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6 news scan the page new gerrebo picture £16 news new nordli 12-drawer chest £300 painted fnish 120×43 h142cm white 990.213.05 image created by tom frazier 50×50cm radiant light 702.322.14 a chest to treasure nordli is designed as modules that you can combine in many ways build high or wide mix small and large drawers you can make many combinations to ft your needs and space and it looks stylish too more news keeps on coming keep your eyes open for new design collections new furniture and seasonal ranges here are some of the new products that we’re particularly proud of you’ll fnd more news throughout the catalogue as well as at ikea.co.uk and the ikea store knopparp 2-seat sofa see page 106 75 £ busunge 2-drawer chest see page 209 new ikea ps 2014 led stool lamp £45 see page 93 new busunge extendable bed £130 mattress and bedlinen sold separately 90×138/208 h79cm mattress size 80×200cm 202.743.48 60 £ lighten up the conversation this is

40 bathroom scan the page godmorgon/odensvik washstand and storjorm mirror ›better choices can make a difference even in the tiniest of bathrooms watersaving taps led lighting and waste sorting solutions are good for you and also for the planet.‹ 255 £ a waste sorting station keeps your bathroom tidy and makes it quick and easy to do your recycling get your day off to a bright start with long-lasting energy-saving led lighting what’s in the price see page 318 for more information about our bathroom service see page 313 01 strapats pedal bin 5l 03 4 £ 04 01 strapats pedal bins easy to move with a handle on the back inner bucket is removable for easy cleaning stainless steel and plastic £4 5l 402.454.11 £10 12l 502.454.15 02 05 02 godmorgon/odensvik washstand with 2 drawers £200 you can easily customise the size of the drawer high-gloss foil fnish and ceramic 63×49 h64cm high-gloss white 898.843.61 02 godmorgon/odensvik washstand with 2 drawers 03

72 organising ›multifunctional furniture and a few unusual ideas turn a bit of a squeeze into a perfect fit for you and all your worldly goods.‹ scan the page wardrobe storage and bed frame in one that’s how you get more for your money and your space double the functionality of a wall shelf by putting two enudden shelves together to create built-in bookends 04 07 01 selje bedside table £20 in the drawer there is room for an extension socket for your chargers powder-coated steel designer monika mulder 46×37 h55.5cm blue 902.432.78 03 02 new ikea ps 2014 range together with the wall rail and the other accessories in the ikea ps 2014 range you can create different combinations to suit your needs and your home painted fnish designer tomás alonso shelf £9 35×23cm dark red 402.688.36 knobs £5/4pk Ø2.5cm assorted colours 202.618.88 tray £8 Ø35cm 202.688.37 wall rail £5 l55cm 202.775.11 wall rail £10 l118cm 802.618.85 05 malm ottoman bed

104 relaxing everyone can relax in their own way with fexible seating options sit where you like do what you like with comfort at your control 06 ikea ps 2014 foor lamp 50 £ 02 01 locksta easy chairs orange 35/ea £ 01 locksta easy chairs £35/ea the cover is easy to keep clean as it is removable and can be machine washed cover 100 polyester 71×75 h78cm orange 902.396.53 02 sÖderhamn corner section £320 cover made from heavy hard-wearing cotton/polyester twill twill is a weaving technique that makes the fabric strong and gives it a lively texture cover 79 cotton and 21 polyester 99×99 h83cm replösa beige 999.009.64 03 new ikea ps 2014 storage table £50 versatile and space saving because the trays stack and form a table with storage plastic and powder-coated steel designers t richardson/c brill a williams Ø44 h45cm multicoloured 702.639.98 04 new ikea ps 2014 rug £70 low pile the dense thick pile dampens sound and provides a soft surface to walk on

eating 137 ›shelves as room dividers create a sense of space as well as harmony accessibility and openness make great roommates.‹ 01 the glass top extends easily to seat 6 people 05 kallax shelving units 70/ea £ 02 01 bÖja pendant lamp £52 each handmade shade is unique bamboo and nickel-plated steel designer maria vinka Ø42cm ikea model t0801 böja this luminaire is compatible with bulbs of the energy classes a to d 401.522.80 02 agam junior chair £35 gives the right seat height for the child at the dining table recommended for ages from 3 years painted solid beech 41×43 h79cm black 702.535.41 03 glivarp extendable table £250 the glass table top lets light through which makes the table feel neat and blend in even when space is limited seats 4-6 glass steel and aluminium designer carl Öjerstam 125/188×85 h74cm transparent/chrome-plated steel 302.175.26 04 tobias chairs 65/ea £ 03 glivarp extendable table 250 £ 04 tobias chairs

scan the page 168 mattresses 01 02 03 200/ea hÖvÅg pocket sprung mattresses £ children can use single size versions the machinewashable cover has a childproof zip with no small parts natural materials like latex horsehair cotton wool and lyocell provide a comfortable sleep environment at an even temperature 100 £ hesseng/evenskjer/sultan torÖd mattress combination 1060 £ 04 hafslo/engerdal mattress combination £250 choose between a frm and medium frm mattress according to what your body likes best ›roll-packed spring mattresses like hÖvÅg cost less to transport and are easier to take home together with engineers and designers we managed to compress the mattress for shipping and still keep the comfort quality after 72 hours a mattress has fully regained its shape.‹ björn götesson packaging engineer 01 hÖvÅg standard 4’6” pocket sprung double mattresses £200/ea firm also available in medium frm you get support in

200 bathroom furniture scan the page 02 lillÅngen washbasin cabinet with 1 door £90 £80 01 03 vitemÖlla wall lamp £18 08 ÖstanÅ spotlight £30 09 silverÅn/lillÅngen 10 fix this to face up or down for good illumination at your mirror or sink with built-in led washbasin cabinet with 2 doors £120 £105 ÖstanÅ wall lamp 04 vitemÖlla triple ceiling spotlight 40 £ godmorgon/brÅviken washstand with 2 drawers 200 15 £ 11 £ godmorgon/odensvik washstand with 2 drawers 220 £ 12 05 godmorgon/odensvik washstand with 2 drawers £240 06 hemnes/rÄttviken washstand with 2 drawers £210 07 hemnes/odensvik washstand with 2 drawers £240 spacious soft-closing fully extendable drawers make it easy to organise and reach all your personal items silverÅn/hamnviken washbasin cabinet with 2 doors 145 £ installation service our professional bathroom installation includes plumbing and electrical work find out more at

232 chests of drawers scan the page 02 tarva 5-drawer chest £75 01 03 brusali 4-drawer chest £80 06 hurdal 5-drawer chest rub candle wax on the pre-treated wooden drawer gliders to give them the traditional treatment £250 08 malm 4-drawer chest £55 07 malm 2-drawer chest 35 £ 09 nornÄs 4-drawer chest 2 compartments 150 £ 04 trysil 3-drawer chest 45 £ 05 push openers in place of knobs or handles give this piece a modern streamlined look that adds interest to any room 10 hemnes 8-drawer chest £180 11 musken 4-drawer chest 65 £ stockholm 4-drawer chest 280 £ 01 hemnes 3-drawer chest £90 stained clear-lacquered solid pine designers k hagberg/m hagberg 108×50 h95cm red 602.426.33 02 tarva 5-drawer chest £75 if you oil wax lacquer or stain the untreated solid wood surface it will be more durable and easy to care for untreated solid pine designers k hagberg/m hagberg 39×39 h127cm 202.805.99 03 brusali 4-drawer chest £80 foil fnish designers

264 coffee tables and side boards scan the page 01 03 stockholm bedside table £70 02 07 06 08 ikea ps 2012 coffee table £40 liatorp coffee table 165 £ hatten side table 16 £ stockholm 2-piece nest of tables 160 £ ikea ps 2014 side table with lighting 04 ikea ps 2012 side table with 4 bowls £35 50 £ 09 tofteryd coffee table £170 ikea ps 2012 side table 30 £ 05 30 £ nornÄs coffee table 10 the frame is strong but light as it’s made from bamboo a fast-growing natural material ›the ikea ps table lets you charge your phone store magazines and it also provides a reading light this is a modern versatile interpretation of polish hybrid products from 50 years ago designed to make the most of small spaces at home.‹ lack side tables 5/ea £ tomek rygalik designer 11 lindved side table £15 made of untreated arctic pine that’s beautiful and durable you can also paint stain or oil it for a personal look 01 stockholm 2-piece nest of

296 cookware cookware 297 01 02 stabil lid £6 05 senior frying pan £30 06 sensuell sauteuse £32 frying pan £35 line up the handles to create a gap between the pot and the lid it allows steam to escape and the water is then easier to pour out sensuell pot with lid 40 £ senior casserole dish with lid 45 £ 03 ikea 365 sauté pan with lid £22 pot with lid £16 ÖnskvÄrd pot with lid 4 £ the thick base evens out the heat for better cooking results made of stainless steel this cookware is also robust and easy to clean 4 07 stabil steamer insert £7.50 04 lÄmplig trivet £ full of useful features for the keen cook like tilted handles and see-through lids sensuell works on all hobs including induction it s a joy to use every day and good-looking enough to serve from at the table this cookware retains heat very well so your delicious dinner uses up less power in the preparation ikea 365 saucepan with lid 13 £ 01 ÖnskvÄrd pot with lid £4

for more information on how to scan see page 5 scan this page regularly to get more offers from ikea £ 45 where the wonderful everyday ends © inter ikea systems b.v 2014 40050 knapper standing mirror 48x160cm see page