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 back to main menu wahiba sands oman bedouin host wadi rum jordan ahmad atwah oman jordan discovery jerash/madaba amman jor d a n petra wadi rum 15 days muscat to madaba from the stunning islamic architecture of oman to the blazing colours of jordan s remote desert dunes this middle eastern adventure has both adventure and grandeur muscat jebel shams nizwa wahiba sands ras al jinz flight not included oma n discover towering fortresses and mosques explore the busy fishing harbour of muttrah and venture into the mountains where canyons and gorges cut through cliffs spend a day uncovering the majesty and mystery of ancient petra the first glimpse of the treasury from the narrow siq is simply unforgettable original elsjc maximum group size 12 days 1-2 muscat visit the sultan qaboos grand mosque natural history museum muttrah fishing harbour and the spice-filled bazaar day 3 ras al jinz visit the turtle sanctuary at ras al jinz where turtles come from miles away to lay eggs day 4 wahiba sands learn about the local bedouin people and their culture with a a campfire dinner then sleep out under the stars day 5 nizwa after breakfast check out the famous cattle market to see how the omanis do an auction continue to one of the country s finest forts – jabrin – visiting the ruins of bahla en route day 6 jebel shams drive to traditional al hamra and misfat al abyreen to see 400-year-old mud houses that people still live in enjoy a traditional lunch before heading to jebel shams. day 7 muscat visit the ‘grand canyon of oman’ then head to wadi bani awf where the breathtaking snake gorge cuts through the cliffs day 8 amman travel to jordan s modern capital check out the roman theatre or the citadel for superb views of the sophisticated city of amman days 9-10 wadi rum spend another night out in the desert with our bedouin hosts along the way take in wadi rum s stark desert scenery full of unique rock formations featuring inscriptions carved by people in prehistoric times days 11-12 petra travel to petra jordan s ancient city of enigmatic wonder carved from rose-coloured stone those feeling energetic can walk up the steps to the magnificent monastery for incredible views of the area days 13-15 madaba visit an ancient crusader castle then take a dip in the salty waters of the iconic dead sea – the mineral-rich waters are thought to have therapeutic properties walk the colonnaded streets of ancient jerash once one of the grandest roman cities in the world hotel 11 nts desert camp 3 nts 14 breakfasts 1 lunch 4 dinners minibus 4x4 bus van jeep view dates and prices discover more trips and detailed information about this destination at 79