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safety we take safety seriously on all our trips but cycling tours deserve a few special considerations for one thing helmets are compulsory apologies to your hairdo you can bring your own or purchase one on the ground our leaders go through special on-the-road cycling assessments and training and we’ve usually got a support vehicle following us if first-aid or a well-earned break from cycling is ever necessary our bikes are serviced regularly and we get them checked by experts before each and every trip fitness do you need to be a lycra-clad road warrior to enjoy these trips definitely not do you need a basic level of fitness it’s probably a good idea these are cycling trips emphasis on the cycling so you should come prepared to spend 3-4 hours a day in the saddle our leaders will often let the faster riders set their own pace but if you’re struggling or if you’d just like to cruise and enjoy the scenery there’s no pressure to lead the peloton up the mountain you can go at your own speed join us on strava strava lets you track your rides via your phone or gps device and is an excellent way to keep track of where you’ve ridden your own progress and improvements you’re making it’s simple to use and totally free so sign up and join us at the intrepid cycling club to share your rides and offer encouragement with kudos and comments to our leaders and fellow cyclists alike find the intrepid cycling club at 6 cycling