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moonroof wind deflector power rear sunshade emergency brake pedal assembly sport anti roll bar brake pedal assembly e brake pedal assembly tuned induction system rear window defroster timer illuminated push button switches rear brake lights anti roll bar link nissan first aid kit cd dvd player remote steering wheel radio switches cruise control system sensor pre collision system power door locks switches 4 piston brake calipers active anti roll bar system active noise control 6 inch wheels and tires 8 inch wheels and tires 24 inch wheels and tires 12 volt auto outlet outside temperature display 12 volt power port outside temperature display in rear view mirror 12 volt power point infinity tire pressure seat belts retractor seat belt retractor hazard warning nissan satellite radio deluxe seat belt rear calipers network termination door closure brake pedal sensor dohc engine valves sound waves rear trunk spoiler transmission shift interlock auto rear window piston heater ducts headliner mounted storage compartment rear seat jacks x type rear shock absorbers high flow piston valve y block cylinder heads wood trim vehicle s type front shock absorbers pre crash brake transmission shift interlock 21 inch alloy wheels interior lights steering wheel assembly

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70 visit us online to create your ideal infiniti get pricing and more www.infiniti.ca connect join our community and get the latest on infiniti facebook.com/infiniticanada twitter.com/infiniticanada instagram.com/infiniticanada always wear your seat belt and please don’t drink and drive © 2015 infiniti a division of nissan canada inc infiniti model names are nissan trademarks

seek pursue elevate in the confidence of its lines the composure of its performance and the depth of its refinement the infiniti q70 embodies your drive to achieve at the highest level because you strive for more and expect it as

elegant in design commanding in presence create your own path and lead with authority the sculpted contours of the infiniti q70 seem to flow without effort while simultaneously exuding a confidence that demands attention athletic stance large 20-inch alloy wheels not only complement the graceful proportions of the q70 they are designed to make handling more responsive the lightweight construction inherently reduces unsprung weight and helps contribute to quicker turn-ins.1 expressive illumination stylish and functional the led headlights of the q70 shed light where you steer1 and also provide another level of awareness with signature crescent-shaped led daytime running lights curves that invite undeniably infiniti the double-wave hood rises to meet the elevated front fenders conveying a dynamic expressive design impression amplified expressing signature infiniti design the doublearch grille is prominently placed in front and centre the arc of the bottom like a natural reflection to

always extending a personal invitation every arrival every entrance—recognized and anticipated with thoughtful conveniences that always feel special inviting you in for added convenience and safety welcome lighting responds to your presence automatically with a sequence of exterior and then interior lights the puddle lights illuminate the ground below then the interior lights glow to help you settle in the choreographed sequence ends with the start/stop button pulsing waiting for you to bring it to life personalized access recognizing you upon your approach the infiniti intelligent key® lets you unlock the doors and trunk and even start the engine—all without taking the key out from your pocket or purse and as you enter it slides your seat back for you then adjusts your steering wheel and outside mirrors automatically to your preferences more comfortable quickly here every aspect of your entrance is as hospitable as possible climate-controlled front seats actively

delights in all its infinite details reward your senses with luxury in the things you see and touch everything has been crafted with a focus on you u.s instrumentation shown pleasing to the eyes the soothing glow of the fine vision electroluminescent gauges has been designed to not only be brighter but the contrast delivers information clearly even at a glance finer fabrics the seat belt is one of the few surfaces you continually touch so we use a variable herringbone weave that is 20 softer than standard fabrics this makes it more comfortable to wear easier to pull out and even less likely to snag your clothing unique interior accent the q70 offers a well-appointed and inviting interior with high-quality materials the white ash silver-powdered wood accents give the cockpit a distinctive look and merges old-world luxury with modern aesthetics.1 quality in comfort sit inside and experience the softness and firmness that the semi-aniline leather-appointed seats provide.1 the full-grain

exquisite space with exceptional comfort this is luxury centred on you—behind the wheel or in any seat the infiniti q70 reveals an interior with spaciousness and elegance 993.4 mm 1128.9 mm headro om front l eg r o om interior design every key interior surface of the q70 has been extensively researched to provide the ideal tactile feel from the seats to the suede-like headliner,1 they all play a part to enhance the overall experience 958.2 mm headro om welcoming cockpit infiniti creates an experience that anticipates with thoughtful design controls are positioned for instinctive reach each component is crafted for recognition by shape and feel ensuring that you connect with the q70 intuitively by touch alone rear 919.1 l eg r o om abundant space the q70 provides versatility precisely tailored to the needs of every guest its low wide stance helps maximize head and hip room for all passengers and the backs of the front seats give rear passengers more legroom in the q70l the

amplifying the feeling of performance engineering that unlocks a greater intensity in the driving experience through your senses actively responding the upgraded springs of the sport-tuned suspension sharpens the handling of the q70 while the doublepiston shock absorbers help reduce vibrations to deliver the smoothest ride possible.1 a continuous rush dedicated to delivering a shape and feel to acceleration infiniti engines are precisely tuned to unleash torque over a broader rev range the force you feel seems to increase the faster you go and continually pushes you back into your seat sharp shifting feel the exhilaration of cornering in manual shift mode when selecting a lower gear downshift rev matching adjusts the throttle so the transition between gears is smoother and quicker signature exhaust note quicker stops aluminum opposed-piston brake calipers provide stopping force from both sides of the rotor at the same time for better bite more friction and direct feel.1 the

elevating your power and poise discover performance engineering that intuitively responds to your every direction for an uncommon level of power and control 330 hp 270 lb-f t 3.7-litre v6 a potent blend of exciting response and intelligent efficiency the 3.7l gasoline engine benefits from exclusive variable valve event and lift vvel® technology the engine continually adjusts when the intake valves open and how long they remain open this results in more efficient airflow through the cylinder and significantly improves responsiveness and the confidence you’ll have on every drive 416 hp 406 lb-f t 5.6-litre v8 the most formidable engine infiniti has ever built this powerful and responsive 5.6-litre v8 delivers a thrilling performance it produces a stirring 416 hp and boasts 406 lb-ft of torque to produce a torrent of power that is delivered with the polish and precision to suit virtually any driving scenario you might encounter or excitement you might desire intuitive traction

connectivity that takes you further technology allows you to stay connected to your world naturally and effortlessly empower your touch the infiniti controller puts simple intuitive control of your technology systems at your fingertips it allows you to interact via the inputs most intuitive to you—turning ring touchscreen input buttons and even steering wheel controls—responding to you rather than you adjusting to it intuitive front lighting illuminate where you truly want to be the adaptive front lighting system afs1 improves visibility at intersections and around curves by sensing your steering and turning the headlights to see not just ahead but around as well 360˚ view see every side gain a new perspective on what’s around you with the around view® monitor with moving object detection and front and rear sonar system it’s easier to see and manoeuvre in even the tightest spaces.1,2,3 four cameras and one virtual 360° view from above elevate your

be clearer in traffic manage your pace set your desired speed and distance and intelligent cruise control full-speed range1,4 will automatically adjust your speed in slowing traffic all the way to a complete stop once the way clears intelligent cruise control will bring you back up to your preset speed keep your distance distance control assist1,5 looks ahead and helps warn you if your following distance becomes too short if detected and you do not take your foot off the accelerator pedal the system will automatically engage the brakes and push back on the pedal maintain your lane the lane departure warning and lane departure prevention systems1,6 monitor lane markings and will help warn you if you start to drift if the drift continues the system will help ease your vehicle back towards the centre of your lane by applying the brakes on the opposite side of the vehicle know your way find your way through busy streets and unfamiliar territory the infiniti hard drive navigation system1,7

make it uniquely yours white ash silver-powdered wood japanese ash wood graphite leather java leather interior trim stone leather wheat leather black obsidian kh3 malbec black gac hermosa blue bw5 chestnut bronze can asgard grey kad interior colours platinum ice k23 majestic white qab exterior colours wheels 18 x 8.0-inch aluminum-alloy wheels 20 x 8.0-inch aluminum-alloy wheels infiniti has taken care to ensure that the colour swatches presented here are the closest possible representations of actual vehicle colours actual colours may vary from the colour on your screen due to monitor colour restrictions additional cost applies for this option please see the actual colours at your local infiniti

specifications q70 3.7 awd premium q70 3.7 awd sport q70l 3.7 awd premium deluxe technology q70 3.7 awd premium q70l 5.6 awd premium deluxe technology q70 3.7 awd sport q70l 3.7 awd premium deluxe technology q70l 5.6 awd premium deluxe technology • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • handling continued power brakes engine 3.7-litre 3,696cc 24-valve v6 aluminum-alloy block and heads • • • 5.6-litre 5,552cc 32-valve v8 aluminum-alloy block and heads • valvetrain double overhead camshaft dohc 4 valves per cylinder with microfinished camshafts variable valve event and lift vvel® and continuously variable valve timing control system cvvtcs • • • intake system • • 12.6 x 1.1-inch ventilated discs/12.1 x 0.6-inch ventilated discs 4-wheel 4-channel abs sport aluminum 4-piston opposed front calipers with 14.0 x

q70 3.7 awd premium q70 3.7 awd sport q70l 3.7 awd premium deluxe technology q70l 5.6 awd premium deluxe technology interior continued q70 3.7 awd premium q70 3.7 awd sport q70l 3.7 awd premium deluxe technology q70l 5.6 awd premium deluxe technology cruise control with steering wheel-mounted switches • • • • analog clock • interior continued front armrest with dual-level storage compartment 12-volt power outlet auxiliary input jacks and usb connection port 14 • • • • • • • rear-seat centre armrest with storage • • • • intelligent cruise control full-speed range4 • • • outside temperature display • • • • distance control assist • • • battery saver helps prevent accidental discharging if electrical accessories are left on • • • • eco pedal • • • front and rear carpeted floor mats •

q70 3.7 awd premium q70 3.7 awd sport q70l 3.7 awd premium deluxe technology q70l 5.6 awd premium deluxe technology accessories22 rear decklid spoiler splash guards 4-piece set carpeted trunk mat23 trunk net23 first aid kit stainless steel illuminated kick plates moonroof wind deflector all-season floor mats dimensions exterior coefficient of drag cd 0.27 0.27 0.27 0.27 overall length mm/inches 4945/194.7 4945/194.7 5130/202.0 5130/202.0 overall width mm/inches 1845/72.6 1845/72.6 1845/72.6 1845/72.6 overall height mm/inches 1515/59.6 1515/59.6 1515/59.6 1515/59.6 2900/114.2 2900/114.2 3050/120.1 3050/120.1 wheelbase mm/inches track width mm/inches–front 1575/62 1575/62 1575/62 1575/62 track width mm/inches–rear 1565/61.6 1565/61.6 1565/61.6 1565/61.6 interior headroom with moonroof mm/inches–front 993/39.1 993/39.1 993/39.1 993/39.1 headroom with moonroof mm/inches–rear 958/37.7 958/37.7 958/37.7 958/37.7 legroom mm/inches–front 1129/44.4 1129/44.4