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integrated led turn signal 12 volt power outlet v6 twin turbo radio cd player rds run flat tires remote steering wheel radio switches radio cd player 400 hp engine am fm radio antenna power steering rack rear window defroster timer adaptive front lighting indicator dual exhaust tips power door locks switches automatic transmission fluid automatic transmission fluid j tilt telescopic steering wheel sensor rear brake lights electronic power steering 12 volt am fm radio am fm radio antenna for interior dynamic led turn signal exhaust tips with led lights red cd player with remote steering and suspension 12 volt auto outlet outside temperature display key ignition with steering wheel radio cd player for the blind turn signal lamp 24 inch wheels and tires chrome wheels and tires 12 volt power point you are the hands as it was infinity tire pressure sport coupe rear bumper air purifier seat belts retractor f 350 shock absorbers steering rack nissan satellite radio x type rear shock absorbers dohc engine valves s type front shock absorbers 6 hp engine turbo engines nissan climate control tire pressure monitor nissan usb flash rear calipers y block cylinder heads cylinder heads 4 cylinder block satellite radio transceiver water cooled

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2017 q60 visit us online to create your ideal infiniti www.infiniti.ca join our community and get the latest info always wear your seat belt and please don’t drink and drive printed in september 2016 catalogue number 99999-17inq60e © 2016 infiniti a division of nissan canada inc infiniti model names are nissan trademarks this brochure is printed on recyclable paper infiniti encourages you to recycle it or perhaps pass it on to a

infiniti empower the drive we are like you we push ourselves beyond our comfort zone while others might be content with making better machines we are driven to go beyond—to design cars that push human potential we build technology to enhance your senses striking design that demands a response and performance that makes you feel more alive prepare to experience the road as it was intended infiniti q60 empower the drive with performance we gave it daring curves and a powerful stance the exhilarating performance of a twin-turbocharged 400-horsepower v6 engine.1 and the unmatched responsiveness of the world s first digitally adaptive handling system.1 q60 redefine the

exterior design every line shapes an emotion our philosophy—and the future of infiniti design—takes stunning shape on the all-new q60 emotion is boundless so is daring design athletic stance large 19-inch alloy wheels1 make your intentions known add all-season performance run-flat tires1 and the visual message is clear the q60 is meant to perform impression amplified infiniti signature cues express a unique design language the top span of the double-arch grille represents the profile of a bridge and the lower span portrays its reflection in the water eye-inspired led headlights give a provocative stare while the crescent-shaped c-pillar curves forward punctuating the exterior with dynamic detail low profile the dynamic proportions make a purpose-built statement low enough to hug the ground wide enough to deliver impressive stability aerodynamic advantage a .28 coefficient of drag says as much time has been spent making this sports coupe invisible to the wind as it is

interior design a body of art crafted expressly for you tailored to accentuate the human form the cabin celebrates the driver with bold thinking and fine modern materials visual reward with fine vision electroluminescent gauges see how quickly the needle moves under any lighting conditions the contrast delivers information clearly helping to improve visibility at a glance flexible doorstop every time you get in you’ll appreciate the thoughtfulness of the segment-exclusive flexible doorstop designed to stay open between set positions on level surfaces you can easily enter and exit without worrying about the door springing back on you sport seat design crafted to blend comfort with science the all-new driver’s seat performs on a higher design level feel the sport-inspired difference deep bolsters help hold you in place zero gravity research led to a form and cushioning seat design that can help reduce fatigue on long drives.1 tailored and accented craftsmanship is obvious

engineering accelerate your potential and performance this is power through innovation where the forces of advanced technology blow past limits three turbo engines including a first-ever infiniti twin-turbo culminate in jaw-dropping performance.1 sign of performance at infiniti performance is more than delivering a heightened driving experience we believe it should unleash a more dynamic driver in you and now a shared passion can be boldly displayed by the letter s whether it is more intense power tuning or design the infiniti sport model represents something special red sport 400 the red “s” badge represents the highest level of performance and power in its lineup in the q60 red sport 400 that means a 3.0l v6 twin-turbo 400-hp engine.1 400 9.2 300 8.8 208 8.5 hp l /1 0 0 km 2 hp l 1 0 0 km 2 hp l/100 km 2 all-new 3.0-litre v6 twin-turbo 400-hp engine with the all-new 3.0-litre v6 twin-turbo 300-hp engine tap into 2.0-litre i4 turbocharged engine feel the rush of a turbo

handling amplify every move digitally unleash the full-performance potential—of the all-new q60 and yourself—with the world’s first pairing of digital steering and suspension.1 f i rst digi ta llya da pti ve handling system a performance car is engaging an infiniti is empowering in the all-new q60 you amplify your capabilities with a true 21st-century handling system steer with enhanced precision when you turn the wheel direct handle with instant adaptability the all-new q60 choose your drive with up to 336 customizable driver settings the adaptive steering® not only translates your input it converts your intention into an electronic impulse since your steering is digitally processed you get the response you want smooth quick precise every movement is a reaction to your command tuned for a more natural connection.1 recalibrates the balance between comfort and performance into something revolutionary change from comfort-biased to a dynamic ride with the push of

p e r fo rmancechoices more ways to carve a turn personalize your performance with a range of choices for steering and suspension grasp your freedom drive unconstrained fully immersed in every moment.1 2 suspension systems 1   dynamic digital suspension dds you are the driver let the all-new dynamic digital suspension dds adapt to you enjoy a smooth ride when you want it or a more agile response when you demand it new adaptive dampers change the focus based on your drive mode selector choice switching between modes is instantaneous so is the ability of dds to constantly monitor chassis vitals like body roll pitch and bounce rate this is driver-centric performance for the digital age.1 2   standard suspension with a double wishbone front and an independent multi-link rear suspension you’ll enjoy a smooth level ride handle every twist and turn with aplomb thanks to shock absorbers that deliver a direct linear feel with less road noise and vibrations from now on you

co n n ec tivity in touch with your connected world infiniti intouch™ makes your world flow your life is always moving and infiniti intouch™ with navigation and infiniti intouch™ services seamlessly bring your world into your car stay ahead and in contact with voice text calendar navigation and music.1,3 13 speaker bose ® audio the latest from bose® for those who demand a performance focused sound system the new bose® performance series with advanced staging technology delivers thirteen high-performance speakers including multiple new 10 and 6 x 9 woofers and a lightweight silk dome tweeter achieve “live performance” precision revel in a wider and more precise soundstage where the acoustics are always ideal.1 proprietary digital signal processing a recent bose® innovation advanced staging technology utilizes advanced algorithms to dynamically direct music to their ideal locations within the cabin instruments and vocals have exceptional

driver aids effortlessly extend your abilities respond faster high beam assist automatically dims your high beams as oncoming vehicles approach then turns them back on when traffic clears.1 cruise smarter see farther steer easier view clearer respond faster with available driver-enhancing technologies you can now move with a new level of ease see farther the adaptive front lighting system afs improves visibility at intersections and around curves by sensing your steering and turning the headlights together with led autoleveling headlights afs helps you see not just ahead but around as well.1 cruise smarter set your desired speed and distance and intelligent cruise control full-speed range1,7 can automatically adjust your speed in slowing traffic when traffic speeds resume intelligent cruise control can bring you back up to your preset speed and distance steer easier working with direct adaptive steering,® active lane control1,8 evaluates the road ahead and can automatically make

safety effortlessly extend your awareness a unique combination of active and passive safety innovations enhance your ability to respond instinctively.1 more confident in reverse backup collision intervention1,10 helps increase your awareness as you back up the system warns you if approaching vehicles or large stationary objects are detected behind your all-new q60 and it can help you avoid a collision by applying the brakes recognizing danger predictive forward collision warning,1,13 uses radar to enable your all-new q60 to continuously monitor not only the vehicle directly ahead of you but also the vehicle in front of that one if your all-new q60 detects a potential risk it provides an audible and visual alert respond to your surroundings forward emergency braking a shield of protection the infiniti safety shield® concept— our comprehensive approach to safety—layers technologies to help monitor conditions help you avoid a collision and help protect you and your

co lour trim make it uniquely yours carbon fibre silver optic fibre brushed aluminum graphite semi-aniline leather interior trim graphite leatherette monaco red semi-aniline leather gallery white semi-aniline leather black obsidian kh3 midnight black gag dynamic sunstone red nba solar mica ebc electric indigo ray hagane blue rbp asgard grey kad interior colours platinum ice k23 majestic white qab pure white qaw exterior colours wheels infiniti has taken care to ensure that the colour swatches presented here are the closest possible representations of actual vehicle colours swatches may vary slightly due to the printing process and whether viewed in daylight fluorescent or incandescent light please see the actual colours at your local infiniti retailer additional cost applies for this option 19 x 9.0-inch aluminum-alloy wheels 19 x 9.0-inch unique aluminum-alloy

specifications q60 2.0t awd q60 3.0t awd q60 red sport 400 awd power q60 2.0t awd q60 3.0t awd q60 red sport 400 awd handling continued engine suspension 2.0-litre i4 1991cc turbocharged 16-valve inline 4-cylinder engine aluminum-alloy block and heads with idle stop start • • 3.0-litre v6 twin turbo 300 2997cc turbocharged 24-valve engine aluminum-alloy block and heads with water-cooled air charging system standard front independent double-wishbone with coil springs over dual flow path® shock absorbers stabilizer bar • • standard rear independent multi-link with coil springs over dual flow path® shock absorbers stabilizer bar • • independent double-wishbone with coil springs over shock absorbers stabilizer bar continuously variable electronically controlled shock absorbers provide high damping force at low-frequency vibrations flat ride and low damping force at high-frequency vibrations smooth ride • dynamic digital suspension front

q60 2.0t awd q60 3.0t awd q60 red sport 400 awd interior q60 3.0t awd q60 red sport 400 awd • • • infiniti intouch™ fully customizable digital environment for audio climate control feature displays it functions and navigation settings stored in each infiniti intelligent key®3 • • infiniti intouch™ with navigation with lane guidance • • interior continued features instrumentation and driver controls • • • • • • • power windows with illuminated switches and one-touch auto-up/down with auto-reverse feature • • • power door locks with automatic locking feature • • • valet key and trunk lockout feature • • • retained accessory power for windows and moonroof if equipped • • • sequential welcome lighting illuminated entry system with delayed fade-out • • • front sun visors with illuminated vanity mirrors

q60 2.0t awd q60 3.0t awd q60 red sport 400 awd • • q60 red sport 400 awd 0.29 0.28 0.29 exterior coefficient of drag cd bose® performance series audio +7 speakers 13 total • bose® centerpoint® simulated surround • homelink® universal transceiver • memory auto-dimming outside mirrors with reverse link • power tilt and telescopic steering wheel with memory and easy entry • infiniti intouch™ with navigation with voice guidance lane guidance and 3d building graphics3 • infiniti intouch™ services with 1 year of safety security and convenience services3 • navigation synchronized adaptive shift control • siriusxm traffic19 • voice recognition for navigation functions • memory front driver seat • power lumbar adjustment for front driver seat • heated steering wheel • heated front seats • semi-aniline leather-appointed seating driver assistance package – requires