliding doors new ikea ps laptop work station pax eikesdal wardrobe with sliding doors basic desk top unit on castors tv storage combination with sliding door king size bed frames with storage king size bed frame with storage ikea bergsbo bookcase with glass doors ikea aspvik roll front computer cabinet ikea new benno tv bench with storage birch veneer ikea jonas desk with pull out panel powder coated steel magnetic board ikea ikea bed king size bed frame storage ikea shelf unit with glass door uk ikea catalogue 2009 by ikea vika amon vika annefors table bergsbo bookcase with glass doors sultan laxeby slatted bed base ektorp left hand chaise longue ektorp right hand chaise longue vinstra dressing table with mirror ektorp left hand chaise longue cover komplement add on clothes rail summera pull out keyboard shelf rationell variera box with handle komplement fittings its all sorted ikea uk bjursta glass door cabinet ikea uk bjursta glass door cabinets ikea uk white cabinet with glass doors ikea ps ellan chair ikea ps laptop workstation ikea aneboda bed storage boxes ikea ektorp left hand chaise ikea aspvik roll front cabinets download free ikea kitchen planner 2009 ikea king size bed frame ikea king size bed frames ikea white king size bed frame ikea melbu king size bed with mattress ikea komplement drawer with dividers ikea bed king size bed frame birch ikea bed king size bed frame ikea ektorp left hand chaise cover single track rail curved ikea ikea king bed frame with storage ikea bed frame with storage king size ikea bed king size bed frame clamp ikea bed king size bed frame and mattress set ikea white dressing table with mirror bookcase with glass door 2009 vika amon tables top vika amon table top new pax fevik wardrobes

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new home that works a how might a home like that look we decided to find out step inside a home that is as comfortable as it is functional where the children and their parents can relax work and play and 100 square metres of activity still feels amazingly calm organised to give each person space furnished to foster togetherness new bergsbo bookcase with glass doors £169 see page 77 kivsta shade £16.99 see page 320 januari floor lamp base £16.99 see page

beddinge lÖvÅs 3-seat sofa-bed new left pag e bestÅ storage combination 369 adjustable feet to cope with uneven floors 24040 h240cm beech effect high-gloss white 798.577.49 inreda ladder 5 powder-coated steel 39220cm ilver colour 001.044.65 t h i pag e klappsta armchair 9 cover 85 cotton 15 polyester designers k hagberg/m hagberg 7673 h73cm nyarp white 798.304.63 new beddinge lÖvÅs 3-seat sofa-bed readily converts into a bed big enough for two 2 cushions included removable cover 70 cotton 30 viscose/rayon 200104 h91cm bed size 140200cm andvi beige 598.483.36 new beddinge square cushion 19 can be used as support for your arms or as a footrest or bac support removable cover 70 cotton 30 viscose/rayon 5919 h23cm andvi beige 498.483.32 strind side table on castors 399 eparate shelf for storing magazines keeps your things organised and clears table space castors included nicel-plated steel tempered glass designer ehlén johansson 50 h64cm 401.034.35 bestÅ storage combination 11 4

1 1 stiby storage combination with siding door £ 362 3 Änga storage combination £ 125 3 2 1­3 stiby range designer ehlén johansson 1 storage combination with drawers £495 stained ash veneer 23452 h220cm black 698.486.80 2 t storage with siding doors £885 reinforced back panel for a flat screen tv no need to drill holes in the wall and cables can be hidden at the back tinted ash veneer tempered glass 2 1­3 Änga range designer eva lilja löwenhielm 1 storage combination £349 smooth running drawers with drawer stop foil finish tempered glass and anodized aluminium 15840 h210cm white 498.424.34 2 t storage combination £539 cable outlet at the back 39052 h220cm ash veneer/white glass 898.486.84 3 storage combination with siding door £362 stained ash veneer 15652 h220cm black 298.486.82 keeps wires in place foil finish tempered glass and anodized aluminium 30842 h210cm white 098.424.26 3 storage combination £125 the post is provided with a groove for lighting and cabling

l e f t pag e rationell insert for spice jars glass fibre reinforced polyester cm mistletoe pattern beige 0 rationell dividers dimensioned for rationell drawer cm wide makes maximum use of the space plastic and aluminium dividers for deep drawers 8/ea 14-piece divider set for drawer 11 rationell variera tray plastic hcm transparent rationell variera box tinted birch plywood hcm rationell variera box 1 plastic hcm transparent food storage see page 302 this pag e 1 nexus brown-black high cabinet with faktum frame 51 stained oak veneer powder-coated steel and aluminium hcm brown-black rationell cutlery tray 15 solid beech olid hcm new rationell corner base cabinet pull-out fitting 0 melamine finish and powder-coated steel hcm grey make the most of every centimetre even corners the new rationell base cabinet pull-out fitting swings open for easy access see ikea co.uk/rationell 1 new shoponline at ikea .c o.u k kitchen

easy to fall asleep easy to stay asleep in a bedroom where comfort is key a bed filled with textiles adds cosiness and your sultan mattress gives you personalised support for better sleep read more about sleeping comfort on page 178 new new 152 bedroom trybefore yo ubuy at theikeas to r

new new malm single bed frame £

tjusig shoe racks £ 29/ea shoponline at ikea .c o.u khomeor ga n i s at i o n

new jorun cushions £ .99 9 /ea new jorun löv curtain £45/pair 100 cotton 145300cm 801.437.50 new jorun range cushions £4.99/ea 100 cotton 3535cm 601.417.85 cushions £9.99/ea reversible pattern 100 cotton 5060cm 001.417.50 throw £12.99 100 acrylic 130170cm 801.417.32 rug £199 80 wool 20 nylon 240280cm 101.417.16

new charmÖr side plate new £ .49 1 1 3 2 4 syntes bowl 99p shoponline at ikea .c o.u kcookande at

bestÅ widthdepthheight cm shelfunit,4 shelves 6040 h192cm beech effect 801.021.27 £45 black-brown 401.021.29 £45 white 601.021.28 £45 shelfunit,8 shelves 12040 h192cm beech effect 201.021.30 £75 black-brown 801.021.32 £75 white 001.021.31 £75 shelfunit,3 shelves 6040 h128cm beech effect 601.021.33 £40 black -brown 101.021.35 £40 white 401.021.34 £40 shelfunit,6 shelves 12040 h128cm beech effect 901.021.36 £60 black-brown 501.021.38 £60 white 701.021.37 £60 shelfunit,2 shelves 6040 h64cm high extension unit beech effect 901.021.55 £25 black-brown 501.021.57 £25 white 701.021.56 £25 shelfunit,4 shelves 12040 h64cm high extension unit beech effect 601.021.52 £45 black-brown 201.021.54 £45 white 401.021.53 £45 shelfunit,1 shelf 6040 h38cm high extension unit beech effect 801.021.46 £20 black-brown 401.021.48 £20 white 601.021.47 £20 shelfunit,2 shelves 12040 h38cm high extension unit beech effect 201.021.49 £35 black-brown 801.021.51 £35 white

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