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what are you seeking what feeling are you waiting for as you take hold of the steering wheel no matter what experience you anticipate the q50 amplifies it it’s designed to become what you desire direct adaptive steering 1  expands your sense of control behind the wheel and your relaxation on the road with a digitally enhanced steering connection— allowing for an unprecedented level of handling customizability and filtering out unwanted vibration infiniti drive mode selector helps match the way your vehicle performs to your conditions your needs and even your mood with the simple flip of a

in anticipation your every touch has power the greatest response and the tightest connection can come from a momentary contact the lightest touch of a fingertip discover how technology designed in the right way can transform your gestures into influence infiniti intouch ™ 3  integrates your digital life including apps in a system that responds naturally to your touch touch tap swipe to navigate email stream music catch up on social media and more infiniti intouch ™ navigation 1,3  offers a more intuitive 3-dimensional view and simple interface for increased ease and confidence helping you expertly find your location and your destination even in crowded city

in awakening visionaries don’t just see the world with greater accuracy they dream of new experiences that never were before take hold of a singular vision of luxury that owes nothing to conventions that have preceded it and everything to your total sensory delight led headlights are designed to complement the sculpted design of the q50 and create a dramatic flair that will turn heads they also turn to shed light on where you’re steering helping heighten visibility as you maneuver high beam assist 1 automatically dims your high beams as oncoming vehicles approach extend courtesy help increase safety savor convenience catered for

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power exceptional build quality fuel efficiency 2 and output can be measured with instruments or graphs but the true excellence of infiniti engines is in the feeling unleashed as you drive 360 hp 328 hp 36 2 hwy mpg 30 2 hwy mpg 3.5-liter v6 engine with infiniti direct response hybrid ®1  a combined system power of 360 horsepower responds to your call with thrilling immediacy while it achieves a surprising 36 highway mpg 2 it transitions from all-electric mode to full-power hybrid mode with an intensity and organic response that defies everything you think about hybrids 3.7-liter v6 gasoline engine 1   its robust design exceptional powerto-weight ratio advanced technology and fuel efficiency have won it acclaim from critics and fans alike benefitting from variable valve event and lift vvel ® technology it adjusts on the fly to make the most of every breath and every bit of fuel resulting in a stirring 328 horsepower while achieving 30 highway

perform unleashing the intelligence and intensity of infiniti direct response engineering the q50 frees you to drive precisely the way you desire efficient invigoration  no hybrid design is quite like it and none can match its emotional intensity the 50 kw electric motor and cutting-edge lithium ion batteries of the infiniti direct response hybrid ®1 are powerful enough to allow you to maintain cruising speed in all-electric mode when not needed the 3.5liter v6 gasoline engine is turned off and completely disconnected maximizing mechanical efficiency and yet it responds to your call for power with a stirring intensity control without compromise  when conditions are ideal intelligent all-wheel drive 1 sends 100 of the power to the rear wheels for more sporty response and performance but it also constantly monitors wheelspin throttle position and vehicle speed and can divert up to 50 of the available power to the front wheels to help enhance traction and control when

assist/entertain infiniti insuite ™ integrates a host of intuitive technologies to simplify tasks and anticipate your needs as they keep you in touch with and in control of your world 8 top 7 bottom customizable dual touchscreens technology with humanit y  infiniti intouch ™ 3 puts intuitive control of your vehicle’s systems and access to a wide array of familiar apps right at your fingertips the dual touchscreen interface allows you to set the climate control do a google ® search check your social media or access a wide variety of comfort and convenience settings all in the same elegant interface and with the customization of infiniti intuition,™ it remembers your personal app selection so you’ll always see the apps you’ve selected a smarter way to see  the adaptive front lighting system 1 lights not just the way ahead but around as well it directs light toward corners by turning the headlights in coordination with steering

selection hues that change in response to light and angle matching exterior and interior colors to reflect the distinctive energy and mood of the seasons these are two ways infiniti designs color to evoke feeling express character and shape the emotional essence of a vehicle maple accents kacchu aluminum graphite stone interior trim wheat black obsidian kh3 malbec black gac venetian ruby nah chestnut bronze can graphite shadow kad hagane blue rbp interior colors liquid platinum k23 moonlight white qaa exterior colors wheels infiniti has taken care to ensure that the color swatches presented here are the closest possible representations of actual vehicle colors swatches may vary slightly due to the printing process and whether viewed in daylight fluorescent or incandescent light please see the actual colors at your local infiniti retailer additional cost applies for this paint option 17 x 7.5-inch split 5-spoke aluminum-alloy wheels with all-season run-flat

specifications q50 3.7 q50 3.7 premium q50s 3.7 q50 hybrid premium q50s hybrid q50 3.7 q50 3.7 premium q50s 3.7 q50 hybrid premium q50s hybrid q50 3.7 q50 3.7 premium q50s 3.7 q50 hybrid premium q50s hybrid power handling continued interior continued engine brakes battery saver helps prevent accidental discharging if electrical accessories are left on • • • • • front and rear carpeted floor mats • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • 3.7-liter 3,696cc 24-valve v6 engine aluminum-alloy block and heads • • • 3.5-liter v6 with infiniti direct response hybrid utilizing a lithium-ion battery and 50 kw electric motor • ® • valvetrain double overhead camshaft dohc 4 valves per cylinder with microfinished camshafts continuously variable valve timing control system cvtcs optimizes opening of intake valves variable valve event and lift vvel® for

q50 3.7 q50 3.7 premium q50s 3.7 q50 hybrid premium q50s hybrid safety features q50 3.7 q50 3.7 premium q50s 3.7 q50 hybrid premium q50s hybrid option packages continued safety • • • • • driver and front-passenger side-impact supplemental air bags15 • • • • • roof-mounted curtain side-impact supplemental air bags for front and rear-seat outboard occupant head protection15 • • • • • front seat belts with pretensioners and load limiters driver’s seat emergency locking retractor elr and passenger’s seat elr and automatic locking retractor alr • • • • • second-row 3-point seat belts with elr and alr • • • • • zone body construction with reinforced passenger compartment and front and rear crumple zones • • • • • latch system lower anchors and tethers for children helps simplify proper installation