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china taste of china original 9 days beijing to shanghai departs every thu selected sat mon itinerary days 1-3 beijing take a journey back in time as we explore tiananmen square and the forbidden city and wander along the massive great wall there is also the chance plus local payment us$100 physical culture shock to spend time at some of the city s other fantastic sights like the summer palace and the lamaist monastery or catch an acrobatic performance days 4-5 xi an a day trip from xi an takes us to the iconic 2,000-year-old terracotta warriors archaeologists believe followers of emperor qin sculpted the 6,000 warriors and placed them in battle formation to protect him in the afterlife back in xi an there is plenty of time to explore the walled city centre watch the locals practice their ballroom dancing or catch a musical performance inside the 14th century bell tower days 6-7 suzhou linger in the famous gardens of suzhou and soak up the serenity before jumping on a bicycle and exploring the quiet alleyways of this charming town top off the experience with an evening performance of traditional music opera and theatre in one of the gardens days 8-9 shanghai from the skyscrapers of modern pudong and the colonial architecture of the bund to the complex network of traditional chinese alleyways shanghai wears its diversity on its sleeve while exploring the city centre we visit the world class shanghai museum there is also plenty of free time to shop up a storm at yuyuan bazaar or to get a taste of europe in the french concession photography competition 2006 the great wall hazel kinson accommodation hotels 6 nts overnight trains 2 nts transport minibus train walking bicycle optional group size max 12 meals 1 lunch budget allow us$130 for meals not included departs every thu selected sat mon notes during the winter months trips departing 1 dec 2007-1 mar 2008 this itinerary will alter between xi an and shanghai please refer to trip notes for details traveller rating 4.77 out of 5 trip code · walk on the great wall · discover the forbidden city · see the ancient terracotta warriors · find serenity in the gardens of suzhou · experience vibrant shanghai csb essence of china ­ southbound original 21 days beijing to hong kong departs every sun mar to oct itinerary days 1-4 beijing visit the expansive tiananmen square the mysterious forbidden city and the 2,000-year-old great wall and enjoy a rickshaw ride through the hutongs plus local payment us$300 physical culture shock days 5-7 xi an the ancient capital xi an has an abundance of cultural wonders including the famous terracotta warriors for a change of pace take in the serenity of the great mosque or get a tasty snack from the evening food markets in the muslim quarter days 8-9 chengdu/leshan home to the giant panda breeding centre chengdu is a wonderful place to observe these magnificent gentle creatures it is also home to spicy sichuan cuisine in leshan marvel at the world s biggest stone buddha days 10-12 emei shan from clear mountain streams running through subtropical rainforest to monasteries surrounded by old growth forest emei shan is a welcome retreat from the busy chinese cities days 13-16 yangzi river cruise down the yangzi aboard a river boat witness the dramatic scenery of the three gorges forever changing due to the construction of the world s largest hydro-electric dam and reservoir days 17-19 yangshuo a traveller s delight yangshuo is surrounded by limestone peaks rising majestically from rice paddies cycle through the countryside and enjoy lunch in a local farmer s house days 20-21 hong kong lively hong kong is an enticing international city with the flavour of old china a visit to victoria peak provides fabulous views over the harbour and city skyline accommodation hotels/guesthouses 10 nts overnight trains 4 nts monastery accommodation 3 nts overnight boat 3 nts transport train local bus boat walking bicycle group size max 12 meals 1 lunch budget allow us$300 for meals not included departs every sun mar to oct traveller rating 4.70 out of 5 trip code this trip also runs in reverse ­ see trip code csl stone buddha leshan rhona wood · ride a rickshaw in beijing s hutongs · taste sizzling sichuan cuisine in chengdu · join the pilgrims on emei mountain · cruise along the yangzi river cse 61