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tire pressure monitoring system nissan power 10 way driver 4 way passenger seats adaptive front lighting system price 21 inch alloy wheels head restraint dvd seat belt sensor tire pressure monitor nissan leather shift knob cruise control system sensor pre collision system moonroof wind deflector moonroof wind deflectors heated outside mirrors rear cargo cover nissan aluminum alloy wheels rear cargo covers double wishbone suspension rear bumper protector leather shift knob cover automatic leather shift knob cover auto heated outside power heated mirror cd dvd player front seat belt cover maximum trailer weight change front driver side seat belt front passenger side door tie down anchor remote steering wheel radio switches retractible rear cargo cover illuminated push button switches 4 speed shift knobs with lift reverse tie down anchor system rear cup holder front bumper grill fog light rear brake lights miles per gallon mile per gallon vanity mirror with light fm grill fog light cruise control switch on steering wheel 9 volt push button ignition switch in dash dvd players 4 speed shift knobs with up reverse 12 volt auto outlet key ignition with steering wheel 6 inch wheels and tires 8 inch wheels and tires ignition switch with key with locking steering wheel 321 stainless steel stainless steel rear brakes kit rear brake light covers universal power door lock switch 22 inch wheels and tire package high rear brake light rear brake light cover wheel center line

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the power european model shown don’t waste the opportunity for excitement that lives in every moment with performance at the core of the qx70 the rush is always ready experienced every time you open the throttle our unique take on engineering gives acceleration an emotional quality that goes beyond pure speed signature exhaust note enhances your driving experience with a thrilling growl even with your eyes closed the qx70 will be hard to mistake acceleration swell transforms mechanical power into emotional excitement precise engine tuning unleashes torque over a broader rev range and the feeling of acceleration is shaped to increase the faster you

european model shown around view ® monitor 1,7  is a ground-breaking technology from infiniti that gives you a virtual 360° view of your environment while parking you see your surroundings as though from above for an extraordinary level of awareness powe r re a r lif tgate is where space meets ease and elegance it opens and closes automatically with the push of a button from a variety of locations—the liftgate handle or the dash access should not demand

the intense european model shown love straights but devour curves each turn is met with immediacy and the g-forces sustained with a tenacity that reveals its athletic nature with surprising poise and responsiveness you’ll experience design that redefines the crossover downshift rev matching expertly translates performance driving technique flick the magnesium paddle shifter 1 for a lower gear and it blips the throttle to ready the engine for the new gear smoother quicker downshifts mean balance and

object of attraction 2015 infiniti

ambiance a welcoming and evocative space is measured by its ability to stir your emotions 0.6  mm c lose r optical perfection  where interior components meet—where the dash meets the door or the center console—they are assembled not to be mathematically perfect but to look perfect this requires an exacting manufacture process tightening the space where dashboard meets door from 3mm to 2.4mm in order to achieve a seamless visual design from the driver’s point of view but we believe in considering every angle in creating an emotionally transcendent environment.  finer fabrics  the seat belt is one of the few surfaces you continually touch so we found a variable herringbone weave for the webbing that is 20 softer than standard fabrics not only is it more pleasing to the touch but being more compliant it allowed us to reduce the friction of the seat belt mechanisms by 10 the seat belt is more comfortable to wear easier to pull out and even

assist/entertain infiniti insuite ™ integrates a host of intuitive technologies to simplify tasks and anticipate your needs as they keep you in touch with and in control of your world 1 2 360˚ view 3 4 all-around awareness  the around view ® monitor 1,7 with moving object detection 9 and front and rear sonar system 10 gives you exceptional awareness of your environment as you park you’ll see a simulated 360° view from above showing you clearly the objects detected around your car and the system will even alert you to moving objects detected in your vicinity it helps put you intuitively in control of your surroundings while simultaneously putting you at ease ease in traffic  intelligent cruise control full-speed range 1,11 allows you to choose your desired speed and automatically adjusts your speed in slowing traffic going all the way to a complete stop then as traffic flow picks up it re-accelerates your vehicle to your preset speed this visionary

protection the infiniti safety shield ® concept—our comprehensive approach to safety—layers technologies to monitor conditions help you avoid a collision and help protect you and your passengers if one occurs better stabilit y while stopping  electronic brake force distribution adjusts the amount of brake force applied to the front and rear wheels for improved braking performance it not only helps the brakes wear more evenly it reduces front-end “dive” during heavy braking helping increase the directional stability of your vehicle the system also detects vehicle-load conditions and distributes additional brake pressure to the rear brakes as needed always looking for danger  intelligent brake assist 1,3 with forward collision warning 1,2 uses sensors to continuously monitor and analyze your closing speed to the vehicle ahead of you helping detect an imminent collision it provides a two-stage warning to alert the driver as the vehicle moves

selection hues that change in response to light and angle matching exterior and interior colors to reflect the distinctive energy and mood of the seasons these are two ways infiniti designs color to evoke feeling express character and shape the emotional essence of a vehicle maple accents black lacquer graphite leather java leather interior trim wheat leather black obsidian kh3 malbec black gac midnight mocha nae iridium blue ray umbria t wilight  jaa graphite shadow kad interior colors liquid platinum k23 moonlight white qaa exterior colors wheels infiniti has taken care to ensure that the color swatches presented here are the closest possible representations of actual vehicle colors swatches may vary slightly due to the printing processes and whether viewed in daylight fluorescent or incandescent light please see actual colors at your local infiniti retailer 18 x 8.0-inch aluminum-alloy wheels 20 x 8.0-inch light weight aluminum-alloy wheels 21 x 9.5-inch

specifications qx70 3.7 qx70 3.7 awd power qx70 3.7 qx70 3.7 awd exterior engine • • automatic-on/off high intensity discharge hid bi-functional xenon headlights double overhead camshaft dohc 4 valves per cylinder with microfinished camshafts steel intake and exhaust valves continuously variable valve timing control system cvtcs optimizes opening of intake valves variable valve event and lift vvel® for intake valves improves performance emissions and fuel efficiency • • fuel economy epa estimated fuel economy mpg8 city/highway 17/24 16/22 horsepower 325 hp 7,000 rpm • • torque 267 lb-ft 5,200 rpm • • transmission electronically controlled 7-speed automatic with adaptive shift control asc manual shift mode offers sequentially selectable manual gearshifts and downshift rev matching drm • • snow mode controls throttle response • • rear-wheel drive tilt and telescopic steering column • •

qx70 3.7 qx70 3.7 awd safety features • qx70 3.7 qx70 3.7 awd dimensions premium package exterior coefficient of drag 0.35 0.35 overall length inches 191.3 191.3 overall width inches 75.9 75.9 • driver and front-passenger side-impact supplemental air bags17 • • roof-mounted curtain side-impact supplemental air bags with rollover sensor for front and rear-seat outboard occupant head protection17 • • infiniti hard drive navigation system with 8-inch wvga color touch-screen display lane guidance and 3-d building graphics6 • infiniti voice recognition for audio navigation and vehicle information systems • navtraffic with real-time traffic information14 • navweather with real-time weather and 3-day forecast 14 • around view® monitor with moving object detection7,9 and front and rear sonar system10 • single in-dash cd dvd player • streaming audio via bluetooth® wireless technology 13

partners in the intense the pulse races seconds split victories are won and lost in formula one technology and human ingenuity are pushed to the limit yet success is ultimately a measure of the passion that goes into every invention and is released every lap this passion has led infiniti red bull racing to become in recent years the most dominant force on track infiniti is drawn to formula one racing because it is engineering genius applied purely to creating emotional excitement a feeling of exhilaration that extends from the track to the fans to the culture of formula one through our partner infiniti red bull racing the heart and determination the team has shown has led to four formula one constructors’ world championships in a row our synergistic relationship is one that promises thrilling new performance capabilities for both formula one and infiniti vehicles this exchange of both technology and ideas now includes the appointment of 4-time formula one drivers’