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power folding third row seat heated second row seats tire pressure monitoring system nissan nissan motor co ltd rear coil spring over shock ignition switch with key with locking steering wheel the operation of the cellular system 15 kw electric motor on and on the seasons change row row third row seat tire pressure monitor nissan dvd wireless remote control head restraint dvd seat belt sensor cd dvd player nissan aluminum alloy wheels power rear sunshade heated outside mirrors tie down anchor auto heated outside power heated mirror rear seat belt light regenative brake system parking brake pedal assembly brake pedal assembly satellite lithium ion battery e brake pedal assembly tie down anchor system speed dependent volume control radio data system remote engine start rear bumper protector illuminated push button switches rear brake lights side mount spare tire mount 120v power outlet in dash dvd players outside temperature display in rear view mirror front door handles power door lock switch 9 volt push button ignition switch active noise control high rear brake light key ignition with steering wheel universal power door lock switch 6 inch wheels and tires 8 inch wheels and tires speaker with volume control operation of speed dependent volume control 600 kw electric motor 400 kw electric motor 15 hp electric motor 5 by 4 by 4 13 inch wheels 24 inch wheels and tires 12 volt power point

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intelligent all-wheel drive 2  empowers you with confidence by constantly monitoring wheelspin automatically adjusting to changing conditions for enhanced traction and control hybrid powertrain 2  is designed with emotion in mind masterfully crafted to maintain the power and dynamic drive of a luxury v6 with a surprising 28 mpg on the

from devotion tri-zone automatic temperature control  indulges every passenger with personal comfort offering climate controls for three distinct zones advanced climate control system 2,6  cleanses the air itself of most allergens germs and odors for rejuvenation in every breath dedication defines even what you can’t

from deep the more passionately you feel about an objective the more intensely it will draw you in to its fulfillment create your perfect moments and surround yourself with every beautiful harmonious detail bose ® cabin surround ®2  envelops you creating depth and ambiance for a wider more immersive sound this unique system delivers music’s power from the front with sound washing through the cabin as in a live

ambiance a welcoming and evocative space is measured by its ability to stir your emotions 360 people visual inspiration  welcome all passengers with an uncompromised vision of hospitality while the sense of openness and light brightens the mood of the cabin the qx60’s signature panoramic moonroof 2 is grand enough to offer an inspiring view of the sky for the second and third rows savor the stillness  electronic engine mounts instantaneously adjust the mount damping to ensure exceptional interior tranquility using sensory technology they provide active vibration control even while the qx60 hybrid engine is idling.2 6 countries .48 millimeters matchless materials  glide your hand across the armrest and your fingertips seem to recognize the instinctively rewarding feel this is purely intentional we took one-and-a-half years surveying 360 people all over the world to quantify the most pleasing tactile feel then created the perfect materials to match it with

accommodation a spacious interior which easily accommodates the most varied of lifestyles always conforms and never constrains row 2 abundant space  the qx60 provides versatility precisely tailored to the needs of every guest its low wide stance helps maximize head and hip room for all seven passengers interior elements like the roof and windshield pillars were tapered and shaped to give the impression of generous space and the backs of the supportive front seats give rear passengers more legroom comfort zones  because all guests have a personal idea of comfort tri-zone automatic temperature control offers three distinct climate zones the driver front passenger and rear passengers each enjoying their own set of controls the intelligent system will take it from there maintaining the climate to each personal setting 41.7 31˚ maximize versatilit y  the expansive interior was intelligently designed to adapt its volume to your needs optimize your cargo capabilities

assist/entertain infiniti insuite ™ integrates a host of intuitive technologies to simplify tasks and anticipate your needs as they keep you in touch with and in control of your world personal performance  with dual 7-inch headrest monitors,2 rear-seat passengers can experience their own personal entertainment by playing their own movies or games even while those in front enjoy their own music 1 2 360˚ view 3 4 all-around awareness  the around view ® monitor with moving object detection 2,8 and front and rear sonar system 2,9 gives you exceptional awareness of your environment as you park you’ll see a simulated 360° view from above showing you clearly the objects detected around your car and the system will even alert you to moving objects detected in your vicinity it helps put you intuitively in control of your surroundings while simultaneously putting you at ease ease in traffic  intelligent cruise control fullspeed range 2,10 allows you to

protection the infiniti safety shield ® concept—our comprehensive approach to safety—layers technologies to monitor conditions help you avoid a collision and help protect you and your passengers if one occurs 1350 mpa u lt r a highten si l e st e e l 59 0 mpa co nventional st e e l stronger and lighter  ultra high-strength steel is used to help enhance your safety in the case of a collision the unique process used to create this material can give it more than twice the tensile strength of conventional steel not only does this ultra-strong material add to the vehicle’s resiliency it allows us to make the vehicle lighter overall better stabilit y while stopping  electronic brake force distribution adjusts the amount of brake force applied to the front and rear wheels for improved braking performance it not only helps the brakes wear more evenly it reduces frontend “dive” during heavy braking increasing your directional stability and

selection hues that change in response to light and angle matching exterior and interior colors to reflect the distinctive energy and mood of the seasons these are two ways infiniti designs color to evoke feeling express character and shape the emotional essence of a vehicle maple accents kasane washi graphite leather java leather interior trim wheat leather black obsidian kh3 emerald graphite eaj graphite shadow kad midnight garnet nab hermosa blue bw5 interior colors liquid platinum k23 majestic white qab exterior colors wheels infiniti has taken care to ensure that the color swatches presented here are the closest possible representations of actual vehicle colors swatches may vary slightly due to the printing process and whether viewed in daylight fluorescent or incandescent light please see the actual colors at your local infiniti retailer additional cost applies for this color option 18 x 7.5-inch aluminum-alloy wheels 20 x 7.5-inch aluminum-alloy

specifications qx60 3.5 qx60 3.5 awd qx60 hybrid qx60 hybrid awd qx60 3.5 qx60 3.5 awd qx60 hybrid qx60 hybrid awd power exterior interior continued engine features third-row seatback-power return 3.5-liter 24-valve v6 engine aluminum-alloy block and heads • • 2.5-liter supercharged i4 engine with infiniti direct response hybrid utilizing a lithium-ion battery and 15 kw electric motor also equipped with electric active control engine mount e-acm • ® • valvetrain double overhead camshaft dohc 4 valves per cylinder with microfinished camshafts continuously variable valve timing control system cvtcs optimizes opening of intake valves • • double overhead camshaft dohc 4 valves per cylinder with microfinished camshafts continuously variable valve timing control system cvtcs optimizes opening of intake and exhaust valves • • fuel economy epa estimated fuel economy mpg3 city/highway 21/27 19/26 26/28 25/28 horsepower 265 hp 6,400 rpm

qx60 3.5 qx60 3.5 awd qx60 hybrid qx60 hybrid awd qx60 3.5 safety features continued option packages continued safety 20 wheel tire package  requires premium plus package or hybrid premium package 4-wheel anti-lock braking system abs • • • • blind spot warning bsw helps alert the driver to a vehicle detected in the blind spot area23 • • • • • • • • • • • • • led taillights lighting faster than conventional taillights they help give drivers behind you a quicker indication of your braking • • • • tire pressure monitoring system tpms provides specific information for each tire and low pressure warning25 • • • • security remote keyless entry system with selective unlocking of driver’s door or all doors • • • • qx60 3.5 awd qx60 hybrid qx60 hybrid awd 40.7 40.7 40.7 40.7 headroom with panoramic moonroof

partners in the intense the pulse races seconds split victories are won and lost in formula one technology and human ingenuity are pushed to the limit yet success is ultimately a measure of the passion that goes into every invention and is released every lap this passion has led infiniti red bull racing to become in recent years the most dominant force on track infiniti is drawn to formula one racing because it is engineering genius applied purely to creating emotional excitement a feeling of exhilaration that extends from the track to the fans to the culture of formula one through our partner infiniti red bull racing the heart and determination the team has shown has led them to four formula one constructors’ world championships in the last five years our synergistic relationship is one that promises thrilling new performance capabilities for both formula one and infiniti vehicles this exchange of both technology and ideas includes input directly from our formula one