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china best of china original 14 days shanghai to beijing departs every sat selected mon itinerary days 1-2 shanghai china s incredible economic growth is most obvious in shanghai a cosmopolitan city with a vibe like no other visit the shanghai museum stroll along plus local payment us$200 physical culture shock the bund for a taste of colonial times and stand in awe at the city s space-age skyline days 3-4 nanjing one of china s more attractive large cities nanjing s palace ruins city gates and historic drum and bell towers are reminders of its glorious ming past visit sun yat sen s mausoleum the nanjing museum and the memorial hall which commemorates the 1937 nanjing massacre days 5-7 xi an this ancient capital and starting point of the silk road is also home to the life-size army of terracotta warriors these extraordinary ceramic soldiers were sculpted over 2,000 years ago to protect the tomb of emperor qin days 8-10 yangzi river sit back and experience the evolving scenery of the

china nomadic china original 21 days beijing to hong kong departs every sat apr to oct itinerary days 1-3 beijing a rich array of cultural treasures awaits including the summer palace the forbidden city and the rambling great wall days 4-5 xi an see why the terracotta plus local payment us$300 physical culture shock warriors are labelled one of the world s greatest archaeological discoveries wander through the fascinating muslim quarter and watch the sunset from the old city walls days 6-7 xiahe nestled in rolling grasslands the remote town of xiahe is home to the eminent labrang monastery days 8-10 langmusi homestay in a land where the surrounding mountains are still used for tibetan `sky burials we have a very special opportunity to visit a tibetan school and enjoy a traditional homestay day 11 tibetan grasslands venture across the serene tibetan grasslands for a taste of nomadic life in this remote area the roads are rough and the views are beautiful days 12-13 songpan travel

china roam china basix 20 days beijing to hong kong departs every fri selected wed itinerary days 1-3 beijing the energetic buzz of beijing s modern streets contrasts with the timeless wonder of its ancient sites explore the majestic forbidden city and summer plus local payment us$300 physical culture shock palace or wander through the traditional hutongs full of local shops and restaurants days 4-5 great wall no trip to china is complete without a visit to the great wall walk along a remote section of the wall and spend the night in a simple guesthouse nearby days 6-8 xi an meet the local hui people in the muslim quarter admire the distinctive great mosque or ride a bike around the impressive ming dynasty city wall don t miss a visit to the famed 2,000-year-old terracotta warriors days 9-11 shanghai walk along the elegant bund check out the spaceage skyscrapers of pudong or go bargain hunting in yuyuan bazaar perhaps catch a performance by the famous shanghai acrobats in the

china grand china comfort 21 days hong kong to beijing departs every mon jul to nov selected mon dec to jun itinerary days 1-2 hong kong old world china meets thriving modern metropolis in the streets of hong kong see the views from victoria peak cruise the harbour on the star plus local payment us$400 physical culture shock ferry or discover that hong kong s reputation as a shopper s dream is well earned days 3-4 yangshuo cross the border to mainland china and travel to the picturesque landscapes of yangshuo this is the perfect place to embrace the beauty of the middle kingdom cycle through paddy fields or hike along the spectacular li river as it winds around thousands of limestone mountains there is free time to take in a cooking or calligraphy class days 5-6 chengdu see the conservation efforts being made at the giant panda reserve this is a rare opportunity to see these beautiful endangered creatures end the day with chengdu s other specialties a delicious spicy sichuan hot pot

china classic china comfort 12 days beijing to shanghai itinerary days 1-4 beijing explore the treasures of beijing from the vast tiananmen square and impressive forbidden city to the monumental great wall of china there is free time plus local payment us$300 physical culture shock to shop in the various markets or take a tour of the ancient hutongs of old beijing a banquet of succulent beijing duck is a great way to start our classic china adventure days 5-6 xi an facing east in battle formation the army of terracotta warriors stand guard over the treasures of the first qin emperor there is also time to visit the bell and drum towers explore the muslim quarter and enjoy great city views from the big wild goose pagoda an impressive structure built to house buddhist scriptures days 7-9 yangshuo the dramatic countryside surrounding yangshuo is best seen on a gentle cruise down the li river float past limestone mountains rice paddies and water buffalo drinking at the river s edge learn

china tiger leaping gorge basix 10 days ex kunming departs every mon may to oct selected mon nov to may itinerary day 1 kunming explore the alleys of kunming for a glimpse of the city s old-world character day 2 lijiang peaceful and pretty lijiang is home to the naxi people descenplus local payment us$100 physical culture shock dants of tibetan nomads get to know them as you explore the maze of stone streets in the old town days 3-4 tiger leaping gorge hike along the yangzi through the spectacular terrain of one of the world s deepest gorges days 5-6 zhongdian visit the monks at the massive ganden sumtseling gompa and hire bikes to explore the local countryside days 7-8 dali travel to the lakeside town of dali surrounded by snow-capped mountains rise early and take a stroll through the colourful morning markets of the bai people or take a boat trip on erhai lake days 9-10 kunming discover ancient temples and mosques as our journey comes full circle in kunming photography competition

china china family adventure family 14 days beijing to hong kong itinerary days 1-5 beijing there is so much to see in beijing and so many ways to see it hire a bike and join the locals as they ride through the city or shop in the intricate plus local payment us$200 physical culture shock maze of city markets jump on a rickshaw for a tour of the old style alleyways and courthouses of the hutongs explore tiananmen square and the forbidden city and take a walk along the incredible great wall of china days 6-8 xi an imagine thousands of ancient stone soldiers all standing in battle formation ready to protect their emperor these are the terracotta warriors who have stood to attention in xi an for 2,000 years there are many other attractions in this fascinating city escape the hustle and bustle in the serene great mosque watch the sunset from atop the enormous city walls and sample delicious food from the evening markets days 9-12 yangshuo towering limestone peaks rise majestically from

china china hike bike active 14 days hong kong to beijing itinerary day 1 hong kong it s worth arriving early to explore this lively city hike up to victoria peak for fantastic views or wander through stanley market days 2-3 longshan cycle plus local payment us$200 physical culture shock on paved roads from zhaoqing to longshan across the beautiful and peaceful guangdong region a picnic lunch and school visit in one of the remote villages make this a memorable first day s ride days 4-5 wuzhou/yangshuo limestone caves picturesque villages and lush rural vistas lie between the traditional village of wuzhou and the pleasant town of yangshuo after visiting dragon cave cycle through the guangxi countryside stopping in ancient towns and busy markets along the way days 6-7 yangshuo the dramatic landscape that surrounds yangshuo is legendary the li river passes through town winding its way past towering limestone pinnacles and emerald rice fields soak up the mystical atmosphere and cycle

china middle kingdom magic basix 24 days beijing to kunming itinerary days 1-4 beijing explore the forbidden city or cycle through the maze-like hutongs we also experience the majestic great wall days 5-7 yellow river after visiting the plus local payment us$300 physical culture shock eclectic gao miao temple there is an option to raft the yellow river before heading into the inner mongolian desert on an overnight camel trek days 8-10 xi an the terracotta warriors are testament to the glory of past ages days 11-13 chengdu the legendary teahouses of chengdu are the perfect place to while away an afternoon there is the option to take a day trip to see the endangered pandas days 14-15 kunming the modern city of kunming has some excellent markets tucked away in the quaint back streets day 16 lijiang wandering the backstreets of lijiang is like taking a step back in time in the shadow of the jade dragon mountain naxi women roam cobblestone laneways selling their wares days 17-18 tiger

mongolia mongolia original 15 days ex ulaan baatar itinerary day 1 ulaan baatar nomads on horseback classic soviet architecture and a wealth of museums palaces and monasteries provide a perfect introduction to mongolia day 2 plus local payment us$200 physical culture shock amarbayasgalant monastery drive through vast grasslands to the tranquil and remote palace for god s meditation enjoy your first night in a ger camp at the foot of the burenkhan mountains days 3-4 selenge river immerse yourself in the beautiful surrounds of the picturesque selenge river get active on a hike to the 13th century volcanic crater at pot mountain home to the elusive marmot days 5-6 lake khovsgol possibly mongolia s most beautiful destination lake khovsgol is surrounded by rolling grasslands fir forests and meadows teeming with wildflowers days 7-9 terkhiin tsagaan lake climb the dormant volcanic peaks for spectacular views of the surreal landscape and enjoy a traditional mongolian barbecue days 10-11

tibet mountains monasteries original 28 days beijing to kathmandu departs every mon may to sep selected mon oct to apr itinerary days 1-3 beijing discover the forbidden city tiananmen square and the great wall days 4-5 xi an the imperial centre of china for 2,000 years xi an is famous for the plus local payment us$400 physical culture shock nearby terracotta warriors days 6-7 xiahe join the pilgrims as they complete a prayer circle around labrang monastery day 8 langmusi relax and acclimatise in this rural tibetan town days 9-10 homestay/tibetan grasslands experience tibetan life in a local home on the banks of the yellow river day 11 chengdu pass through stunning sichuan scenery en route to chengdu days 12-16 lhasa a short flight takes us to lhasa and the striking potala palace day 17 samye spend the night in the shadow of tibet s oldest monastery day 18 gyantse high passes glaciers and the turquoise lake make for a spectacular drive to gyantse days 19-21 shigatse/sakya explore