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rail journeys russia and beyond basix 18 days moscow to beijing itinerary days 1-3 moscow our journey starts in moscow where orthodox churches stand proudly alongside soviet icons and chic boutiques be transported back in time on visits plus local payment us$200 physical culture shock to the kremlin and red square days 4-6 trans-siberian our first leg of this great train journey lasts 65 hours so there s ample opportunity to appreciate the mountain ranges taiga forests and quaint villages to pass the time you can always share a vodka with the locals in the dining car days 7-9 irkutsk/lake baikal receive a traditional siberian welcome in pretty listvyanka on the shores of the world s deepest lake our homestay provides an insight into the lives of the locals and there s plenty of time to explore the area or take a dip in the lake days 10-11 trans-mongolian departing lake baikal we join the trans-mongolian railway cities make way for towns then villages and isolated huts as we emerge from the thick siberian taiga onto the mongolian steppe days 12-15 ulaan baatar mongolia s capital is remniscent of the old wild west a place where nomads stride the wide dusty streets experience traditional nomadic life in a two night stay in a ger camp days 16-18 beijing walk through tiananmen square explore the summer palace shop to your heart s content and scale the steps to the great wall accommodation guesthouses/hotels 6 nts homestay 2 nts overnight trains 7 nts mongolian ger 2 nts transport train private bus taxi metro walking group size max 16 meals no meals included budget allow us$300 for meals not included departs selected thu notes 1 you will require a letter of invitation in order to get your russian visa you must complete the visa information form that will be sent to you or your travel agent via email at the time of booking 2 for departures between june september the last few days of the itinerary may change slightly due to the train timetable from ulaan baatar beijing we may not arrive in beijing until day 17 please make sure you book additional accommodation if you wish to have extra time to explore beijing traveller rating 4.64 out of 5 2007 start 19 apr 03 may 10 may 17 may 24 may 31 may 07 jun 14 jun finish 06 may 20 may 27 may 03 jun 10 jun 17 jun 24 jun 01 jul 28 jun 05 jul 12 jul 19 jul 02 aug 09 aug 23 aug 06 sep 20 sep 15 jul 22 jul 29 jul 05 aug 19 aug 26 aug 09 sep 23 sep 07 oct 27 sep 11 oct 25 oct 22 nov 13 dec 14 oct 28 oct 11 nov 09 dec 30 dec 08 may 15 may 22 may 05 jun 12 jun 26 jun 25 may 01 jun 08 jun 22 jun 29 jun 13 jul ger camp mongolia tara kennaway · experience one of the world s great rail journeys · enjoy siberian hospitality at a local homestay · stay at a mongolian ger camp 2008 24 apr 11 may 01 may 18 may orl trip code trans-asia express original 26 days beijing to moscow itinerary days 1-3 beijing explore the forbidden city and visit the great wall days 4-5 xi an travel to xi an and the extraordinary terracotta warriors day 6 train to turpan plus local payment us$400 physical culture shock make friends with the locals and watch the desert unfold as we travel the silk road days 7-8 turpan explore the emin minaret the ruined city of jiaohe and the famous grape valley days 9-10 kashgar barter your backpack for a brand new goat at the fabled kashgar bazaar day 11 tash rabat head over the breathtaking torugart pass to kyrgyzstan stay overnight in yurts day 12 kochkor travel along the shore of beautiful lake song kul to kochkor days 13-14 lake issyk-kul swim in the thermal waters of the world s second largest alpine lake day 15 chichkan valley after a walking tour of bishkek drive along spectacular mountain roads to the chichkan valley day 16 osh explore 3,000-year-old osh then head to the fergana valley the `garden of uzbekistan days 17-18 tashkent the uzbek capital is an exotic mix of mud houses mosques and soviet architecture days 19-20 samarkand wonder at the colourful domes and minarets that make up this city s evocative skyline days 2123 bukhara take a guided walk around above uzbek puppets bukhara tara kennaway below trans-asia train chimene barrett accommodation hotels 12 nts guesthouses/homestays 8 nts overnight trains 5 nts transport train local and private bus taxi plane metro walking group size max 12 meals 11 breakfasts 1 dinner budget allow us$400 for meals not included departs selected fri notes you will require a letter of invitation in order to get your russian visa you must complete the visa application form that will be sent to you or your travel agent via email at time of booking your tour leader will arrange for you to get your uzbekistan and krygyzstan visas in beijing at the start of your trip traveller rating 4.72 out of 5 2007 start 04 may 25 may 08 jun 15 jun 29 jun 13 jul finish 29 may 19 jun 03 jul 10 jul 24 jul 07 aug 27 jul 03 aug 17 aug 31 aug 07 sep 21 sep 21 aug 28 aug 11 sep 25 sep 02 oct 16 oct 2008 18 apr 09 may 23 may 06 jun 20 jun 27 jun 13 may 03 jun 17 jun 01 jul 15 jul 22 jul · see the terracotta warriors in xi an · follow the silk road · pick up a bargain at the kashgar bazaar · admire palaces mosques and mountains tashkent the beautiful mosques and markets days 24-26 moscow explore the icons of moscow a fitting end to an epic journey osk 25 trip code