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 back to main menu inca trail peru trekking the bahamas mexico dominican republic cuba follow in the footsteps of the inca on an unforgettable hiking adventure along the inca trail or on one of the newer routes on offer climb through lush cloud forest subtropical jungle and crumbling inca monuments and navigate narrow winding staircases and sheer mountain passes in pursuit of an unrivalled final destination the epic ruins of mighty machu picchu belize puerto rico honduras guatemala el salvador martinique st lucia nicaragua costa rica panama colombia ecuador aguas calientes galapagos islands ecuador peru machu picchu bra machu picchu inti punku sun gate bolivia choquetacarpo kilometre 82 winaywayna 2nd pass inti punku pacaymayo phuyupatamarca uruguay peru inca bridge yunkachimpa chile argentina kuychicassa 1st pass warmiwanusca quarry trail classic trail railway line archaeological site ollantaytambo chancachuco wayllabamba perolniyoc rafq’a urubamba river inca trail not the hiking type with spectacular natural scenery and opportunities for cultural encounters the inca trail is undoubtedly a beacon of peru’s trekking scene while it may attract thousands of avid hikers each year please be aware that this is no idle sunday afternoon stroll that’s fine we’re not going to drive you up the mountains with a cattle prod on every intrepid trip that includes the inca trail you can always opt out of the hike simply pick whichever peru trip you’re keen on and specify while booking that you’d prefer the train option there is no extra cost for this though please note that fees may apply if you decide to change to the train option after your inca trail permit has already been purchased in the time that your group mates are hiking you will have more time in cuzco to relax and get to know this unique city better and to explore the inca relics strewn throughout the sacred valley the trek is rated moderate and any reasonably fit person should be able to complete it but the relentless uphill and downhill hiking can be tough going the fitter you are the more you’ll enjoy it quechua community trail if you travel on an overland-themed trip operated by our partners dragoman your trek will automatically follow the quecha community trail unless you specify otherwise this is a unique route that winds deeper into unspoilt scenery of the andes as part of a community based initiative called tarpuy yachuy which is designed to directly provide benefits of tourism to remote quechua communities youll be staying with locals who rarely receive tourists inca quarry trail for something a bit more off the beaten track consider doing the inca quarry trail less established than the inca trail this trek offers the same magical scenery visits three smaller archaeological sites the other trails don’t and is less touristy another bonus is that it doesn’t require permits – so once you book you’re set responsible trekking intrepid travel is absolutely committed to ensuring the environmental sustainability of the amazing destinations we visit and we take our social responsibilities very seriously in peru we have committed to paying our porters and guides a fair wage and supplying them with the necessary equipment and resources to undertake their work safely we also support several community initiatives aimed at promoting the long-term sustainability of the regions environment and preserving the traditional cultures of its communities the nitty gritty in order to preserve the inca trail the peruvian authorities restrict available permits to only 500 per day they are available on a first-come first-served basis so booking well in advance is imperative for this reason if you want to hike the inca trail it’s best to supply the full details of the passport you will be travelling on at the time of booking we endeavour to purchase your permit within four days of receiving all necessary information and relevant payment very important since permits are non-changeable and non-refundable please consult with intrepid before changing any passport details after booking as this may result in your permit being invalidated if we can’t secure inca trail permits you can change to another one of our fantastic trips or choose a different departure date without incurring any intrepid penalties hike the equally incredible inca quarry trail which includes a day trip to machu picchu stay two nights in cuzco then travel to aguas calientes by train and spend the day exploring machu picchu before returning to cuzco south america 11